Let's start with the fact that online casinos must have a license issued by a trusted institution. There are no forged games in them. Services have security, which protect the data and money of players, as well as the website against hackers. It is not possible to break the code. Nobody but selected employees have access to the players. Payment methods are also safe, because signing a cooperation agreement with a financial institution is analyzed by a casino management company. It also works the other way. Reputable financial companies, like PayPal, sign contracts only with selected partners. Therefore, we do not have to worry about security when it comes to data and funds on the casino account. Wins must appear on the round, also as soon as possible. There are delays that are caused by different situations, but we can always the side and explain. No renowned casino can afford dishonest, because the player will set up a case in court or the commission will suspend the license for activities, and this is associated with huge problems for the company. The platform has signed contracts with game producers who cooperate with reliable contractors. In a word, there is no question of cheating online casinos, but licensed. Therefore, wanting to play, e.g. in Blackjacka on a slot machine or live with a crumb, let's first get acquainted with the chosen site. If the website lacks basic information and the games come from unknown suppliers, we have reservations about the logo, there are no regulations, etc., let's leave the service for our own good.

Can Blackjack live fake?

Such questions appear on the web, especially from people who lose. It always goes through a hint of uncertainty and disbelief and this is understandable. How is it actually with Blackjack live? We play online with a real bumper. We can even indicate the dealer. Gentlemen choose beautiful crunchies. Most Blackjack tables have 7 places. We have tables for low and high limits and many game variants. In a word, we play and where we want, also thanks to mobile devices. We observe each game via a webcam. Everything is authentic, also a table and cards. In front of our eyes, the dealer shuffles and deals the cards. We can be overwhelmed and discussed with the dewers and players in chat. Casino version of the game in the eye It makes an amazing impression. In fact, it looks as if we played in a stationary casino. So why do some say that it can be falsified? There are such voices, from players who have lost a lot of hands or for a long time, they have won nothing. They read statistics in which average winnings or probabilities of victories are given. So if we lose 20 hands, it doesn't mean that we'll win 21. It happens that someone takes the pool after the first game, and different after 10 or 100. We can have a long streak of winnings and a band of success. Certainly, we will not suspect participants' cards at the table. Some players say that Blackjack is more restrictive in one of the casinos than on other websites. And when the player has good cards, e.g. a few figures, the dealer gets the same cards or even more often he has blackjack than usual. The casino binds the regulations, and everything is recorded on cameras, so in the event of complaints made by players, the fraud would be proven.

Why do players suspect Blackjack live for false?

People who lose, make different guesses. Their statements are inconsistent and they lack specifics. They have never really traced the hundreds of hands needed to issue a reliable opinion about Blackjack. First of all, because they were lazy, and besides, they would have to admit a failure, which also results from the lack of skills and ignorance of Blackjack's principles. As if the casino wanted to cheat players, it would have to remove from all the waist of the aces or figures. However, he cannot do it because there are people who carefully follow Blackjack live. They would quickly realize that such a situation took place. Of course, you can't be sure that casinos will always be fair, but licensed must be clean and follow the rules. Bending the regulations is unprofitable, because companies managing them earn a lot, without forgery. None will risk getting rid of the license she was waiting for two years. In addition, an online casino or a Blackjack producer, after caught fraud, pay millions of penalties and will remain in business, would be in question. Such information dies quickly. They are passed by the media and by players, on forums and on social networks. There would be no way that anyone else had confidence in the casino. It is worth getting acquainted with the statements of casino employees in the media. Interviews are conducted with them, in which they talk about their work. At the end of the day, all casino games, including Blackjack, have a casino advantage. Therefore, there is no reason to change the game. All the casino can do when the player begins to record the cards that go down, prohibit him from entering the place, and if it is an online player, block the account.


If Blackjack was not safe, such information would spread with a flight of lightning, and the injured person would set up a casino owner in court. That is why there is no fear of dishonesty. Very often players win, thanks to the technique of counting cards and taking notes during the game. This, in turn, does not like particularly stationary casinos. A Pole, an expert in a child mathematics child, brought a case to one of the owner of casinos who limited his game because of writing numbers, taking accurate notes. The case in court was decided in favor of the casino. If you don't want to risk it at first, start playing with low rate blackjack.

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