Lucky double review and experience

Double portion of fries, double top -up, the second pair for free, we live in the dawn, where we want to get something extra, more and better. The manufacturer of vending machines and games for mobile casinos has entered this trend Net Entertainment. It also gives what is particularly desirable among players who like gambling, namely double happiness! Lucky Double's virtual scratch card is also a plant, until two chances for various winnings. One scratch card contains two games with the same rules and very similar -looking, but also independent of each other. Winning in one of them does not exclude winning in the other, so you increase happiness twice and you can multiply the opportunity to win. The game is fast and simple, it does not offer extensive functions of the game, which is just a here, because you will quickly learn what and how much you win. Immediate double happiness is worth a maximum of 100 or 100,000 euros.

Game functions

The Lucky Double game machine is two scratch cards on the screen with a purple background and the golden inscription name of the game Lucky Double. In the upper part we have Paytable, i.e. a table of payments with winnings. If you decide to play only for fun, press the Demo button. However, in this version we can only scratch, not win real money. To feel not only joy, but also the emotions of victory, you should buy a ticket, i.e. a new scratch card for 2 euros. Then two silver boards with covered fields will appear on the game screen. On the right we have 9 half, and the scratch card on the left is to scratch them 6. to scratch, i.e. discover subsequent fields, you can with the help of a selected tool.

Lucky Double offers us Scratch Tools: a green casino token, a golden pendant with a star and something like a cuff or ankle with a lion symbol on a red background. These are, of course, gadgets without much important for winning. The game is more attractive and acquires a more real dimension, especially when it is accompanied by a sound from the speakers resembling scratching. We feel as if we scratched the fields in a real and not virtual world. For those players who are not needed and are in a hurry to reveal all 15 fields of both scratch cards, at one go, there is a Scratch All button.

Just as the game is built simply, the rules of winning in the virtual scratch of Lucky Double are just as simple. Removing on one of the scratch cards of the same three amounts is a victory. 3 The same fields and win is ours. It is true that simple! In the case of scratch cards on the right, the jackpot is up to 100,000 euros. The left side is much more modest, without three zeros in the amount and amounts to 100 euros. But even 100 euros for 2 euros for a scratch card card seems to be a good investment in happiness. This will tempt us to constantly buy a card card. It is worth taking into account, however, that large winnings do not fall, so that often A Return is a player at 85%. In the case of scratch cards, RTPs are usually much lower than on-line slot machines with drums and additional rounds or bonus games. However, in the world of scratch cards, 85% is not the highest result. The longer the game, the worse it can be for the wallet.


Plusem Lucky Double, Free scratch cards for free There is speed and ease of play. You can win anywhere, also on mobile devices, there are no restrictions and as soon as you feel that you have a good run - play! On the one hand, an interesting solution is a very traditional approach to the game itself, and on the other hand, a chance for more, thanks to two scratches on one card. The difference in total of maximum winnings is balancing on two different expectations of the player. However, it is worth seeing the history of handling in the menu to help Lucky Double instead of expecting too much.

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