European Roulette Gold Series Review and experience

roulette It is synonymous with gambling for many players. However, apart from the ongoing ball, whose flight track and a place where it cannot be foreseen is based on a strategic game. It has many varieties in terms of rules, one of them is the so -called European version. Which has many computer adaptations, one of them is the European Roulette Gold Series from Microgaming.

Technical informations

European Roulette Gold Series to kolejne child microgaming, which, unfortunately, is only available from the computer, due to the Flash technology used, which most phones do not support yet. However, embedding the game on such a engine means that it loads quickly and works very efficiently on computers. The minimum payment in the game is 1 and the maximum 970. The tokens in the game are "1", "5", "10", "25", "50". The return rate for the player is 97.30%. If, for some reason, the player felt discomfort from the game "at an angle", he could change the mode in the game settings and play the game with a throw in advance.

The rules are exactly the same as in the ground version, so if you already had experience in an online casino with European version of roulette, this game is the most for you.

Game functions

The European Roulette Gold Series is a title that as one of the few reflects the real experience accompanying the ground version of roulette. It contains a lot of options and functions, making it an excellent choice when it comes to a beginner player, although the gambler will have what to do here. We will not find here special functions that give additional winnings or bonus rounds, but there is a lot of fun and high wins.

The plants can be bet according to the adopted strategies. In the European Roulette Gold Series we will find many exotic plants such as Les Orphelins (this is the type of plant where we bet on divisions 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34, and one token goes to the single field); Tiers du cylindre (this plant consists in arranging six tokens on divisions 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36); Voisins du zero (this is the plant at which we put from 9 tokens, including two tokens on the fields 0 and 2 and 3 three, including two at the corners of the 25/26/28/29 fields and one tool on the corners 4/7, 12/15 , 18/21, 19/22 and 32/35); And also more classic plants, i.e. division into black and red or even and odd. Game strategies and therefore there are quite a lot of bets.

we can create our own factories and save them in the game, which is a very useful function, but we can use ready and applied scenarios in the game, which makes the game much easier and makes the game more easily. in expert mode, we have the function of auto -successful, and the gameplay itself can be adapted at the pace.

The plot of the game

In this proposal, microgaming tried very much, giving quite in terms of graphics casino conditions - roulette and table are made with great attention to what to recognize. In the European version of roulette, unlike the American version, we will not find the "00" field, there is only single "0". The effect of removing the field from "00" is that the circle of red fields in relation to numbers in the black fields increases in the circle.

The rules of the game are quite simple - we select tokens which field on the circle the ball will fall and put the wheel in motion. When our field falls out, we win, if not, we lose what we bet. It is worth betting more fields than just one, because it increases our chances of winning and avoids covering 2.70% of the system when we bet only one number.


The European Roulette Gold Series is a top -shelf video game, which every player who likes casino games and a gambler who likes to play money must try. From the technical side, the game is well made, although there is a lack of a mobile game version. The graphic design is really pretty and pleasant to the eye, and the sound effects are pleasant to the ear. A faithful mapping of the European roulette table principles is a huge advantage of the title and deserves praise. There is nothing else for us to recommend the European Roulette Gold Series. Try the game for free first in the demo version, learn the rules, develop a strategy and win real money in roulette, playing well.

Play European Roulette Gold Series in the casino for real money

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