Basicing any amounts is associated with both opportunities and risk. However, it is worth focusing on the latter and thinking about what it is directly from. It applies largely to visitors Casino bookmakers. You may have some fun, but quite often leave the venue feeling frustrated. - Quoting Victor Bello Accoi. So both areas of online gambling combine money, network, joy of winning and frustration in case of failure. The basic difference is, however, that at the casino we want to have fun and win, at the bookmaker we only want to win. And as Acciola put it, we play well once, the second time we are dissatisfied. If to paraphrase his words could be written about bookmakers: You only have fun when you win. But you rarely win, so you leave the venue feeling frustrated more often. At the casino, so even if you lose something, you have fun. At the bookmaker, when you lose, you only lose money.

Gambling claws

Therefore, contrary to appearances, it is betting on matches or races that promotes gambling. This is related to exactly the same, which is disliked and burnout. In a situation where we do something not for pleasure, but only for profit, it means that we do not focus on what is important. Online plants receive fun from tracking meetings, and frustration of failures and losing money makes us want to play strongly. However, we are no longer interested in supporting, we are only interested in a favorable result for us. This is, among others, because when betting on the plants we see mainly numbers. We don't always have the opportunity to track all positions from the coupon. Here only the calculation begins, and mathematics does its job - we see amounts that can be within our reach. And then we play more and more often. Mental conditions have a large share in this issue. The latest research shows that if we see a real chance for a large win, we are willing to take more frequent risk. Numbers are conducive to this in bookmakers. Man begins to multiply, add further meetings and calculate again. And if he plays for only two AUD, then he is willing to take the risk. This is always about the word "only", which pushes people betting on the addiction.

Incorrect plants

Although many people may seem strange, one can distinguish such a group of plants that can be described as bad. Of course, each bet is a risk, one smaller one, the other is larger. However, it should be remembered that reason should be maintained when playing. It is important to realize that There are no certainty. This name is often referred to as obviousness that simply have to enter and this has no right to fail. Just. And yet! Even the giants fell in unexpected moments, so it cannot be assumed that the great football club will win with the medium league team. And this is influenced by the weather, the mood of the players, their condition and approach. In bookmakers, our influence on the game is none. We only bet on the coupon and count that it will succeed. For example, with roulette it is different, because at any time we can leave the table, increase the stake, change the plant. At the bookmaker, no.

Another type of bad plant is the one that looks good. Companies use these simple tricks to mislead inexperienced players. It consists in the fact that we see a high course, with the certain certainty, and the obviousness must go, so we add another position to fate. This, however, does not enter, and we lose. A group that you need to be careful are are leagues, competitions, cups, tournaments that we don't have a pale or green, concept. Many players lose the most money on it, pushing something that will increase the value of the obvious coupon. In this way, next to English names or names, there are Greek on the plant. If we don't know something, let's not bet on it, for what?


Online bookmakers also bring a different type of threat. It includes many issues that ultimately make up safety. First of all, we need to choose the websites that are checked. Any actions taken on the pages of illegal bookmakers lead not only to the loss of the amount contributed and the lack of a win paid, but also to steal data and even purify the bank account. The latter can also be found when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, which we connect to, using someone else's devices, lack of proper protection on your own and downloading uncertain applications.

A moment of inattention and we can lose everything completely, falling victim to a hacker. And although there is a fairly common threat regarding every activity of our network, we should be careful especially for online plants. Let's never log in through indirect applications or redirecting links to your bank account. Let's use strong passwords, preferably nowhere in a given device without saving. Let's check several times whether the service is legal and what security it uses, and we only use the best ones ourselves.

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