Poker is a very popular card game and attracts crowds of players. It is unique, not only because of the money that you can win, but also the competition and the ability to show your skills. Friends, athletes, celebrities and completely random people meet at the tables. Tournaments are organized at stationary and online casinos. Poker has become a sport, although he is still gambling. Gambling services allow you to play live, with a crumb and players and on a machine. Of course, the biggest attraction is to sit at the table with rivals and feel the thrill. It is not possible to play, without knowing the rules, cards values and specific vocabulary. You can play at the online casino at any time, after creating an account and paying money to the game. If you want to play poker and only start, we have 4 poker games for beginners that you should use.

1. Start with low rates and the best games

Many new players, after learning the rules, are not interested in playing at low rates. However, we advise you to think about the strategy, choose a game table where you can bet low. First of all, because you will feel more comfortable, knowing that you do not risk a large sum of money, so when you lose at the beginning, you will not feel too failure, but you will learn to play. Every time you increase the rate, your skill level increases. You sit with rivals who are weak players, just like you, don't have complexes. They also learn poker. You will play the so -called Museum, so you can see the whole picture, understand the positions of your hands you should play. You will experience everything. Discover the poker Principles of 5 cards, strategies and money management methods. Only seemingly it seems easy. You must learn to predict, opponent movements. Choose the best, which is the simplest game because you will lose. You have no chance with real poker players. In games adapted to your abilities, you will be able to improve the rates faster, which will be a great success.

2. Think about the opponent's cards and have a hurry

If you learn an opponent. Think about his position, watch when he performs actions and predict or maybe have something. Bushing or checking is a hint for you, a hint of what its weaknesses and strengths are. Look for information at the table, such as: how quickly he makes decisions, whether he plays carefully, or maybe with a flourish. At the beginning you will not be able to accurately assess your rival, but by gaining practice, you will have such skills. You will become like a psychologist or X -ray, but remember not to hurry. Don't do anything automatically. Turn on thinking rather. You need to consider everything, i.e. items, poker systems rankings, opponent cards and Poker combinations. At the beginning it will be difficult for you, but you will gain practice over time. Play when you have a hand, and if you can't, fit. The time will come for aggressive games when you will put larger factories. Players at high rates are more likely to bluff, so learn to win with them.

3. Learn to fit

Poker is not about happiness, but knowledge and thoughtful decisions. Learn to fit and let go. It is a mistake to enter every hand. Do not think that the more you play, the greater your chances of winning. It may happen that once in a few hands you will get the pool from the table, but you will lose more often. When you get cards, think about or maybe it's better to fold and wait for a better hand. Our position at the table and the behavior of other players also play a big role. If they conquer the stake in the first round, they can have good hands with which it will be hard to win. When you start the game, you'll have some problems with letting go of these hands, but this is one thing you need to learn if you want to succeed. Poker rules for beginners must be found in thoroughly. Play carefully. At low games, opponents often play random handings, so learn poker strategy not to lose money. Part of the game in poker is bluffing, although some people may seem unethical. Thanks to this, you can win, despite the weak cards in your hand. However, do not overdo it with this trick, the rivals will not realize. By the way get to know Principles of playing poker texas holdem.

4. Work on facial expressions and concentration

Poker face, you probably remember this saying, so use it in the game. You have to work a little on facial expressions so that you don't show that you have received good cards because you won't win too much. Don't show any emotions. It is very important! If you can't do it, do like other poker players, i.e. put on dark glasses. Concentration is another important thing. Let nothing distract you. You are at the table, you put money into the pool, so think how not to lose them. Just be interested in what you do and nothing but poker at this point does not exist. Turn off your phone, calm down because you have to calculate your chances and make decisions. Keep your emotions also in control, despite the current situation, even if you lose. The most important thing is that you never lose sense And during the game he thought all the time. Prudence is the most important, it will allow you to make the right decisions and you will not be exposed to large losses, and in the event of a bad luck, you will survive. If you are tired, under the influence of stress or alcohol, do not play because you can make wrong decisions.

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