Thanks to Zimpler, payments to the casino can be made in an easy, fast and secure way. This online payment method is gaining more and more popularity in the Scandinavian countries and in 2017 Payment Company of the Year at EGR Awards, i.e. the Oscars of the Gambling Sector, has been announced. Therefore, there are many internet casinos with attractive gambling functions that accept Zimpler. The Best-aucasinosites team has created a base of useful information about this payment in online casinos. From this article you will learn how to use Zimpler and how to pay a deposit with it; Which casinos offer ZimPler payments for Poles and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this option while playing money for money.

Current list 2023 Zimpler Casino for Poles

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What is Zimpler and how to use it?

In our review you will learn everything about the best casinos with the Zimpler payment method. You will see how easy it is to open an online account, as well as make payments at the ZimPler casino as well at the PayPal casino if at the PaySaFecard casino. We will also tell you how to safely make gambling if this payment method is not available in your country.

Zimpler is a mobile payment service that helps in an easy and secure way to make gambling payments. Unlike digital wallets, it doesn't store your money online. Rather, it allows you to make online transactions by transferring money to his gambling account. There are many online gambling platforms that support this online payment option, whose reviews can be read on our website, and one of them is the Spin Palace Casino platform.

What makes him so attractive among online players in Scandinavian countries is the fact that you can make all your gambling transactions safely using your smartphone. All you have to do is provide your data once and will automatically help you make anonymous payments to your favorite online gambling platforms within a few clicks on your phone. Therefore, these are especially mobile pages of casinos, whose reviews can be read on our website, which willingly support Zimpler in making online payments.

Thanks to ZimPler's deposits, casinos can be made in such an easy way in the best e-portfers, because from the very beginning this online payment service has been designed to make secure gambling transactions. Its special feature even avoids excessive expenses, setting limits on how much money can be used in a given period of time.

To view your monthly budget, you must send the appropriate e-mail and wait seven days until the changes are made. The company also promotes healthy online gambling, providing relevant information on its website. And if you feel that you spend too much money at online casinos, Zimpler allows you to constantly block yourself before using its services.

How to pay money to the account in the casino via Zimpler?

As we have already mentioned in our review, Making payments at an online casino, which Zimpler accepts, is extremely simple. First, you must choose one of the other payment methods on the Zimpler casino website. Then set up an account by entering the phone number and the verification code that you will receive as a text message. Then you should choose whether you prefer to use a credit card or pay bills for payments to your online gambling account when you decide play for real money.

When you decide to use a credit card, you need to enter the CVC/CVV Code number and expiry date. If at the online casino, which Zimpler offers, you decide to pay the invoice, you will receive it by e -mail or via a message to a mobile phone. After that you will have to pay such an invoice within 14 days. The minimum sum that you can pay with ZimPler is €/$ 0.3 (or SEP 3.00). While the maximum transaction limit is individual in Zimpler casinos.

Then the verification code will be sent to confirm the transaction. After confirming, your funds will be immediately available on your online gambling account at the Zimpler casino. As you can see from our review, you can remain anonymous using this secure method of making payments at Zimpler casinos and you do not need to directly provide your banking data to the online gambling operator. This is one of the reasons why so many casinos accept Zimpler on the Internet.

If you encounter any problem when making payments to the Zimpler casino, you can the online customer service center of this payment service, which is available from Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 17:00 local time. Its employees are always happy to help customers of the Zimpler online casinos.

How to withdraw money if I paid it through Zimpler?

As you can see from our review, you can safely make a deposit in Zimpler Casino. For this reason, we recommend that our readers use it if it is available in their country of residence. Unfortunately, when using the Zimpler casino, payday payments are not yet possible. Therefore, at Zimpler Casino, such as GUTS casino, you should choose another online payment method to withdraw your money. On our websites you can find many reviews of many secure services that allow you to conveniently make transactions in gambling industry. For example, on the UPAYCARD casino platforms, which offer their players one of the most popular online payment methods to make payments from gambling accounts, your transactions will be processed in a quick and safe way.

