You are lost in this mass of new or not fully understandable terms related to the game in free online vending machines? On this page we will describe the most common symbols, features and functions in vending machines. We hope it will be helpful!

We suggest reading these terms especially when deciding to play online machines for real money.

Usually graphic symbols on drumsOnline game machines have many symbols such as: fruit, bar, x, 7, a, j, q, 10, bell, star, $, crystal, joker. There are also thematic icons, created only for a given machine. In order for you to receive any money in the machine, you need to hit the right amount of identical characters on one paid line.
243 Ways To Win243 ways to win on slots in 5 × 3: 5 drums and 3 rows. There is no payment line in a traditional sense. Each line running on one side of drums to the other gives a payment. 243 because 3*3*3*3*3 equals just that.
720 Ways To Win 720 ways to win in online vending machines with the arrangement of drums 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 (after multiplying DA 720).
1024 Ways To Win1024 ways to win which means you don't have to worry about winning lines. Each uninterrupted system on the left is the winner. This applies to 5-ogle machines with 4 lines (4*4*4*4*4 = 1024).
3125 Ways To WinLike the above systems, they calculate the win based on as many combinations - 3125, which are also randomly displayed on the screen, not in specific lines paid from left to right.
Auto PlayThe function of casino vending machines, thanks to which the next spins start automatically without the player's participation. You can set several dozen or several hundred revolutions in advance and additionally set the moment of their interruption (large win, large loser, bonus round).
avalanche feature (tumbling reels lub cascading reels) The video machine function, thanks to which the symbols instead of spinning on the drums fall from above. This often also applies to winning systems in which the symbols disappear from the screen giving a new place falling from above.
Base GamePlaying in basic mode. This is the moment when we are waiting for a bonus round or free turnover.
BETThe amount placed in the spin. Also called a plant or stake.
bonusWhen he appears in the machine, he activates the bonus game. Three symbols in one line are enough for you to use the bonus game. The more bonus symbols you have, the more you will get tokens in bonus game.
Bonus GameBonus game, which is a chance for additional prizes. We get it for collecting 3 or more specific symbols on the drums. Some bonus games have complex graphics and a complicated course, while others are much simpler. Sometimes they require reflexes or perceptiveness from us, and sometimes they only rely on happiness.
Bonus SymbolsUsually, these are special symbols on drums that do not give payment, but run a bonus game.
CoinsThe coin is the amount you spend on 1 line or to start the game. On slots with 20 winning lines and a 0.01 coin value, you need 0.20 to bet all lines.
Click and PickYou will receive together with free spins and bonus rounds. They can even award you an immediate prize. You need to click on a specific picture to get a surprise.
Free spinFree revolutions, which is most often triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols. As the name suggests, this is a series of free games, usually with an additional multiplier or Wild.
Fruit MachineCasino machines commonly called fruit, whose motif are cherries, watermelons, oranges and other fruits.
gambleAn additional game, which is proposed after winning the spin. It gives players a chance to double the win, if they guess, for example, the color of the covered card or climb the ladder with prizes.
jackpotMain prize on the machine. The best paying arrangement in the payout table.
Progressive JackpotsProgressive jackpot is a chance for millions of winnings. Progressive jackpot is a combination of a group of vending machines on which players add to the main prize. The progressive jackpot grows gradually, because a small percentage of each plant is transferred to its pool.
Random jackpotRandom jackpot, usually of less value and does not require any combination of symbols to win it.
Max betMaximum plant. It is often a button that allows you to bet on the bet.
Min BetThe minimum bet you can build. This may relate to both the betting of a single withdrawal line and placing a minimum plant on all lines.
MegaclustersThe innovative mechanics of the Big Time Gaming game, which at the beginning may seem complicated, but brings great winnings. Initially, the drums are divided into 4 × 4 nets (clusters). Along with matching the symbols in the cluster, the fields are divided into smaller and more easily victorious combinations. Clusters of small symbols with sizes 8 × 8 or even 16 × 16 appear.
Megaways Game mechanics, engine developed by Big Time Gaming. It is a system of random drum modifiers that allows every spin to produce different number of symbols on drums, thus exceeding even 100,000 winning lines.
MultiplierAn additional multiplier that increases the winnings most often associated with the Wild symbol or the round of free turns. Depending on the game, it can range from X2 to even x100 and more. It can often increase with the next Respin.
