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Who among us did not want to become someone else, at least for one day. Allow yourself things that is not every day. Become the Lord of the situation, and maybe even a king of one day. This option, thanks to the win, is proposed by a young producer in the Yggdrasil Gaming gambling industry. The online machine he created is called King for A Day, and the game is based on a popular lottery scratch card. Yggdrasil Gaming creates gambling software for mobile casinos, trying to diversify entertainment with motifs and the form of the game. scratch cards We associate it with easily accessible and easy -to -use fun, where fate decides, and we can quickly win the prize. To further encourage online players, King For A Day automatic has a golden background with the royal crown and a large purple sash with a great inscription "You can win 7500 euros in 17 ways". Such an amount is unlikely to make us a rich man, but since we are to be king only one day, why not.

Game functions

The construction of the King For A Day casino game is simple and we get to know the rules in a few moments. The player scratching the fields with numbers to find the winning numbers. The fields with numbers are arranged in the shape of a pyramid. The upper two cards are winning numbers. Below are 2 rows with 3 and 4 scratching fields, respectively, i.e. 2 winning numbers are 7 fields to discover and match the numbers. Nothing for free, unless you play a demo version for fun. It is possible to get scratch cards by pressing a pick to buy a ticket. We buy a ticket for 1 euros, because this is the plant. For the impatient, there is an option to quickly scratch everything with the Reveal All button. For dissatisfied, what they got, the Change Tickets exchange function.

Adjusting the numbers from our set to those won, this is a way to connect with the highest prize. For example, if the winning 2 numbers are, say 6 and 11, when below we scratch the number 6 we will get a prize in accordance with the payout table, and if we manage to discover both: 6 and 11 the prize will be really large. So we always start with the discovery of 2 highest scratch cards to just know what to look for in rows below. Individual numbers ranges are in specific colors. It has no major influence on the game, only the game gets more colorful. So from 1 to 9 is red, from 10 to 19 green, from 20 to 29 blue, from 30 to 39 pink, in everything above 40 is purple.

Clover Four -leaf clover is widely considered a symbol of happiness. In the on-line machine King For A Day, scratching the green Four Leaf Clover will make all of the scratch cards to become victorious and the player has a win.

Crown Almost producent Yggdrasil Gaming He focused on a chance to be king one day, it is the symbol of the crown in the game should give us bonuses. This is also happening, the amount of the plant is paid in an immediate win x 2 or 4 depending on the virtual casino. The crown is therefore worth from 2 to 4 euros prizes.

Currency After winning the round you can collect the prize by pressing Collect or take a risk in an additional game and multiply the rate. But you can also lose and lose your win if you get a coin badly. The game consists of choosing a gold coin page, guessing whether the game will show an eagle or rescue. A good choice gives a double payment.

Free round As in the case of many slots and in the scratch card, King For A Day Round is an opportunity to multiply winning, and even a jackpot. It is activated by the discovery of the Free Round symbol, then we will receive 10 additional rounds, where the plant funds the casino, and the prizes are scored by the player.


Lottery King For A Day Lottery is a stepping stone from spinning drums for playing machines. Nice graphics and soundtrack with an uncomplicated game strategy make your time spend pleasant. The virtual RTP machine at 95.04% certainly does not discourage, and such a return is player in this lottery. And the fact that it is a lottery is probably the biggest fun, because the game is very similar to the real emotional scratching of cards.

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