Deuces Wild Review and experience

Deuces Wild, from the nonterthetament, this is another of many proposals for slot machines based on poker. Simple rules, a clear interface and a reliable game mechanism, but we love video machines from Netent.

Technical informations

Deuces Wild Wideopoker Is a faithful reflection of the poker machine. The gameplay interface is very clear and transparent. At the top we see tables of winning combinations and their height, which depends on the adopted coin value and the level of the game. The minimum height of the game is 0.1 and the maximum 62.5.

The value of the game is regulated in the lower panel where the status of our account is visible, the button leading to information in this win table and the game start button as well as the maximum bet. There you will also find the passage button to the "Gamble" round, and with each card there is a "hold" button keeping the cards to the next hand.

Game functions

In Deuces Wild Netent did not try to stuff many functions that would only complicate the game. Instead, we have a great slot that provides a lot of fun and even more winnings. A very interesting function is the opportunity to play for one, five or ten hands, playing with a fixed value. It accelerates incredibly, making it more exciting and interesting.

In poker, the next sequences of cards have other multipliers, in Deuces Wild (we will show this on the example of the plant at level 1) we start winning from the three (a set of three cards in the same color) which gives a multiplier 1, Strit (sequence of five cards in order following ) has a multiplier 2, color (a set in five cards in the same color) is already a multiplier 3, FUL (i.e. three of the same cards and a pair of the same cards) as well as carriage (i.e. four cards of the same value) have a multiplier 4, Strit In color (five consecutive cards from a given color), the multiplier 9, the so -called "Five of Kind" (a situation when we have five cards of the same value, e.g. Ace ambulance, and the fifth card is a joker) has a multiplier 15, royal poker (five cards of the same color from 10 to ASA) adopts the value of the multiplier 20, four cards The marked Deuces have a multiplier of 200, and the meeting of the royal poker (without the help of the DEUCECE wild card) gives us a multiplier of winning by 250.

It is worth noting that Netent has introduced a wild Deuces card to his game, which can, for example, replace a given color. This is an amazing facilitation of the game and makes it very pleasant.

We can multiply each win thanks to the gamble function. Then we bet what we won in a given round and choose between the red and black card. We can make a choice five times, but if we make a mistake we lose what we bet. We can withdraw from the game at any time.

The plot of the game

The game from Netent to mind brings popular ground machines for poker games. The game is incredibly legible, transparent and makes you want to stay in it one more hand. The rules are no different from the well -known poker rules, except that some card systems have been abandoned, and new ones were added. This became possible by introducing the so -called a wild card that replaces others. Netent also introduced a special system consisting of the "Deuces" carriage. The royal poker was also distinguished in the variant in which we get it without the help of Wild.

The graphic design itself is very good. The cards are arranged on a stone table in a shade of beige. The results table is located on a coffee background, and in the case of winning the brown letters with the name of the winning systems are illuminated in blue. The control panel is kept green with white font. The button starting the game changes the color to yellow with the symbol of the bag of money and then after pressing it we hide the pool in the pocket.

The winning combination is also displayed on a blue bar, which appears at the card level.

There are quite a lot of colors here, but the whole looks very good, it is not monotonous to the eyes as every gambler and the player will appreciate, because thanks to this he willingly returns here.


Deuces Wild is a great detachment from the classics through the use of wild cards. Netent knew perfectly well what he did to create this machine. You play in it incredibly good. The possibility of playing up to 10 hands makes the title dynamic and allows you to multiply the plant quite quickly. We have access to the winning table at any time, which is very legible and transparent. And the fact that in Deuces Wild we can also play on the journey makes this machine a particularly worth recommending, because it not only provides a lot of fun and relaxation, but also allows you to gain a lot. We wish you good luck and recommend it!

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