Gambling is what has always attracted a group of people. Many games were going on for money, although the same versions were also practiced for either without anything, or for matches. This applies to roulette or card games. Among them he is very liked online poker for money. Like any card game and poker, a random game is about some handings. However, its popularity is due to the fact that what matters is what we have in our hands (of course, a strong hand in poker is an important matter), but how we will play it. Psychology, based on cleverness, emotional intelligence, sense and based on happiness. Moments, when someone having nothing on their hands, plays those who had a lot - you love poker. However, is it legal in Australia? Let's check!

gambling in Australia

Australia belongs to countries where gambling is not prohibited, but is subjected to very strong and harsh restrictions. It is interesting, however, that some forms of random games, like Lotto can be advertised, and other than vending machines not necessarily. There are also many ground casinos and the Total Casino online casino, which is owned by Totalizator Sportowy. It is legal to play with a bookmaker, as well as participation in casino games. How is it with poker?

Poker and law

According to Australian law, participation in poker is as legal as possible. However, only if we talk about recreation. When real money is involved in the game, the matter ceases to be obvious. Pursuant to the gambling act of 2017, each unauthorized and unattended game is simply illegal. If we talk about ground casinos or legal websites like Total Casino, here the matter is simple - you can play in harmony with the law. Only Totalizator Sportowy can perform internet poker services, but in the near future he does not promise to it. The STS bookmaker has introduced a service consisting in betting live, which card will be laid. However, this has nothing to do with poker.

Gray poker zone

Poker is a very popular card game, so people who want to play in it reach for all possible means. In this way, unfortunately, the phenomenon of gray zone increases, and illegal services are gaining popularity. Australian service providers make every effort to block the possibility of visiting such pages, but thanks to the VPN network, the restriction can be easily bypassed. However, there is no doubt that too restrictive regulations to protect citizens bring the opposite effect. Why? The assumption of the Act is equally about profit money that is difficult to enforce on the network, as well as in some part about the good of players who want to protect against addiction. However, it is first of all about money. Because all restrictions are pushed by players in the face of not reliable casinos, in which participation threatens theft of data and money.

Poker to sport?

What can be significantly changed over time is the fact that poker is more and more often associated with sport than with gambling itself. Numerous campaigns aimed at making him discipline are slowly pushing this thought. However, this is not happening from scratch. As the years passed, poker became a card for which tournaments are organized at international level. There you enter with a pool, after all, it is a game for money that the winner wins. There are no amateurs at this stage, and there are specialists, experts, people who have a plan, tactics and are properly prepared. Remember that at some point it ceases to be a random, accidental game, and becomes something much bigger.

Australian poker players

There are plenty of geniuses and masters and champions on the Australian stage of poker. Dominik Pańka, Jakub Michalak or Bartłomiej Machoń are only three names of sensational players who participated under the Australian flag of European and world tournaments. Thanks to them, Australia was also on everyone's languages. A separate issue is the case of taxes and settlements with the Australian treasury. However, it is for this reason that many excellent players escape with their fortune to tax havens, in which they can live and live calmly, they do not have tax problems, because the rules there are clear, legible and honest.


He plays poker, like roulette, blackjack, etc., is fully legal. After all, it's entertainment like any other. However, just like the vast majority of different forms of activity, here, when money appears, and this kind of gameplay is already banned, the stairs begin. An interesting fact may be the fact that even poker in GTA 5 is forbidden, because although you play a mini game for virtual money, it must first be bought in real cash. However, before you start playing, we recommend getting acquainted with tips for beginner players in poker.

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