Enthusiasts is one of the most famous card games around the world. At the beginning treated as a magic game, later used to kill time. Everyone knows this game, although the younger generation may not associate it anymore, which is a pity, because this game It hides much more than just translating cards. Below we would like to introduce you to everything about this game so that you know what to expect before you postpone at least one card. You will learn some of the stories of a solitaire, how you can play it and tips on how you can win. Focus on reading and you will become a champion of solitaire. We invite you to read this article.

In these online casinos you will find a solitaire!

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Introduction to the solitaire

It is difficult not to associate a solitaire. If you have never played this game stationary, you certainly used it from your computer more than once, because it has always been attached to the standard set of games in Windows computers. For some, herself may seem like an outdated game, but they do not know that many players like to play in it. Sinans support logical thinking, you can play completely alone without any opponents, so there is no pressure on you. Many players also think that playing solidiance is very relaxing, so you can relax after an energetic session in free slot machines games or on other card games.


Nobody has yet given an unequivocal answer to the question of what is the story of enthusiasts. We can only use stories from older chronicles, as well as from divination diaries. That's exactly how it is not a mistake, the lunch at the beginning of its existence was used to predict the future. He was probably part of the Balkan beliefs, and then spread by fortune -tellers to other countries in Europe.

After some time, the playing enthusiasts began to be used not only by fortune -tellers, but also by ordinary people. The nature of this game was probably changed by the French. They did not try to predict the future to anyone, but used the cards for entertainment. It was in this version that the game also appeared in Australia, in which it was popular especially for wealthier people.

Over time, all people could reach after their enthusiasts, regardless of their degree of property. Simple rules and freedom in obtaining cards made the game spread quickly and became extremely popular. Even today there are many admirers and enthusiasts in which fans of this game meet. The rules of this game over the years have not changed significantly, although it is worth remembering that there are several variants of enthusiasts with subtle differences. Subtle differences, however, do not mean that there are few games, there are a lot of them, and there are even several dozen.

How to play solitaire?

The big advantage of a solitaire is that it has quite one rules. Unlike poker or bakarat games or other classic card games, the ras of solitaire can be explained in a few minutes. It is worth choosing this game to get to know the cards, learn their values as you use them. If you do not have a deck of cards at home, you can get it for exercise, and before you buy it, you can easily play the online solid.

We have already mentioned that enthusiasts were often a infected game to computer systems, so finding it even without Wi-Fi for exercise will be very easy. You can easily find this game on free pages, for example here: https://www.solitr.com/. Another option may also be to try your hand at pages in which enthusiastic is made available in the form of a demo, i.e. free. When you get acquainted with the rules, you can of course go to the paid version, already in a real casino.

Let's start with the basic rules of this game. It is worth knowing that it is a game intended only for use for one person. If you have one deck of cards, you will be able to play as the only person. The situation is different when you have two decks, you can invite someone to play and race in time, the one who puts the whole solitaire wins the first.

Particular attention should be paid to the arrangement of cards at the very beginning. Before unfolding, be sure to make them, preferably several times. In the next step you will break the cards in 7 vertical rows. Start from the left, from one card, it will be discovered. In the next row, lay one covered card and put a discovered card on it. In the third row, put 2 covered cards on yourself (so that they overlap), and put a discovered card at their top. In the same way, always increasing the number of cards covered by one, create 7 columns. In the seventh column there should be 7 cards, 6 covered and one discovered. You have certainly noticed that you did not unfold all cards. However, they will serve later, to supplement the rows, which we will say. At this moment, put all unshake cards in a pile on the side, of course inverted.

When you're ready, you can go to the game. However, you must determine your task. From all cards on the table you need to arrange 4 columns from cards in the correct order. The cards are completely mixed up at this point, you must arrange them in such a way that in each column there are cards in this order: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, D, K. AS starts one column, then you need to collect more and more cards, and the column is released at the king. When you finally collect 4 the same columns, you win. To do this, you need to specially maneuver cards, choose them and postpone them, and below you will learn exactly how you can do it.

How can cards translate and create columns?

It is worth remembering that each card operation has its own rules. You must follow them, you will lose otherwise. The essence of the solitaire is that you can only translate a smaller card, into direct larger than it. Let's take a five for example. You will not put it on 3 or even 8, it can only be a directly larger card, i.e. 6. However, this game is not only about numbers, but also about the color of the cards. These rules often differ, but in the most part you can put colors only alternately (red on black and black to red), you cannot put the same color on yourself. The only exception is the situation in which you already arrange the cards in the correct order and column, then the color must be preserved.

We finally solve the mystery of covered cards. When you manage to move the card from one pile to another in such a way that only the positions are covered, you can discover the first from the shore. In this way you have a new card that you can use in subsequent combinations. You can postpone not only one card, but a few, under one condition. All cards you want to move have to connect with each other, i.e. follow each other.

It is possible that you have already forgotten about the pile of additional cards on the table. However, you will remember them when you can no longer make any movement. At this point, you can use these cards, but it also has its own rules.At the same time, you need to pull out three cards, but you only take the first of them, you do not have access to the next two. If you don't find what you are looking for, you develop another three cards. If you use one of them, you have access to the second card and then the third. The game ends when the player has no more movements or simply arrange all 4 columns.

How to win in a solitaire?

For beginners, all kinds of tips that can be obtained from more experienced players are very valuable. It is worth listening to them so as not to expose yourself to too drastic loss of your plants. Here they are:

Where to play solitaire?

Unfortunately, he is not as popular as it used to be. Despite this, you will find a solitaire in many online casinos, under different names. Most often, a lunch is called SolitaireHowever, depending on the type, however, this one is the most popular. Good rating games can be found in Euro casino, Betsafe, Betsson, w Energy Casino, and also at many other casinos. It is worth choosing the best that will provide you with:

As you can see, there are several aspects that are worth paying attention to. Choose the best casino, and you will learn a bit about them on our website. Choose wisely, and then enjoy the game of solitaire and in many other games on the side of your choice. Manufacturers usually approach the topic of solitaire in a similar way, you are unlikely to notice major differences. On our part, however, we recommend Solitaire 7 of Spigo, which is well made, it is intuitive and has very good opinions from players.

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Online casino - frequently asked questions

1️⃣ Does the enthusiasts always have the same rules?

Passion is a general name for many games. There are a large number of games called lunch in the world, which, however, differ from each other. This is due to the fact that enthusiasts is a fairly old game that changed its rules a bit in each region.

2️⃣ can you play online lunch?

You can play online lunch, in many cases it is made available completely free for players.

3️⃣ Is it legal?

Passion for money is legal only when you play in a licensed casino and pay the appropriate tax out of your winnings.
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