Among the many different reservations and doubts about gambling, there is often an accusation that internet roulette is cheating. Is this true? To get the answer to this question, you must first know the principle of the game, the rules different for many variants and conditions related to the transfer of the game to the network. Without this knowledge, it is never worth going to the game, due to the fact that we will fall on the obvious matter. It's like with sport, it's hard to play football or chess, not knowing what it is about. In the same way she is with roulette and its varieties. Blind betting, hoping that we will win, often ends with the fact that because of not knowing the rules we fail, and blame the game itself. How is it really? Let's check!

Gameplay mechanism

Both Roulette online gameand the ground version are identical titles based on the same mechanism. The difference is that in the network the ball in motion sets clicks on the mouse and algorithms, the dealer does it live. However, it is always the same. The wheel begins to rotate, and a ball is added to its interior. This rotates until under the influence of physics stops in the indicated field. Then everyone who bet the field wins. The game is therefore child's play, there are no hidden tricks, rules. There is a circle and a ball. Is it possible that The game is cheating? No, it's just a game. How should he cheat?

Roulette fraud

Roulette is a game like any other. And as in any form of gameplay or activity in life, a scam is possible. However, this is not due to the game itself. This one is fully random, which players take from the beginning. How can you cheat? In ground casinos, among others, a trick with magnetizing balls and wheels, or manipulated elements, e.g. using too large or too light ball. How is it on the internet? Programming the title for the player's failure is possible. As soon as he bets on the field, the algorithm means that the virtual ball does not fall into the given field. Simple? Simple. However, fraud only applies to dishonest casinos and developers. Therefore, you should check everything carefully. If you can cantu to three cups, and also on large football fields, why can't you be roulette? However, as a rule, if nobody tinked up with the software, then only fate counts. Players, however, recognize that the game is cheating on them. Only you can't be sure what field will be selected. So how do you win?

Various rules

Roulette as a casino game has many different varieties. You can win in each, because the rules have been established in such a way as to make the game more interesting by increasing the player's chances. And so in the European version we will find "0" and in the American "00". We will find a variety without zero, as well as French, in which zero annul the plant. Among their types we find, among others, Straight Up, in which the chances are 1:35, so the win is 35: 1. Next is Five Bet, i.e. there can be the first five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) with a 6: 1 win. In turn, the even/odd plant is already a 1: 1 chance. Various rules add spice to the game, making it more fascinating. However, it should be remembered that various combinations do not guarantee anything, they simply gradually increase the player's chances. We would be 100 % sure if all the fields could be bet, but where is the fun?

How to avoid fraud?

First of all, you should focus on choose a proven casino and a given production. How to do it? There are many different guides on the web that include issues that are worth paying special attention to. These include, among others, licenses where developers and websites operate, the type of security used or payment systems. Avoid games where you can bet money without registration or tempting, but not enough pages. It should be remembered that fair services will never allow themselves to choose the software in which the players' cheating algorithms are hidden. Why? Because it threatens to lose the license and closure of the casino. In turn, developers do not share their titles and services that could introduce deliberate modifications to increase the likelihood of the player's failure. However, if we are tempted by beautiful slogans and we choose uncertain pages or games, we are not surprised that we are cheated.


People participating in various random games very often blame them for fraud. This is for a very simple reason - everyone wants to win. And the longer you play and the victory does not come, the frustration grows and there are suspicions that we are cheated. Nothing could be more wrong. Internet roulette does not cheat. This is only a random game in which the case determines the victory. That is why various versions have been created that increase the chance of winning by betting on various factories. Know Unusual advice for a roulette game by the way. However, as any kind of game, roulette can become a tool in the hands of cheaters - both ground and internet. Therefore, you should always check whether the page where you want to play is honest. And also whether the software we choose comes from proven creators. Then we can be sure that the game will go honestly, i.e. only fate and our premonition, they will take part in it.

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