The colossal state carried on the wave of golden fever, American sleep and even a saint's pursuit of wealth, on the way towards the luxury, reached for all types of solutions. One of them, and how, is gambling.

The United States has made every effort to ensure that their country reaching from the ocean to the ocean would become recognizable as practically gamblers. Who does not associate the stories of crazy trips to Vegas, millions earned in one night? Remember, however, that there are 50 states, and each of them differs from others.

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The history of gambling in the United States

gambling They were admitted in the US at the beginning of the 20th century, but with clear guidelines where the playing was exactly legal. However, the post -war boom, however, turned from the alcohol market to this gambling. It was then decided to build an oasis in the middle of the desert in Nevada, a short distance from the city of Angels (Los Angeles), as well as San Francisco.

The new creation of the desert was to become the American capital of gambling, parties and fun. Las Vegas, because we are talking about it in a few years, reached the status of a legendary place. Mainly due to the investments of serious businessmen, often combined with organized crime, this place flourished so quickly and spectacularly. However, before the fun in "City of sins", not much further in Reno, it took place, but with a smaller pump. To this day, this is an eagerly visited tourist on the gambling trail.

On the other side of the country, many miles from Vegas, its eastern counterpart was to become Atlantic City, which from the 70s had a similar function as the only such place in this part of the country. It happened for a simple reason, the law allows the construction of casinos only in specific places, such as Vegas or Atlantic City. The card, however, turned at some point, due to Indian casinos.

They appeared a little later, when the government allowed every officially recognized Indian tribe to establish a casino or bingo premises in their own reserve. Certainly in many films you met with such an institution. Gambling has become a business run by many tribes, and today in the United States we can find over 400 such places.

Where is slow and where isn't it?

Today, gambling is legal in 48 out of 50 states, and those that break away are Hawaii and Utah. Of course, one should not expect that in each of the accepting states gambling is taken just as liberally and to the same extent. It all depends on the specific place.

The case is quite different when it comes to online casinos, there are rather no restrictions here, and the states still have many conversations at the administrative level in front of them when it comes to regulating this sphere of entertainment.

Let's return to Utah and Hawaii for a moment, as we will not see any form of casinos, neither stationary or online. However, these are the only states that completely excluded the possibility of playing for money. Together with them, four more states (Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska and Nevada) do not organize a lottery, and many others reject specific forms of gambling.

Most of the states also have mixed feelings about the organization of Horse Racing Works. In fact, legal playing in poker, blackjack, automatic games came to many of the states only with the arrival of Indian casinos.


Only the state authorities dealt with this field of cash games until 1992. The law allowed plants only within a given administrative unit. However, it was a provision from the 1960s, which has no right to exist in the era of quick information and the Internet.

It was only after the 1992 year, the act on the protection of professional and amateur sports (pasp) was adopted by Congress. At that time, plants stopped at the state level, except for the states of Oregon, Nevada, Montana and Delaware, which until then managed to organize the situation of the plants at home.

Online casinos

Also, gambling at online casinos are covered by similar laws. This was included in the Act on the enforcement of the right to internet gambling (UIGEA). Under state law, the requirements to play online are verification of age and location. Players then face a wide selection of games such as poker, online casino games, lotteries, horse races, as well as everything else that is not covered by the aforementioned Paspa Act.

2018 brought incredibly many changes in gambling law, especially at online casinos. Each of the states separately issues permits and determines the law regarding gambling. In each of the 48 states, there are poker and casino games, but the whole law requires amendments. It seems that the existing system in force in the United States could not stand the test, which was issued by the appearance of online casinos. Legislation influences players from each of the states differently, so it is important to familiarize yourself with its details so as not to get into trouble.

However, this is incredibly difficult to tame, as speeding technology significantly jumps to the possibilities of legislators. As of today, it can be said that your right and our players, because in online casinos, we can meet the inhabitants of all states. Legally, Delaware and New Jersey allow online poker, Nevada for poker and sports facilities, and betting on horse races, like stationary, is legal in about half of the states.

Process of formation online casinos It is similar to that of the stationary, it is incredibly complicated and twisted. Therefore, in most states of online casinos just limp. It is true that there is access to their sites throughout the country, but the lack of regulation makes players to be very vigilant.

To check what Casinos with games for real money They are the most trusted, read opinions and descriptions, and also check the forms of payment available in them, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our carefully selected ranking list.

Online casinos in the USA show a number of similarities to stationary ones that are a model for them. Among them we include: the appearance of slots (results in the form of a random number), VIP programs (loyalty programs operating on similar principles) or the scope of available games (online casinos reach for known and liked types of gambling).

So, as you can see, the United States, which might seem, lead in most fields have many lessons to catch up when it comes to gambling and online casinos. Long tradition and orderly law of stationary casinos have been disturbed by the new market, which is internet entertainment. Individual states are trying to follow Europe and get to regulate the law, but still a long way to go. In the end, taking the whole industry in a handful would benefit everyone, from the rulers to serial players.

Online casinos in the USA - frequently asked questions

In what states are no stationary casino?

We will not find any casinos in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Utah, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Karolina south, Virginia and Vermont.

Where are the sports facilities legal?

Nevada is the only state with legal sports plants.

Is online gambling legal in the USA?

In 47 states there are no provisions specifying the legality of playing in online casinos. Only in the states of Washington, Louisiana and Utah is this perceived as a crime, but no one has yet been convicted.

What states do the rights of online casinos have?

New Jersey and Delaware enable the full set of online casino games, Georgia and Michigan allow online slots and Keno.

Do foreign online casinos accept payments and players from America?

Yes, many of the foreign casinos easily accept payments in dollars and from the United States.

How to find a trusted online casino?

We invite you to use the list prepared on our website and select the casino that will meet all your requirements. We only offer proven online casinos that offer the most players.

Remember that the results of gambling and factories are partly or completely dependent on the case. Play responsibly.

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