Klarana was founded in Stockholm in Sweden in 2005 and is currently the most valued in Europe a private company connecting finances and new technologies. Offers products and services in the field online payments, social purchases and personal finances. In 2020, he has 2,500 employees of 86 nationalities who work all over the world. 85 million customers are made on average a million transactions per day. In 2018, the clarna company was valued at $ 5.5 billion and as informs Financial Times It became The most expensive startup in the fintech industry in Europe.

In 2014, the clarna group acquired Soft and became one of the leading banks in Europe. By combining traditional banking with advanced network solutions, it provides modern online payment methods. Klara offers direct payments, after receipt of the goods or installment, to use one, a simple click.

Casino clarna 2023 - list of casinos accepting clarity payment

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What is clarine

205,000 retail sellers around the world cooperate with the clarna payment system. From large to small companies, they joined Klarana to offer their clients fast, safe and trouble -free serviceę. Among them are online casinos, which care, that deposits made by players smoothly supply their accounts.

As a curiosity, we can state that a terminal institution, valued at several billion dollars, was founded by Sebastian Siemiątkowski from his colleagues from the Swedes of Australian origin. The company initially operated under the name INSTANTLY, later changed its name to clarna.

Gambling fans, however, will not be pleased that clarna offers payment options for Poles in few internet casinos. If you want to learn more how clarine works before making the first payment, we recommend continuing to read this review. Here you will find information about where to find a clarine payment casino and how to do it.

Clargine how does it work? Online casino clarna works like banking services. Internet casinos players can send funds directly from their bank accounts. But Unlike traditional internet banking, which often processes the transaction several days, payments via clarna are immediate. In addition, they provide a high level of security, eliminating the risk of data theft or fraud almost completely.

Unfortunately, not all clear products are available for online gambling. It is understandable that the settlement options and installment plan cannot be used for payments at online casinos. In a word, the Casino Casino will not grant us a loan to play moles after losing the previous deposit.

Klara is available to the inhabitants of many countries and is offered by the growing number of online casinos. Currently supports the local currencies of various countries : EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK, AUD in CHF.

To use the clarine casino, simply search and choose this form of payment on the online casino website. Choose your bank and the page will automatically take you to his page, where you should log in and confirm the transaction. This process is extremely easy, transparent and takes only a few minutes.

Why should you choose clarine in gambling?

Players should remember that Many online casinos are accepted by clarna payments as a way to make instant deposits. However, cash flow the other way is not so simple. Klara does not have our account and does not store our data, because it only mediates in the transaction. This is not an internet portfolio, so it's best to order a win to a traditional bank account and wait 1-3 business days.

Unlike a direct bank transfer to the casino, Payment using clarno provides full anonymity of the type of payment. When making a deposit, choose clarna, and this service will connect to your bank. However, in this case, financial institutions will not have information what you are doing. Perhaps you are buying clothes in an online store, recharge your phone or pay for a concert ticket. The bank from which you make a transfer has no information that you are just making a casino deposit.

Best online casinos clarna

You will find Many internet casinos, which accept clarine payments as a way to make payments and payments. The three best online casinos, in which you can easily make a deposit with a clarinous casino are:

Deposits submitted by clarna payments are most qualified for deposit bonuses for the first payment and new players. Because money transfer is fast and safe, you can immediately enjoy the game on your favorite online vending machines in casino online real money Without the need for multi -day waiting for funds.

Advantages and disadvantages of using clarno

When describing the pros and cons of clarna payment, remember that This is not an electronic wallet. Same as Transfers 24, during the deposit, the clarity service He moves us safely to our bank's website. Therefore, we do not create an account there, to which you could later send a win. Clear casino online payment is an ideal way to make a quick, safe and anonymous credit with the casino account. Our domestic bank has no information at that time, which we allocate our own hard -earned money.

For people shopping online, clarna offers much more. We don't have to pay payments for purchases right away. We can do it from 14 to 30 days after receiving the order. We are then sure that we will pay for the goods that will reach us and we like it. We can also order monthly payments. We are crazy in online stores to a certain amount and pay it all a specific day of the month. We also have the possibility of spreading payments into 3 installments deducted every month.

Alternative payment methods

Although clarna payments have been founded in Sweden, today they have customers around the world and are available as payment options in several other countries. However, transfers24 are more popular with us, which work almost on the same principle. Fast Internet transfers are definitely a better solution than traditional banking. If we have a bank account and debit cards (Maestro) or credit (VISA, Mastercard) Also we can use them as methods at the selected online casino. Numerous e-Wallets, i.e. electronic wallets, such as Skrill if Neteller.

Summary about clarna

Online Klaarna casino is an extremely fast and easy -to -use payment form in gambling online. It does not require opening, and making deposits from a bank account is much simpler and safer, and most importantly anonymous. As a real -time payment intermediary, he immediately transfers funds to the player's account, so you can start playing your favorite games in a few minutes. No one will miss the long -awaited bonus free turnover or throw on ruletce Live.

Thanks to clarin, you can do everything from a direct transfer to creating an account where you decide to pay for goods and services within 14 days, month or in installments. This mainly applies to online purchases so do not count on a cheap loan to play longer in roulette.

Clan phase

Is clarna a legal payment method used at online casinos?

Yes, clarna is definitely a legal payment method used for various transactions at online casinos. It has been proven that this is a safe method of making payments and payments to online players. Klara does not ask for private information or personal data to provide the user with access to his services.

What are the advantages of using clarno for online transactions?

On the one hand, Klarana provides a wide range of services available to online stores. Determining payment or spreading it into installments is a convenience unheard of in other payment methods. On the other hand, customers do not have to provide confidential information to be able to use the services of clarna. You have full anonymity in transactions with a casino.

What is the average processing time of deposits into clarna?

Deposit transactions with clarna take place directly. After receiving an e-mail confirmation that the transaction has been completed, the customer may expect that the amount paid will be visible directly on the online casino account.

What fees does the player have to pay when using clarine payments for deposit purposes?

Deposit transactions made via clarna casino are completely free. But the customer must check at the selected bank and online casino, because there may be additional fees and commissions when it comes to deposits.
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