If you are a beginner player, implementing the world of gambling may not be so easy. Each group uses a specialized jargon, which is used by people associated with it. If you have not been associated with gambling and games so far, new vocabulary can be problematic for you. However, don't worry, everyone was once at the very beginning of their journey and he had to learn the meaning of specialized words that you will definitely meet in online casino.

We would like to help new players and therefore We have prepared a dictionary in which we placed often appearing words related to gambling. Their meaning can be unclear for beginner players, so we advise you to read all the words at least once, and certainly the world of gambling will prove to be much more understandable.

Concepts to Poznań

Below are the concepts of a gambler that is worth knowing. They were placed alphabetically so that finding them does not take too much time. You can always use the search engine to quickly find a word that you are interested in (CTRL+F keyboard shortcut).

This concept means adding tokens to your plant not during the game, but during a break in the tournament. This is very interesting, because during some breaks you can not add any tokens, it is strictly prohibited. The break must be defined as Add On, then the player can buy an additional amount of tokens at will.

There are several types of factories during games. Ante is the first plant that is set even before the game. In many games it is mandatory, players must put it to receive their cards. It is thanks to him that you can start the game. Some card games don't need it, but it's worth finding out when it will be needed. It also happens that in some poker tournaments Ante is paid not only at the beginning of the game, but also before each game. Pay attention when the Ante plant is in force to prepare for an additional spending of money.

It is called that a person who can throw bones in such a way to buy the number of stitches you need. This term is used only during Bone games, does not function anywhere else. Some believe that such people do not exist and cannot be foreseen and manipulated the bone result, while there are many people who think that some players have such abilities.

The banker is a person who currently manages player cards (giving them, shuffles them). Other names for this function in the casino are a dealer and a croupier. It is worth remembering that a player who plays some of the baccarat varieties becomes a banker. The banker deals with many activities in the casino, instructs the player, cleans the tables, deals cards.

Bankroll is generally called all the means that the player can spend on gambling or for a given game, this concept can be used in many contexts. What is a mistake, some consider a bankroll all their belongings, but it is only money to play.

It is called a disputed situation in the casino. It happens that the dealer will not understand something as the player described and as a result the player may be lossy for this reason. Sometimes, however, it is a player's tactic who, after losing money, tries to blame someone for it. In such moments it works most often in the camera, what really happened. In online casinos, this is simpler because every step of the player is very well known.

Bet is one of the most famous concepts, so it's worth remembering them very well. It is simply a bet that you set to a given spin or on a given game. It is worth watching for poker, because sometimes the bet is determined by the first increase in the rate at the auction. Bet can also be called "WAGER", you will certainly meet with two dates.

In casinos you can count on interesting benefits, and they are called bonuses or promotions. The bonus can be obtained immediately after registration at the casino, thanks to it you can increase your payment. The bonus is also determined by free spins, which are sometimes awarded to the player. Each casino has its own bonuses, many players choose the right page on their basis.

Break is a break in the game. Most often it happens in poker tournaments, it takes only a few minutes.

This expression is no longer used very often, but sometimes you can still meet it, so it's worth associating. This is a term for the plant, whose value is equal to a hundred. This term is rather found in stationary casinos, less often online.

The bug is sometimes called a Joker known from cards. This expression sometimes appears during card games in which the joker is present.

In this way, sometimes a dealer or a dealer who distributed cards in a given party is defined. This is useful because the dealer is important in some competitions, it is worth knowing who managed it.

This is a certain amount that you have to pay to be able to take part in the tournament. This fee often includes a pool of winning later, it is also a fee for organizing a given tournament, especially if it is bigger and there are not many sponsors. Buy in can simply be called an entry fee. Buy in works a little differently in the case of a table poker, not in a tournament where it is limited from rates.

In casinos you can meet a place where you can pay or pay your winnings. At this point, you can also buy tokens, which you will later use during table games. This is a financial service panel.

This expression is worth remembering because it defines tokens. This is a very important element of every game, and it has already been mentioned at other dates. With the help of tokens, you can put different factories, because money is unlikely to use money in stationary casinos. It is tokens that can be obtained at the Cashier point and exchanged them for cash.

Coat Tailing is a very interesting tactic, in which one of the players copies all the movements of the player who is winning at the moment. This applies to plants, numbers and others.

Nobody wants this expression to be his reality, because it means a few games in a row, in which you only lost. In this way, there is also talk of gambling machines, which have not been paying players a good win for a long time.

This is an interesting situation in which the player decides to exchange tokens with a lower value for higher value. The tokens are marked with colors, so you see Color in your name.

Credit is simply a means for a game, most often in a slot. At the beginning, this value is 0. Be careful, because sometimes at credit stationary casinos will not have a value of 0, so it means that someone has played or still plays on this machine. It is better not to touch such a slot, because some use new players and suddenly appear at the slots, convincing that they left a lot of cash in the machine. Choose slots where you will find Credit 0.

This concept is most often found in poker games. It means no more than replacing cards or just start a new game. This term may also refer to a poker tournament, where players decide to divide the prize in a different way than intended.

