7 Gold Scratch Review and experience

What attracts us are large prizes, gold and symbols that help happiness. Each online casino player likes such sets when he sits down to the computer or starts the game on mobile devices. A short, simple and emotional game, where happiness matters the most, and Jackpot is 100.00 euros. All this can be found in the virtual scratch card 7 Gold Scratch, created by Netent. Producent Net Entertainment He is the leading creator of on-line gambling, he provides games for gaming for mobile casinos. Its offer includes extensive online games with a story and animations, but also simpler productions, such as scratching games.

7 Gold Scratch is based on a system and rules known to all scratch cards. Who among us did not buy the fate to scratch, you could get them in different places, in order to immediately discover the fields in anticipation of the prize. They didn't cost much, the game was fast. They gave a lot of emotions, joy, especially when we managed to win, even another free fate. For everyone who would like to return to those impressions, without spending money, there is a version for fun. However, thanks to a plant worth 2 euros, we can really play a virtual scratch card 7 Gold Scratch and win real prizes.

The game screen is all in golden colors. Actually, apart from golden color, we only have green fields after scratching, and as you know, green is hope, but also the color of dollars. In any case, unnecessary add -ons do not pull us away from the game. Half of the screen is a large number 7, after all, the name of the scratch card refers to a happy 7, and the best if we get such 3 in the set. Then we have a chance for Jackpot, and its value appears under a giant seven. The right side of the screen is 9 covered half, we will scratch them. In the bottom part there are technical buttons with the PayTable withdrawal table and the selection of the method and tools we will scratch. You can choose a blue button, a red guitar cube or a silver clip. Apparently irrelevant details, but they add the whole game a realistic dimension. Fields of scratch cards can be discovered in turn. For the impatient, the Netent manufacturer added the Scratch All button, with its help we will reveal everything at the same time that will speed up the game if we want to buy a few scratch cards in the fight for the main prize.

Game functions

After buying a virtual scratch card, a new card appears on the screen. Choosing a scratching tool or immediate option allows you to reveal the field player. There are no extensive functions of the game and additional rounds. The win is based on a simple principle. Among the 9 fields, there must be at least 3 equal ones with the same amounts. Then the prize is in line with the payout table. And it's actually a whole basic game. It is true that simple and fast. Apart from this type of win, the highest amount is waiting maximum luck. However, in the case of 3x number 7, the value of our award determines the lowest field "777" under the bottom of the entire scratch panel. This is how you can get the main win.


The 7 Gold Scratch game machine, from the Net Entertainment manufacturer, seems to be an easy way to play online casino. Speed and awareness of how much you have won makes us want to buy a card A scratch card game behind the card. As a 100,000 euro is not small, but it will not be easy. You can reach into the game history by pressing a question mark at the bottom, because our great win is a bit questionable at the RTP at 86%. Faith in the magic of gold and a happy seven can do wonders, and playing 7 Gold Scratch, despite its simplicity, does not bore.

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