If we want to win a lot of money on the machine, we must choose a slot with progressive jackpot. The amounts can reach up to several million. It's amazing, because the pool in the game from minute to minute grows until someone wins it. It is a cumulative like a lotto, with the difference that not starting. In some vending machines it is small, so we have to wait or choose another game. The more people play, the faster it increases. We should know that you need to bet here. Before we do this, choose a free version and try the slot. Let's get to know the specifics of the game by checking Free gaming machines. We have to be a bit with the title to feel him. It is good to read the review, read about the rules, functions, because each production is different. Some are very advanced, so before we stand face to face with a slot, let's find out everything about it. Let's not burn money, but let's invest it wisely. Let's develop a strategy and set a limit for a given day. Let's leave emotions on the side, because, even if we fail on a given day, it is always tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ... The game in retaliation does not lead to anything good - explains the expert Aleksandra Maj. Let's keep common sense also when you choose a machine. Let's look for only legal games from famous Netent, Microgaming, Playtech and smaller developers and smaller ones, such as IGT, who offer vending machines with progressive jackpots. Let's also be careful when choosing an online casino, let's only play in a legal, licensed service, because that's all we have 100% sure that in the case of victory, we'll get money.

Where to find the largest and best jackpots on machines

Vending machines with progressive jackpots are the best choice, though not easy. First of all, because there are a huge number of slots and you need to find among them, those that pay the most. Among them are certainly: Mega Molah and Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams. These slots paid fortunes to some players. You can say that it is market hits, you will find these mobile slots and applications. We do not need to introduce them especially because they are known for their generosity. However, they would not give money if players did not hit happy symbols. These are not enchanted machines. Expert Aleksandra Maj prepared a short combination for comparison. Let's take a look at them to have a picture of the best vending machines with progressive jackpots.

Netent machines:

NetEntSupreme jackpotAverage winAverage winning time
MEGA FORTUNE41 343 916,9 AUD2 160 300,00 AUD5 m-cy
Mega luck33 442 285,93 AUD17 861 800,00 AUD3 m-what
Arab nights8 636 041,00 AUD4 237 240,00 AUD14 m-cy
Hall of the gods7 820 888,00 AUD5 428 073,00 AUD6 m-cy

Microgaming machines:

MicrogamingSupreme jackpotAverage winAverage winning time
Mega Moungah13 230 200,00 AUD4 300 555,00 AUD5 m- cy
King Cashalot1 527 228,00 AUD568 880,00 AUD13 m- cy
Tunzamunni479 534,00 AUD311.522,00 AUD15 m-cy
Mega Moungah13 230 200,00 AUD4 300 555,00 AUD5 m-cy
Main millions1.801.517,00 AUD528 961,00 AUD3 m-what


PlayTechSupreme jackpotAverage winAverage winning time
Sweet party3 004 916,00 AUD1 199 633,00 AUD4 m-what
The age of the gods972 723,00 AUD553,769,00 AUD2 m-what
Life on the beach6 215 470,00 AUD2 560 693,00 AUD6 m-cy
Gladiator2 374 806,00 AUD1.033.670.00 AUD3 m-what
Spamalot Monty Python2.710.257.00 AUD1 537 205,00 AUD12 m-cy
Funky fruit2 164 007,00 AUD1 584 428,00 AUD4 m-what
Golden rally4 690 025,00 AUD713.621,00 AUD2 m-what

The above tables only show a few examples of vending machines with progressive jackpot, because the full list is much longer.

How to win a jackpot?

It is undeniable that progressive jackpots are a great opportunity to win even a fortune. They are unrivaled and therefore wanted so sought after. Not everyone, of course, offers a fortune when we want to play. If we hear that, for example, Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune allows you to win a cosmic win, we should be aware of the fact that this is not always the case. If the pool must first accumulate, i.e. grow. In addition, the machine often pays smaller amounts. That is why it is so important to choose the right game that offers the most at the moment. Let's check the machines that have been tested, there are quite a lot of them. The search is not complicated, but a bit monotonous. In casino services under the progressive jackpot category, titles are placed, with a pool, which at a given moment is to be hunted. Earlier, however, we should set up an account and deposit. It is worth using welcome bonuses. Let's read the regulations because all information is provided in them. Before starting the game, let's get to know the instructions attached to the selected slot to check how you can get the pool assigned to a specific video machine. Let's choose the one with the greatest accumulation. There is always a risk that the bank will be broken in the near future, because admirers of this type of slot machines play non -stop, in the comfort of their homes. If the pool is low, it is worth waiting, because it will probably increase. Of course, we are not 100% sure, but this is very likely. In the end we have to invest, so if we put money, let's be satisfied at the time of victory. Let's observe how the amounts in the selected machine change. However, to start playing with the intention of winning, you need to be with the machine to feel it. This can be seen after changing amounts. To win, you have to be with the machine to feel it.

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