Nudge and HoldAfter the spine, some casino vending machines allow additional, usually paid trading with selected drums to get more winning. We can select the drums that will not spin (Hold) or those that will turn (Nudge).
Pay TablesThe payment table presents the most important information about the game, symbols, additional options and payments for winning combinations.
PaylinesThe lines that run through the drums, usually from left to right, giving winnings. This is the basic feature of casino vending machines. The simplest games have one payment line running through the middle drum.
Pick-me gameA bonus game consisting in choosing from various options. It can be a selection of a box with prizes or doors leading to the next board.
Random WildsDifferent types of Wilds that appear in the slots in a random way.
MacmediousAn additional free spin that is a chance to complete more winnings. Often Respin occurs in combination with Sticky Wilds.
RetrigingRe -granting a series of free revolutions during their duration. Thanks to this function, the number of free turnover can exceed 100 spins.
ReelsDrums are the basic structure of casino vending machines. It is popularly written in 5 × 3, which means 5 drums and 3 rows.
RowsHorizontal lines of the symbol that you see on the machine screen. The number of rows will vary depending on the game.
RNGRandom number generator, i.e. random numbers generator. Software that ensures that every rotation of the drums has a random result.
RTPReturn to Player is an indicator that informs how many coins paid to the machine will pay to the players. Good video machines have RTP at 96% and more. This means that out of 100 coins thrown into the game players will win 96. It should be remembered that this is a statistical indicator operating in the long run.
ScatterUsually, the machine pays for the symbols that will work on one of the payments. The Scatter symbol gives payment regardless of where it will appear on the drums. In addition, it is a pass to the round of free revolutions.
SpinEach click of the Start button to start the game and set the drums in motion.
Split SymbolsSymbols that can share after appearing on the drums. In this way, the number of possible combinations for payment increases.
SymbolsSymbols are small icons rotating on the drums. They can have different bonus functions, and combinations arranged from them give payments.
WildA wild symbol acting like a joker in cards. He replaces other symbols by completing the winning line. It is often with a multiplier X2 or X3, thanks to which the payment for the winning system is two or three times larger. Wild has different properties, which makes the game more interesting and the payments are larger. The only symbol he does not replace is Scatter.
Cascading WildsSeveral Wilds placed one on the other disappear, and other symbols replace those icons that have disappeared. They can sporadically add missing symbols to get a prize from a new combination.
Expanding WildsThe Wild symbol, which expands to the whole drum when it appears on the drum.
shifting wilds lub walking wilds When Shifting Wilds appears in the game in the next spins moves on the drums usually to the left. Every time the new symbols of Shifting Wilds land, they will connect to the previous ones, creating new winning lines and it will last until Wildy leaves the drums completely.
Stacked WildsWild symbols appearing on the drums in stacks, i.e. 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols. When Stacked Wilds appear on neighboring drums, they lead to great winnings.
sticky wildsA variety of a very profitable Wild symbol. The sticky symbol of Wild freezes in its place for one or more of the next revolutions.
Transferring WildsWhen the Wild symbols appearing on one of the drums jump or clone to others.
Shifting ReelsIt appears in every hit combination on the paid line and adds Wilda, creating more winning lines.
ThemesThe theme of the video machine, i.e. the style in which the game is made. Thousands of online vending machines have dozens of motifs, from traditional fruit and ancient topics, through historical, music, sports, fairy -tale motifs, ending with zombies and UFOs. Thanks to this, everyone will find a slot in their climate.
Demo modeThe ability to play on online slot machines without registration at the casino and without a deposit. The game takes place for virtual coins, unfortunately the winnings are also virtual.
True Money modePlaying money at the online casino, which is possible after registration and deposit. Wins are real and can be paid.
Video SlotsVideo machines that you will find in online casinos.
VolatilityThe variability of the machine is information whether the machine pays often, but for it small amounts, or rarely, but large amounts. The machine can not withdraw anything by many spins, to give a huge reward with one hit. Low variability vending machines are good for players with a limited budget, because they pay little, but often.
Win both waysWins on such online vending machines are counted both ways.
Ways to WinThe concept determining the number of ways to win. Usually these are lines running on the left side of the drums to the right, on which the same symbols arranged give payment. The winning lines can be from 3 to 1024, and the Megaways engine and several hundred winning lines are increasingly used. The concept of Ways to win is used for slots with 243 or more winning lines.
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