What are the advantages of using Zimpler?

As you can see, there are more than enough arguments to use this service for gambling deposits. You can check our list of Zimpler casinos to choose a safe gambling website and read its review. We often recommend to our readers trying the Lucky Nugget casino operator, which is a reliable and convenient online gambling platform.

What are the disadvantages of using Zimpler?

In our review we mentioned many advantages of using Zimpler while playing online casinos for real money. But if we talk about Zimpler casinos, there are also some disadvantages when using this payment method:

Don't worry if this service is not yet available in your country of residence. There are many other ways to transfer money to your gambling account, which we look at on our website. For example, in Canada in Interac casinos, online transactions can be easily made with the help of one of the most reputable payment operators in the country.

Zimpler around the world

The first Zimpler casinos appeared in 2016, when Smart Payements Nordic introduced this service for online users. His predecessor Pugglepay was launched by two Swedish entrepreneurs Johan Fris and Kristofer Ekman in 2012. Thanks to Zimpler, deposits in the casino can only be made in Sweden and Finland. However, in addition to local currencies, such as EUR and SEK, USD is also accepted on casino websites that offer this payment method. In addition, English is also supported on the company's website, in addition to the Swedish and Finnish website.

As we have already mentioned in our review, Zimpler is one of the leading cash transaction services in the Igaming sector. At present, about 112,000 customers use this secure online payment service provided by FinTech Start-up. The company has its offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden and plans to enter the markets of other EU countries, including Germany and Great Britain, where there are many internet players who are happy to play in Zimpler casinos. There are about 250 casinos that take Zimpler deposits, including such well -known online gambling operators as the Jackpot City casino. In 2017, fintech was one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

How can you understand from our review, Zimpler Casino is not yet available in most parts of the world. If, using a deposit at the Zimpler casino, you can not make in your country, you should not be nervous, because there are still many safe online payment methods, whose reviews can be found on our website to choose from. As for the Trustly casinos, a popular method of gambling payment they support, not only allows you to make immediate online payments, but also to pay off the winnings.

Is it safe to deposit money through Zimpler?

Because when using Zimpler casinos, transactions are made by connecting SSL, this online payment method is extremely safe to use and no third person will never be able to access your financial data. In addition, fintech is licensed by Financial Services Authority (FSA). To sum up, you should not worry about your deposits while online at Zimpler casinos.

Zimpler casino - often asked questions

1️⃣ What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is an application for a smartphone that collects our bank bills and accounts as well as cards in one place.

2️⃣ What do I have to have to use Zimpler?

You need a phone, mobile number and e.g. credit card, i.e. the place where you have money.

3️⃣ How does it work?

When you have everything entered, then you log in to your phone number in ZimPler using a password that comes to you in a given SMS session. Next, you choose a place from which funds for a given transactions are to go out - for example, you can have a bake of cards and three different bank accounts, so you choose the one from which you want to make transactions. And after that the transaction was made.

4️⃣ What is the transaction limit in Zimpler?

Due to the fact that Zimpler is only a payment broker, the transaction limit depends on your own limits set at the bank.

5️⃣ Is the use of Zimpler safe?

Yes. The forms of authentication are at the highest level. You just have to watch your phone, because login passwords will come on him. When you use Zimpler, your phone becomes like your ATM card - its loss can cost you a lot. However, if you protect your phone and number, e.g. PIN lock, then you can be calm about transactions and your wallet.

6️⃣ What is "Zimpler Budget"?

This is a kind of limit you can impose on the Zimpler account in case you are worried that you will spend too much.

7️⃣ How does it pay from Zimpler?

The most difficult is the first time - you need to add an account to which your funds are to be transferred. When the authentication succeeds, then this data will automatically complement each other during subsequent payments. The money on your account will be found in accordance with the time in the SMS, it is 5 minutes in general.

8️⃣ Which online casinos accept Zimpler?

Among the casinos in which Poles can use Zimpler payments include: Buran, 7Bitcasino, Surf Casino, Casoo and Cosmicslot.
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