The term found rather in English -language stationary casinos, and it means a plant worth 1,000 of a given currency.

This is a type of tactics used in card games. The player using it doubles his bet after losing money from the previous one. In this way, sometimes you manage to recover lost money, but this is not the rule.

This is the word often used in terms of the advantage in the game. This is a percentage of advantage that the casino has in a given game. In each of them, the advantage is different, and in addition you can manipulate it by making various decisions. Sometimes Edge is used in relation to the description of the player, which stands out from other tactics, a place at the table, cunning or even a psyche.

This is the name of the card, which has literally drawn "face". In this case, we are talking about Waleta, King and a lady.

We do not wish anyone to be called "fish" during the game, because it means a person who has no skill in the game and loses even when the opponent is in a much worse situation. The Australian equivalent can be "bream".

This type of plant means putting exactly the same sum for each subsequent game. The player does not pay attention to previous games and does not analyze the winnings and losers. This does not mean, however, that he is inactive, it is simply a tactic that can sometimes work.

In some varieties of poker, the player does not get 5 hand cards. He gets only 3 and the last two are common to all players. The flop is a term for cards that belong only to the player.

This is a tournament in which you do not have to pay an entry fee, you can approach it completely free. It is worth remembering, however, that in such a tournament prizes may be very low.

This is the term cards that the player is holding in his hand. It is often said about the value of the player's hand, changing the cards into his hands and the like. It is worth knowing this term, it appears quite often.

A person who likes to be at risk and is assumed for very large amounts. Thanks to this, he can count on additional privileges at a stationary casino or online.

This is a term that is mainly used in blackjack. It means the moment when the player decides to choose another card except two, which he already has in his hand.

This is an expression that does not apply only to gambling, but is very often used in it. The Slot is considered to be Hot, which often pays large rates to players. A person who manages to win often can also boast of this term.

This term is used rather in roulette. It defines plants that are put on smaller numbers, single or two, not for all rows or colors.

Jackpot is the biggest win that a given game or slot can offer. Currently, the popular version of Jackpot is progressive. It means that players pay money into the slot, and these accumulate to later pay everything out to one of the players. Games of this type are very encouraging.

It is differently called a combination, it is a special arrangement of symbols in a gambling machine that guarantees a certain win. The cluster can consist of two, three, four or more symbols, these rules are imposed by the game manufacturer.

Card counting can be called one of the tactics, which often occurs in blackjack, sometimes in poker. The player closely observes all cards and quickly calculates the likelihood of a given card in a given set.

Odds are the chances that the player has to win. They are counted on the basis of a player's plant. Often at Australian Casinos Zaz is called as a course, but it is not always the same concept.

This is the moment when the player gives up the further game, i.e. he just fits. If it happens in the middle of the game, his bet stays in the pot. It is worth fitting between the games when you have not yet erected the plant.

This term is very important for players on slots because it describes the winning lines in a given machine. Slots often have a few to even several thousand winning lines. It happens that modern slots do not have a line or only one.

Push is considered a situation in which when playing blackjack player and banker has exactly the same cards, i.e. there is a draw. In this case, nobody wins and nobody loses, the money just returns to the people who set up the factories.

This is a qualifying round, thanks to which you can determine whether a given player can approach the main tournament, and if so, at what level he will start the game.

This is very important for players who are looking for a good casino, because you should only choose pages that are equipped with a RNG system, i.e. random number generator. He is responsible for the results in the games completely random and thus fair.

This abbreviation can be developed as Return to Player, i.e. a return for the player. I perform in table games and in slots, especially in the latter. The indicator exactly determines what amount is returned to the players with a longer game. You can find out how much commission the manufacturer downloads for the game. The greater the percentage of RTP, the better for the player. It is believed that good slots start from about 95%, preferably as if they had about 97%. The slots with progressive jackpots are an exception, these may have RTP lowered up to about 92%.

Scatter is a symbol in slots, thanks to which you can usually get a bonus. Drawing a given number of scatters on the screen often begins a bonus round or gives free spins depending on what the manufacturer has decided.

Split is called the situation in Blackjack, when the player has a chance to lead two hands instead of one. This happens most often after drawing an ace. The player can of course reject this option because it is associated with erecting an additional bet.

This means one round of spinning symbols in a gambling machine. The player presses the appropriate button on the screen, the symbols begin to spin and after a few seconds their final arrangement appears.

We talked about the hit earlier and that it means the decision to choose another card. Stand is a complete opposite, means that the player does not want any more cards.

This is a whole group of tokens that the player has. In colloquial language it is sometimes called a pile. These tokens do not have to have the same value, they can be different.

Wild is a special symbol that appears in slots. It has a pretty unusual effect because it can replace a symbol that is missing to create a combination. Thanks to it you can count on additional winnings. Currently, Wildy in symbols can have an additional effect.

We discussed the most common concepts related to gambling. Beginner players must, however, know that each game has more of their own specialist concepts. Before starting the game, you should read them all.

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