Western Union payments, which give the possibility of processing cash transfers and bank transfers in 200 countries around the world, enjoy the trust of millions of people. The American giant worked for a long time for his reputation and position, its history dates back to 1851. At the very beginning in the United States it was a company famous for sending telegrams. The development of technology meant that this service is no longer conducted by Western Union. Now a cash message reigns.

Western Union messages are implemented via a network of agents in many locations. Almost half a million branches are available all over the globe. The second option is online services via westerunion.com for users from 23 countries. Therefore Western Union payments that offer transfer of cash transfers to people or companies will be made stationary and on the Internet. In Australia, Western Union payments have been operating since 1992 in both AUD and dollars.

The Western Union payment platform gives the feeling that our financial transfers will be safe. A large and solid company allows you to send even large amounts and in this option is more profitable due to the amount of commission. How the Western Union works for smaller messages, what the service looks like and what are the fees when you want to power the Casino online Western Union deposit, we will answer all your questions.

What is Western Union

The Western Union payment method is intended for private individuals and companies. You can send money with it, but also receive funds, e.g. from winning at the online casino. You will order Western Union in one of the numerous branches or online. Western Union tries to work multi -direction, thinking about the comfort of its clients. At their disposal, customer service remains, acting via the phone, e-mail with an extensive FAQ section on its website.

How to send money using Western Union online payments? At the beginning you need a free short registration on the Western Union website, which allows quick payments to many places in the world. You can send money by paying it through a bank account or credit card or debit card. When accepting the payment, you will receive the amount in the sender's currency to your account or to the card.

It is also possible to make a message through a network of stationary facilities. Western Union payments in the nearest branch You will do in person. After presenting the identity document, you can order the agent the disposition of the message with your amount and currency and the recipient. To pay, use a credit card, debit card or pay cash. The final sum to pay will contain a commission that Western Union will charge you. You will receive confirmation with the control number (MTCN).

MTCN control number this is a unique code that allows you to track the transmission path, identify the transfer and is required for the recipient to pay the message. time for individual transactions is from a few moments (about 15 minutes) in the case of online payment or by a branch. however, the maximum time to pay through the casino payment western union can be several days.

Western Union payments are not released from the commission from sending the message. Transfers fees They are not small compared to other methods. On average they amount to 15 %, but depending on the country and facilities can even be over 20%. It is most profitable to send larger amounts, then the amount of commission decreases. In the case of online messages, fees range from 14 to 18%. Therefore, the larger the deposit you plan to submit to Western Union Online casino for money, the less you feel the amount of the transfer fee.

Why choose Western Union in gambling?

First of all, Gambling players are looking for quick and safe methods of making deposits and online casinos. Western Union payments provide both quick and secure payments and payments. The company is reliable and solid, it was trusted by many clients in the world.

Accessibility also counts. You can make Western Union services in several ways: Online, in person, as well as by phone. You don't have to use traditional financial instruments and use the services of banking institutions, disclose your data. The Western Union payment method, ensuring confidentiality of information, is an advantage in using the online casino offer. In addition, making a deposit to the Western Union casino allows the use of casino bonuses.

The best online casinos Western Union

The best online casino Western Union in the tab with a selection of payment method will offer Western Union payments. If you are not sure how Western Union works in a specific casino, you can always customer service, especially if you want to make the first deposit in this way.

By means of the Western Union message, you will also receive a win, where the online casino will order a transaction and take care of everything, and will provide you with the MTCN control code so that you can collect your payment. It will be easiest in this case about online message than going to the agent's branch. The stages of sending payments via Western Union online and stationary have been described above. All procedures in the selected Western Union Casino will look the same.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Western Union Casino

The most important for players The disadvantage of Western Union payments are high commissions from messages. With small deposit payments, this method may not be profitable. Small amounts are not rewarded by Western Union like larger sums, because then definitely the commission mixes percentage compared to the amount of the message.

The need for a personal order in the Western Union branch does not seem too comfortable and is time consuming. However, we can use Western Union online payments, and here the transaction time is definitely included in the advantages.

Let's replace even among the advantages and benefits for online players:

Alternative payment methods

Payment methods, away from banking institutions, they are usually fast, but also ensuring confidentiality of transactions, like Western Union payments. Pre -paid cards or payment system will be closest to such a discreet service Paysafecard. On the market we will also find several trusted e-Wallets, i.e. electronic wallets. The most popular are Skrill, EcoPayZ, Neteller. You can reach for credit cards, including payments VISA and Mastercard They are often offered by casinos. And finally fast internet transfers, like Transfers 24 if Clear.

Summary about Western Union Casino

Western Union is a company with many years of tradition and experience on the market. He has been operating in Australia since the 90s. Numerous branches with agents and online services guarantee availability, convenience in a safe edition. The Western Union Casino works both ways, i.e. deposit payment and payment is possible.

If you want to avoid higher commissions, decide to use Western Union payments at larger sums. You will gain a less commission and a calm head, without worrying if your win will definitely reach you.

Western Union FAQ

With what method will I make the Western Union message?

Western Union payment options are: online service, personal visit to one of the branches, telephone disposition.

Why is the MTCN code so important?

You will receive the MTCN control number with the transaction confirmation. With its help you can track the transmission path, the online casino will identify the transfer and is required for the recipient to pay the message.

Do Western Union payments have any additional fees?

Yes, the commission depends on the amount of the message, on average 15 %.

Does Western Union Casino offer bonuses?

Yes, in the best casinos with the Western Union payment method there are bonuses for the deposit of funds.
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