1. General provisions

This personal data processing policy defines the process of processing personal data and measures ensuring the security of personal data of the Hex Casino website - hereinafter referred to as the website administrator.

1.1 The website administrator ensures respect for the rights and freedoms of man and citizen during the processing of personal data, including the protection of privacy rights, personal and family secrets, as the most important goal and condition of implementing activities.

1.2 This policy of processing the website of the website administrator (hereinafter referred to as politics) applies to all information that the website administrator may obtain about visitors to the Best-aucasinosites.com website.

2. General definitions used in politics

2.1 automated processing of personal data - processing of personal data using software;

2.2 Blocking personal data - temporary completion of personal data processing (except for cases in which processing is necessary to clarify personal data);

2.3 Website - a set of graphic and information materials, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure their availability on the Internet at the network address of casynahex.com;

2.4 Information system about personal data - a set of personal data contained in databases as well as information technologies and technical means ensuring the processing of personal data;

2.5 Anonymization of personal data - actions that prevent you from determining which specific user or other personal data includes personal data, without using additional information;

2.6 Processing of personal data - any activity (operation) or set of activities (operations) performed with or without the use of computer equipment directed at personal data, including collecting, registration, systematization, accumulation, storage, explanation (update, change), search, search, search, search use, transfer (distribution, sharing, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data;

2.7 Personal data - all information directly or indirectly referring to a specific or defined page of the Website;

2.8 user - each visitor of the HEX casino website;

2.9 Personal data transfer - actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a specific person or a specific scope of persons;

2.10 Destruction of personal data - all activities leading to irreversible destruction of personal data with the inability to further restore information on personal data in the system and / or causing the destruction of material carriers of personal data.

2.11 "Cookies", "Cookies" - a small piece of data sent from the website and stored on the user's computer. A www customer or a web browser sends cookies as a HTTP request to the web server every time an attempt is made to open the appropriate website.

3. The website administrator may process the following personal data of the User

3.1. Collecting and processing anonymous data on visitors (including "cookies") using online statistical websites such as Google Analytics and others;

3.2. The website administrator collects the following data:

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data

4.1 The purpose of processing the user's personal data-informing the user by sending an e-mail; providing the user with access to services, information and / or materials of the website, provided that such functionality is implemented on the website;

4.2 The website administrator also has the right to notify the user about new products and services, special offers and various events. The user may always opt out of receiving ads by sending a website to the website administrator entitled "Cancellation of notifications of new products, services and special offers";

4.3 Anonymous user data collected via online statistical websites are used to collect information about user activities on the website and to improve the quality of the website and its content.

5. Using cookies

5.1 The use of cookies is required so that users can use websites and all their functions, for example, access to protected website sections. If necessary, the user can block or delete cookies by changing the browser settings accordingly, but users must take into account that this will affect the proper operation of websites.

5.2 Analytical "cookies" collect information on how users use websites. They allow the Website Administrator to receive information about what users are interested in on websites and introduce appropriate website improvements. For example, cookies show the administrator of the sites that are visited most often, help to identify the difficulties encountered when using websites and assess marketing effectiveness. Thanks to this, the website administrator has the opportunity to comment on general trends in using the website.

5.3 Users can adapt the use of cookies using the browser settings. If the user decides to disable cookies, he will still be able to use websites, although some sections and functions of websites will not work. All browsers are different. To find out how to disable cookies in the browser, check the help section.

6. Legal reasons for the processing of personal data

6.1 The website administrator processes the user's personal data only if they were completed and / or sent by the User at his own discretion through special forms on the website. By completing the appropriate forms and / or sending his personal data to the website administrator, the User agrees to this policy;

6.2 The website administrator processes anonymous user data if this has been allowed in the user's browser settings (cookies storage and the use of JavaScript technology were enabled).

7. Conditions for collecting, storing, transferring and other types of personal data processing

7.1 The security of personal data processed by the Website Administrator ensures the implementation of legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fully meet the current legal requirements in the field of personal data protection;

7.2 The website administrator ensures the security of personal data and takes all possible funds to prevent the access of unauthorized persons to personal data;

7.3 The User's personal data will under no circumstances be transferred to third parties, except for cases when the applicable regulations require it;

7.4 In the event of detecting any inaccuracies in personal data, the User may update them by sending a notification to the website administrator;

7.5 The period of processing personal data is unlimited. The User may withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data at any time by sending a notification to the website administrator entitled: "Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data";

7.6 The website administrator takes the following funds to ensure the security of the user's personal data:

7.7 Because there is no completely reliable way to protect information in the process of electronic storage, processing and transmission, the website administrator does not give a full security guarantee, despite all the company's efforts.

8. Final provisions

8.1 The User may obtain any explanations regarding the processing of his personal data by ing the website administrator via the form on the website;

8.2 This document will reflect any changes to the personal data processing policy. Politics applies for an indefinite period until it is replaced by a new version;

8.3 The website administrator may update the privacy policy to reflect changes in data policy. In the event of significant changes in the principles of privacy protection in general, and in particular in the policy of using the user's personal data, the website administrator is obliged to inform about it on the current website of the site.

8.4 The user should browse this page from time to time to get the latest information on the Privacy Policy;

8.5 Any changes in the privacy policy come into force from the moment of publication on the website;

8.6 Only the English version of the policy has legal power, and translations to another language are provided only for information purposes.

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