English Roulette Review and experience

Roulette online game It is a gambling game that has gained crowds of fans around the world. The title can be particularly associated with gangster films, and its extreme form is Russian roulette. In general, roulette is loved primarily, due to its principles - we bet on the field on which the speeding ball will fall and we wait. Fast, dynamic and adrenaline entertainment has been attracting hundreds of players for years. Try it!

Technical informations

English variety of roulette Food weplostlopher play’s going to go it was embedded on the java engine. so it opens on those devices that have access to it. the minimum payment in the game is 1 and the maximum 1000. we have the tokens of the "1", "5", "10" and "25" tokens. although we can bet on a maximum of 25 tokens on a given number. at the same time, the minimum internal plant in the game is 1 and the maximum 25, while the minimum internal plant is 5, and the maximum is 300. play’n go at the disposal of players created a tutorial that conducts all over the interface, and this one is very clear and intuitive.

In the English roulette, the casino has an advantage over the player at the level of 2.70%.

Game functions

In English Roulette, each player will find himself after a while, although learning a multitude of functions can take many evening by providing a lot of fun. However, every gambler will appreciate the wealth of functions in the game. Unfortunately, we will not find here bonus rounds or special functions responsible for high winnings, but that's not what this game is about.

Among the plants, there are: standard, Straight Up (single number), Split (two numbers), Neighborhood (neighboring), street (three numbers) and classic red and black.

From interesting factories we will find, for example:

The creators from Play’n Him also greatly facilitated the betting of "hot" and "cold" fields, which is why the game in English Roulette is pure pleasure.

The plot of the game

The plot of the English Roulette machine transfers us into the realities of casino roulette. A table is ahead of us, fields, tokens and a circle. The English roulette, like the European, is played on a circle with 37 fields from 0 to 36. We choose the value of the token and drag it to the field or fields that we want to bet, if we make a mistake we can "clean" the field from the plant. When we have a bet we put on, we put the wheel and ball in motion. When the saw falls on the field we bet we win, and if not, we lose.


Play’n him did a great job creating the English Roulette machine. The game is made great, above all it looks great - every detail is polished by the creators. The tutorial leading around the interface is a great facilitation for beginners. The number of functions in the game is sufficient to both have fun and win a lot. Even a small casino advantage will not be special difficulty in winning - this is the charm of the game.

A significant disadvantage for many may be the fact that the game cannot be run, e.g. on the phone, but taking into account the advancement of the title, you cannot be surprised. If you were looking for the best English roulette online, you just found her. Every player and gambler must admit this, it is a well -transferred ground game for a computer platform. Both from the technical, graphic and musical side from Play’n GO is refined, which should be considered.

We recommend trying games for free to get to know the rules and then put your money in the game Online roulette for money And try happiness, because if you add it, you will have not only a good fun, but also a large sum.

Play English Roulette in a casino for real money

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