Today we would like to bring our readers closer to the topic game salons with vending machines functioning in Australia. Many players still think that if they want to legally play on a real gaming machine, they must go to the ground casino. Well, no - in Australia we will find more legal places with slot machines. Read on to learn more about such game showrooms and curiosities associated with them.

The list of stationary casinos in Australia is not too long. All thanks to the applicable injury gambling law. It limits the number of legal casino houses for money for one for every 100,000 inhabitants in the city and one for every 650,000 inhabitants of a given province. This causes that the number of concessions issued for gambling salons is not growing. Most casinos operate in the Mazowieckie voivodship and Greater Australia.

However, lovers of gambling can visit slot machines, which are an interesting alternative to ground casinos. It is over the country over 10x more than casinosSo the biggest problem falls out when planning an entertainment evening - a journey to a often distant city. Unlike classic casinos, money for money in living rooms is also available in smaller cities.

A short history of salons with money for money

Legal game salons In Australia, they operate under the law and their owner is Totalizator Sportowy. This company belongs to the State Treasury and holds a monopoly on conducting gambling both on the Internet and to run salons with gambling. This is de facto the only legal places in Australia where you can play with slot machines, apart from casinos.

The pilot design of showrooms with casino games started in 2018. The first facilities were launched in Bydgoszcz and the capital. At the same time, the customs services and the police carried out a massive action aimed at illegal gaming salons, which, if you believe in police statistics, there were several thousand in Australia. This led to the practical disappearance of the entire gray zone (a total of over 80,000 illegal vending machines were requisitioned).

For the benefit of players:

  1. illegal salons with gambling were often led by shady people,
  2. Players were not sure about whether the machines were overclocked,
  3. Judging by the reviews of such shrines on the internet, with the payment of winnings it was not too pink there,
  4. Players complained about security - protection often did not fulfill their duties.

The success of the pilot program led to a rapid increase in legal salons under the Totalizator Sportowy license. Today there are over 800 registered in Australia.

What are game salons?

We will not play roulette in the salons of the game, blackjacka or poker. As the name suggests, we will find only a single -armed bandit vending machines. So if you are looking for opportunities to get acquainted with the mechanics of a popular gaminator, or you want to feel the thrill, accompanying throwing a coin, filming with drums and paying a win without having to visit a distant casino, you can undoubtedly consider a trip to the living room with stationary vending machines.

It is worth knowing that these places enjoy a slightly different opinion than casinos, to which a trip to many people is associated with exclusive entertainment. Often these are small pavilions, in which we will find several machines with spinning drums. Admittedly, the condition for opening a new point with vending machines is having a place with an area above 100 sq m, many franchisers owners are located at the lower border and their salons are not very spacious.

The living room with gaming machines is therefore visited by a less demanding clientele. Some praise it because of the specific color of this type of places, while others prefer to have fun in a more refined atmosphere.

How can you use legal games in salons with vending machines?

If you are considering a trip to the nearest living room with gambling, you don't have to rent a tailcoat.

However, remember about a few rules:

As you can see above, a visit to the game salon will require the same as a visit to a classic casino with gambling.

Additional restrictions in game salons

The legislator has imposed additional obligations on the owners of the showrooms, which the offshore online casinos with online slots do not need to be fulfilled. During registration in any game room, information about our activity (losers and winnings) goes to the central database. In other words, the Australian Ministry of Finance has detailed information about how much we spend in a given game showroom and how much we win. Is that good? For whom. People who value privacy may not want this type of information to be collected by the state.

This also translates into how we use the gambling games of a single -armed bandit. A prepaid card is assigned to each player, to which we transfer money to the cashier. In fact, we do not throw into the coins machine - unfortunately this type of game can be seen only in movies. In the case of winning, the machine does not pay it in coins spilling from the hole at the bottom. A positive balance on the card allows the cashier to pay us cash after registering the amount of winning in the computer system. A visit to the living room with gambling is therefore a bit less romantic than it might seem at first.

Taxes on winning in salons with vending machines

now briefly about taxes and additional fees related to our wins on machines. players should remember to pay income tax on wins on a single -armed bandit vending machines. tax regulations specify that when The amount of winning exceeds AUD 2,280, the player must pay a flat -rate tax of 10% from winning.

If we do not fulfill this obligation, the tax office will have information about the amounts obtained in the salon and may impose a financial penalty on us. So let's remember that in legal game salons, as in casinos, the treasury has insight into the winnings. That is why so many players decide to play on the internet.

Stationary vending machines and online vending machines

What to do when we want to play on slots, and nowhere is there any stationary machine? In such cases, we can try our hand at online vending machines. The incredible of online slot games is that we don't even have to leave our bed to play them. In addition, on the Internet we will find a much wider range of slots - if in stationary casinos or game showrooms we will find from a few, maybe a dozen, to a maximum of several dozen vending machines, in online casinos we will find thousands of them, from classic fruit and 777 for two -brown modern productions from the best developers.

It is also worth adding that on the Internet we can play only for fun, not even betting on money - from this we have widely available versions of the demo of vending machines. It is definitely worth looking at this alternative.

Try online vending machines in our proven casinos

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Remember that the results of gambling and factories are partly or completely dependent on the case. Play responsibly.

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