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  • Playeurolotto casino was founded in 2011
  • 3000+ gambling games on offer
  • Offers a VIP program and a personal account manager
  • Not available to players from: Netherlands

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You don't want to work anymore? Do you want to buy an exotic island? Play the online lottery. lottery review will show that participation in the largest lotteries in the world can be easy and pleasant. Since the commencement of their operations in 2011, they paid millions of euros won to over 80,000 happy winners.

Playeurolotto is a licensed operator gambling games guaranteeing trouble -free participation in lotteries - from registration to winning the win. Their service is subject to rigorous controls, audits and financial verification. The quality of their services and their reliability and professionalism translate into positive opinions on the Internet. The website has Curacao license. All lottery applications via Playeurolotto are insured by recognized Hedging and insurance companies in Europe, so if your happy numbers are drawn, you can be sure that your win is safe.

In Playeurolotto Not only the money of players is safe, but also their personal data. They use the 128-bit SSL digital security certificate of the world best Comodo® supplier in the world.

Playeurolotto offers users more than just a chance to win prizes. In the service bonuses are available, the first risk without risk and Program for VIP users. A more common game, more winning and more promotions. Playeurolotto game is worth the price.

Playeurolotto casino bonuses

At the beginning he welcomes us welcome bonus, which applies only to the first customer's order. It is used for all losing fate from your first purchase, which means that With you are already a winner. If the player does not win any prize at the first order, he will receive money back in the form of credit points with the total cost of the order. If the player wins in one or more series bought at the first order, he loses the right to receive a bonus. The bonus applies to all lotteries offered individually as company products.

For example, when you bought 5 plants on Eurojackpot in 3 Powerball, and all of them are misfire, you will receive a refund in the form of a loan on your account. However, if at least one type wins anything, you can't use this promotion.

Playeurolotto lottery games

Which lottery gives you the best chance of winning? Impressions and options provided by lotteries shared by Playeurolotto are so diverse that every player will find something for themselves: On those who care about the greatest possible chance of winning the prize, after those who want to try happiness in the game for the highest rate in the world.

The probability of obtaining the main prize in each standard lottery is calculated, dividing the number of rightly selected numbers by the total number of combinations that can be drawn.

Playeurolotto made the necessary calculations for us. Here The probability of winning in lotteries available on Playeurolotto in the event of one of the fate:

LotteryChances of winning the main prizeChances of winning any reward (lowest)
Euromillions1 do 139.838.1601 do 13
DinoLotto®1 do 139.838.1601 do 13
Eurojackpot1 do 95.344.2001 do 42
MegaMillions1 do 302.575.3501 do 15
Powerball1 do 292.201.3381 do 25
Lotto 6/491 do 139.838.1601 do 32

Usually, the chances of winning are the largest in lotteries, in which the smallest number of bullets is drawn. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning, choose lotteries that require selected fewer numbers. However, if you think that a big win is written for you, you can take a risk and play at a higher rate.

The chance to win can increase Playeurolotto syndicate. Lottery syndicate is a group of players who are buying a subscription to shares in the lottery pool. When a given line wins the prize, each player belonging to the syndicate receives a percentage of money won, according to the amount of shares held. It is emphasizing the strategy, a very addictive game mode - in addition, statistics say that every fourth win of the entire accumulated pool is falling in it! Subscriptions for Playeurolotto Syndicate last at least 4 weeks. You can give up your subscription at any time, using the player's account.

Playeurolotto gambling games

We have: Playeurolotto lottery:

  • Euromillions - general European Superloteria

The Euromillions lottery, also known as Euromillionen and Euromillones, was launched in 2004 in Great Britain, France and Spain and immediately became popular among players. The Euromillions lottery is currently the largest in Europe and one of the largest lotteries in the world! Players choose 5 out of 50 numbers and 2 out of 12 Lucky Star numbers. The price of one line is only AUD 17.9. The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 CET in Paris (France). Record win: 189,000,000 euros !!!

