The first slot machines for gambling appeared in American bars in the early 1890s. Most of them allowed you to win drinks or cigarettes, provided that the appropriate combination was drawn. Game machines did not pay money at the time. It became a breakthrough invention one-armed bandit, Introduced in 1895 by Charles Frey. He is considered the father of gambling vending machines. The machine was made of 3 drums, on which 5 symbols, bells and diamonds were placed. The name was: Liberty Bell, which meant the bell of freedom.

The first random machine paid the most money for hitting the 3rd bells. A coin was thrown and pulled behind the lever, which set the drums with symbols. After arresting the rollers, a system of symbols appeared, which brought a win or not. Threading machines have become extremely popular and began to be called one -armed bandits, once because of the side Wajcha, and two that the victories rarely happened - players usually suffered from slot machines, so they were called bandits and the name came from. In 1940, Bugsy Siegel introduced slot machines to the casino in Las Vegas to ensure entertainment to the partners of guests spending time on poker or bones.

In Australia, legal random machines of this type appeared in the 70s of the last century in game salons. At that time there was no casinos with us. Since they were introduced, people came to salons in large numbers to pull Wajcha and win money. Gambling machines were new at the time. Poles loved fruit machines and spent their free time with them. Today in Free fruit slots You can only play in stationary and online casinos.

Travel to the past

Generations from the 1970s and 90s of the last century perfectly remembers fruit vending machines, one -armed bandits. At that time they were young people and were passionate about throwing machines. Today they remember these years with sentiment. Some won a lot in machines, others shyly talk about losing money. What remains in their memory is mechanical sound started drums. Today, many of these people, if they have such an opportunity, play fruit again. Today's machines have retained its original sounds and visual effects. They are of course renovated and better technologically. Manufacturers respect players who spent their youth with one -armed bandits and maintain their versions, giving a new glow. For those who have a ground casino not along the way, there is a gameplay on online websites.

Online fruit vending machines They differ significantly from machines because they have more symbols and drums and functions. They look great, much better than years ago, but they retained the simplicity that is just attracting the old and contemporary youth. Fruit also became the favorite items of the young and medium generation, because they have something special in them. Manufacturers diversify fruit games by introducing new functions, more paid lines. The dynamics of the game is also accelerated. What was missing with the original one -armed bandits is the beautiful graphics in the slots and the new soundtrack. Games are becoming more and more interesting. The difference between ground and internet vending machines is also that you can test them for free and ensure entertainment. This gives you the opportunity to learn the specifics of the game and various options. A menu is attached that is expanded, allows you to learn about all the details of the game. Fruit manufacturers have created mobile versions, so you can also play on a smartphone and tablet.

Favorite fruit slots

Fruit machines on drums have: fruit, bells, bars, seven, diamonds. There is nothing complicated here. Thanks to them, users can know what the gameplay in online slots is. This simplicity, clear rules and ease of use, Attracts people to slot machines. There are no additional settings, hidden functions, bonus rounds and complex options. The player chooses the stake, turns on the button and starts the turn. He can win right away or keep trying. The plants are not expensive, you can play for small money. Single rollers do not require special financial outlays, and because there is a fairly high rate of return for the player - RTP, with a little luck, it is possible to obtain even a lot of payment when there is an additional jackpot in the machine. There are also minor winnings, extending the game even by the whole evening. Nothing really has to worry about anything and nothing will distract him, even calm down and relax after exhausting work.

Classic fruit slots resemble classic one -armed bandits. You can find positions with 3 drums and several winning lines, without special bonus functions that amaze with their simplicity. This type of fruit, are very eagerly chosen by players. Many manufacturers have released five -baro machines, which are more extensive, because they have from several to several dozen winning lines, and already offer bonus functions. Fruit -beloved fruit are slots with progressive jackpot, because they give the opportunity to win really high amounts. The pool is different, sometimes reaches hundreds of thousands of AUD. For a small rate, You can really earn a lot.

All this makes fruit vending machines are Poles' favorite games. It is hard not to like them when they look great, and Trefniś in some titles makes a nice trick and funds withdrawal. It is only worth mentioning the producers of the sensational titles: Microgaming, Wazdan, Netent, Novomatic, Play’n Go, Playtech, QuickSpin, Yggdrasil. It is impossible to mention all developers from which fruit slots enjoy great recognition.

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