In the end you decided that you want to play Casino for real money. For some time you have still played free casino games and now you are completely ready to spend money on your favorite game. If you are really ready, you are waiting for you Choosing the right casinoand then registration. Half the success lies in choosing the right online casino, if you have already decided which party is suitable for spending money in it, you can easily go to registration.

At the beginning you may not be sure how to start registration itself. However, do not worry about Especially for you, we have prepared an article in which we explain the general rules for registration in online casinos and what requirements you must meet to register.

How to register at a given online casino?

Online casinos usually do not hide with the option of registration on their pages, they place them in very visible places. Colorful buttons on the top or side of the page usually encourage this. Sometimes when scrolling on the main page you can also see a casino registration offer. You will also succeed when You will notice an interesting bonus offer or tournamentin which you can take part.

All links on these pages will lead to one questionnaire, thanks to which you will be able to register. Just click on such a link and you will be able to start the registration process.

The requirements are completely necessary to open the account in the casino

Some casino requirements or information you provide are optional. However, there are several requirements that are very important and cannot be passed by indifferently. The first is the fact that ? You must be 18 years old. Minors have a complete ban on playing online gambling for real money, so if you are under 18 yet, you cannot become a member of the casino. Even if you manage to create an account, a good casino will quickly verify that you are underage and Your account will be deleted immediately.

Another requirement is having only one account in a given casino. If you have registered once, you can't do it again. This is related to bonuses that should be used once by one person (sometimes even once for the whole farm). So if you have already used a casino bonus and you already have an account, then you cannot create another one, it is completely illegal. It is also very important to provide only your and real data in the casino. Sooner or later the casino authorities will notice that the dish disagree, which may be a forgery alarm. Good casinos take care of the safety of their players, so this practice can end in deleting your account, and even confiscated funds.

What you should do immediately before registration

"Without this knowledge, you can be exposed to not very pleasant situations that are associated with ignorance of the regulations." Before you go to the registration process, we want to encourage you to accurately tracking the entire casino regulations. This document is very important for the player, it contains everything you need to know about him. It is better to spend a few minutes and get acquainted with all the rules than to feel the consequences of the unconscious of the rules. In the regulations, you can also find something that you don't really like And this may protect you from registering and spending money at a casino, which you don't want to belong to.

What the registration process looks like

Once you find the right button and read the entire regulations, you can go to the registration process. He usually doesn't take too much time, it is Just a few minutesSo you won't spend half a day on creating your account. Some casinos divide it into several stages. In the first usually 1️⃣ You will have to enter your e-mail, loginWhich you want to use in the casino and password.

After providing this information, you will usually have to go to your box to collect an automatic e-mail from the casino. Thanks to it, it can be confirmed that you are actually the owner of this email address. 3️⃣ At the very beginning you will also have to confirm that you have read the regulations. Sometimes the casino gives your players you can choose whether you want to get a newsletter to your email address, so choose the right item.

In the next stages you will be asked to provide a little more accurate data. Among them is included name, surname, gender, exact date of birth, country of origin, address of residence, telephone number and currencyyou want to use. Some pages decide on additional fields that you can fill in, if you want, they are optional. Sometimes there is a question about 5️⃣ Limits of money spent. Remember that you can also choose them later, so if you are not sure yet, leave them empty. Some casinos give the possibility of registration with the help of various types of social media. Thanks to them and the information contained there you will not have to fill in most of these fields.

How the casino cares about the safety of its players

For safety, many casinos use security questions. It is very important because hacker attacks are not so rare. Choose a question that you know the answer without hesitationbut others will not be able to guess him. This question will be another door that the hacker will have to break to get to your account. The more of these doors, the more difficult it will be to decipher the account in the casino, so use all options. That is why it is worth entering your number on the site, some casinos send messages about different transactions or confirm login, you will always have your activity under control.

After entering all the information You will have to confirm your identity in a few ways. The first is the e-mail already mentioned, the second is often a SMS message with the code, and the third are documents that you need to send to your accountto confirm everything you wrote in the casino. Most often you need to provide a photo of your proof, sometimes a photo of an electric or water bill to indicate the appropriate address. Without giving these documents you will not be able to pay your winnings, so it is better to send them as soon as possible. Confirmation of these documents by the casino can take from several minutes to even several days.

What can you do after registration at a successful casino

When the entire registration process is already completed, you can successfully send your first deposit. If you want, you can use the welcome bonus, it is possible that the casino you register to has a bonus without a deposit, so you won't have to pay money so quickly. Use your favorite games, and if you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask customer service, that's why the casino provides live chat and other forms of .

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