Video poker is a simple gambling game available in every online casino, always in many variants. It enjoys great popularity and pulls many players to the site. You can easily learn the rules and spend a great time. There are many types of poker video, so everyone can choose their favorite game. Free versions are available, thanks to which we will try even a dozen or so titles. If we want to play, let's turn on several demo versions. Each requires testing to check on what terms the game is based. Some productions require overcoming a virtual dealer, which also participates in the game. Video poker online gives Possibility to play with progressive jackpot, where payments are quite satisfactory. Productions come from the best developers from the gambling industry, including: Play’n Go, Netent, Microgaming, IgT, Wazdan. These are recognized brands, which is why we are sure that the game will be honest, trouble -free and interesting.

Game varieties differ usually in the rules, the size of payments for winning combinations and graphics. Games titles that are worth trying are, among others: Magic Poker, Jacks Or Better, Bonus Poker, All Aces Poker, Deuces Wild, Pyramid, Bonus Deuces, Aces and Faces, Double Double Bonus, Joker Poker, All Aces Poker, Progressive , Big Beer, All Americanre, Tens or Better. These are just a few items, because offers on online sites surprise with a multitude of proposals. Poker on a video machine, and live casino are two different games. In the first option we play alone against the computer. There is no competition, and we will check the winnings in the table. The game is completely different than in the live casino. There is certainly less stress, because there is also just less emotions. The cards always look the same, regardless of the type of game.

Game purpose - a system in poker

The player's goal is to get in your hand with five cards matching winning systems and win a prize in the payout table. After examining his hand, he must decide how many cards he stops. He can leave all, a few or none. Presses the button corresponding to each card on the monitor. The mentioned cards are replaced by others. We have a system that we compare with the payout table. If it is on the payout table screen, we will get the right win. Before starting the game, let's get acquainted with payments and gameplay rules. The layout in poker concerns live variant with players and video, played individually. The most powerful is royal poker. In video poker, the value of cards matters. Poker systems that we must know are:

  1. Royal Poker (Royal Flush) - Strit is a color that consists of cards from 10 to ASA. In some variants, this system wins the progressive jackpot.
  2. Poker (Straight Flush) - Five more cards of the same color.
  3. Kareta (Four of a Kind) - Four cards of the same value.
  4. Full (Full House) - Three cards of the same value, along with the couple.
  5. Kolor (Flush) - Five cards of the same color.
  6. Strit (Straight) - Five more cards.
  7. Trójka (Three of a Kind) - Three cards of the same value.
  8. Two pairs (Two Pirs) - Couples in a layout of five cards.
  9. Couple tens - The weakest system winning in video poker.

Each game has its own rules of the game. The weakest system gives you payment, but it can change depending on the machine. We choose the right game variant, i.e. one in which we feel the best. We can decide after testing several varieties in the free version. Let's check RTP, i.e. the rate of return on the plant and variations. If we choose a game with low variability, the winnings will be small, but more frequent, which means, we have a better chance of paying out. With a high variation, we have to wait for a big win. Let's study the payout table thoroughlyto understand her, before starting the game.

Video poker strategies

At the beginning we get five cards that we can replace. Remember, however, that they no longer return to the pool, but they are withdrawn from the game. That is why we should think about how much we want to replace, because we will not come back to the rejected. We have to focus on something. The right strategy consists in counting and analysis, i.e. pure mathematics. We do not mention cards that at the beginning gave us poker, carriage, fula, color, stit or three. If we have 2, 3, or 4, i.e. cards that match the royal poker, we replace the others, because maybe we will hit a large win or a tall pair. However, when we lack one middle card for a low straight, let's replace them all, because then we have a better chance for a high pair than on Strite. With four high string cards, we replace one card. When the Strit is open, eight cards give us victory, we can take a risk and replace one. We already have a few, two pairs or three. Let's always try to strengthen the system by mentioning the rest of the cards.

If we got five different low cards, we replace them all. When we have some high cards, let's leave them, assuming that we will get a tall couple. The conclusion is that it is better to choose for a high card to get two pairs, because there is a greater chance. In the video poker full is more likely than a stit and color, but it gives a lower win than these two systems. In turn, systems with a low probability of occurrence give higher payments. However, systems with a higher probability of appearance give smaller amounts. In most games, the weakest arrangement providing any payment is a pair of values. There are varieties of games that contain a wild card, i.e. a joker or interchangeably two. The action is similar to the Wild symbol from slots. It replaces any card from the waist so that the arrangement is worth as much as possible. Drawing it is a great happiness.

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