  • Eurojackpot - new European Superloteria

EUROJACKPOT Lottery sometimes called Eurolotto has been operating since spring 2012. The range currently covers 16 different European countries. The game looks similar to Euromillions. Players choose 5 out of 50 numbers two additional numbers. The draw takes place every Friday at 19:00 CET in Helsinki (Finland). Record win: 90,000,000 euros.

  • Megamillions - American favorite lottery

Thanks to this lottery, you can win the largest amount in the world every Wednesday and Saturday. All you have to do is selected 5 out of 70 numbers and one out of 25 additional numbers. The Megamillions lottery is suitable for players who treat lotteries seriously. Pools for prizes are the highest here in the world. Record win: USD 656,000,000 !!!!!

  • Powerball - Lottery with a record pool of USD 1.586,400,000 !!!!!!!

Select 5 out of 69 numbers and the Powerball number to get a large amount in the favorite lottery of Americans. Thanks to this popular lottery and high winning, "American dream" can fulfill everyone every Thursday and Sunday.

  • Lotto 6/49 - classic German lottery

German Lotto 6/49 is the largest national lottery in Germany. The draws take place twice a week: on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The pool starts from 1 million euros in Wednesday's draw and grows up to EUR 2 million in Saturday's draw. Record pool: 45,400,000 euros.

Mobile Playeurolotto

See you There is no separate application for download for mobile devices, but there is a mobile version of the web browser that you can use. The quality and functions of the mobile version are almost the same as the computer version.

Playeurolotto methods of payments and payments

Placing the lottery results requires a payment to the player's account Playeurolotto, and you can do about the following payment options: Credit / debit cards (visa, mastercard), Skrill, Neteller, INSTANTLY, Clear, Paysafecard the Bank transfer. The Australian zloty appears as a currency, but the funds on the account will be displayed in Euro. On the website you will also see that they are honoring Cryptocurrencies. When paying the winning, you will need to pass the player's identity verification process.

Customer service in Playeurolotto

Players can the service via Live chat 24/7, e-mail [email protected] Or call +356 3550 0260. The site has social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find answers to many questions in the FAQ section

Login and registration in Playeurolotto

The registration process involves completing the form with the data. The Register button can be found in the upper right part of the screen. It is also possible to register using your Facebook account. Creating an account allows access to the navigation desktop, where you will pay funds to betting on the lottery through the deposit tab.

Playeurolotto - how to play from Australia

Playeurolotto even gives A chance to play in AUD and a Australian -language version, but unfortunately access for players from Australia is limited in connection with the applicable gambling act. Payment methods offered by Playeurolotto are available to Australian gamblers, also a welcome bonus is waiting for everyone without exception. It is therefore worth hope for full accessibility to all Playeurolotto lottery for players from Australia.

General experience with Playeurolotto

The Playeurolotto website supports over 13 currencies and 17 languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese and many others. What is most important to us The whole page has a version in Australian, also with an extensive assistance / question and answers section. The welcome bonus is extremely interesting with a return for lost factories and plays in a syndicate with other players to increase your chances of great winnings. The 6th lottery in one place, including the largest in the world, is efficient betting and many amenities for players. Many positive comments from playing from around the world show popularity and builds Playeurolotto reputation.

FAQ PlayEuroLotto

How do I play in the lottery?

In the "lottery" field in the upper menu, select a lottery. Select the numbers and add fate to the basket. Go to the cash register and make payments. After the payment is completed, the plant is automatically attributed to the selected lottery.

How does the money back guarantee for the first fate work?

The new Playeurolotto players provide a unique welcome in the form of an automatic money back guarantee for their first fate, if they don't win. They simply return to the player's account the equivalent of the price of purchasing fate.

What is a subscription?

The subscription allows you to create multiple factories that will be placed automatically. You don't have to make a purchase each time and even log in to the website.

How do syndicates work?

Lottery syndicate allows you to buy a large number of lotteries, sharing costs with other players. Establishing a large number of lines increases the chances of winning. Of course, if you win through this type of plant, the prizes are divided between all members of the syndicate.
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