Texas Holdem is the most popular variety of poker at American casinos. It owes its popularity to simplicity. Poker online It is an excellent alternative, because you can play with a crumb and participants at the table, anywhere, also on a smartphone. We encourage you to read the rules below. The players' task is to get the strongest system of five cards. One of the participants is a dedicated, a crucifier. Two players on his left put the dark rates in the pool, called dark. The first participant on the left from the dealer puts a small dark - small blind, and the next big dark - big blind. The cards are distributed and each person at the table receives two covered cards, which he does not show anyone, is the so -called own cards. Revealed to other players only when launching cards or at all.

Players have three options, they can: fold cards, check or conquer. The player who put the equivalent of the highest plant into the pool can also wait when nobody won it. After the bidding round, if all participants at the table put the same amount of money into the pool or folded, it is lined flop - three common cardsthat each player can use. In the next round of the auction, each player has the opportunity to wait, conquer, puncture or check. When active players put in the pool, the same amount of money, the fourth card is taught and the next round of the auction begins, followed by the fifth card on the table. The last round begins, after it participants discover cards. The best arrangement wins and takes the whole pot. When two players remain in the game, the order of the auction and the structure of the bets in the dark changes. The little one is the dealer in the dark, while the second player is large. The last card is distributed to the dealer, but he begins auction before the flop. After the flop, he plays a dealer until the end of the hand. When two or more players after the last common card will reach the final phase of the auction, winning the pool is only possible by having a system of five cards. While Showdown Players only reveal their cards, because in the classic Texas Holdem the comparison is made by a crunch, live casino or a computer in a regular game.

Allowed movements at the poker table

Each game has the rules that you should stick to, especially if you intend play poker for money. At Texas Holdem, these are the following play:

  1. Fold - The player is afraid that he will not win the hand and give up his participation, leaving his tokens in the pool. He gives his cards to the giving away, without showing them to other people at the table.
  2. Check - If none of the player decides to the bet, another participant can choose the Check option without fitting cards or performing the plant. However, when the next player decides to the bet, before the end of the bidding round, the action returns to this player and must check, pierce or fold.
  3. BET - The player puts the bet for a certain amount, relying on his cards. He can bluff, he will consider it the right tactics. The plant must be more than Big Blind.
  4. Call - When someone in front of us decides to bet, we can check it. If we do not have the right amount of tokens, we can play - All-in, but we can only win the number of tokens that we have left.
  5. Raise - We can choose a higher plant than those that have been made so far at the table. Punction (Raise) must be at least 2x of the plant.

The importance of the card system

It should also be understood as the given card systems work so as not to get rid of the right hand:

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