We have prepared this text for players who prefer Qiwi payments at online casinos. We will tell what this e-portfel is, how it is used in gambling online and whether casinos willingly propose such deposit payments. We have also prepared a list of casinos that offer QIWI payment for Poles.

Qiwi Wallet is an e-portfel, i.e. the electronic equivalent of a portfolio worn in your pocket that can be made online. QIWI users can make quick and secure online payments and transfers. It is also possible to issue virtual and plastic debit payment cards of the VISA system, which can be used to pay for goods and services in stores and of course on the Internet.

Qiwi casinos for Poles

We checked the available operators and created a list of casinos that give you the opportunity to make payments through QiWi. It is worth mentioning here that in casinos players from various countries have at their disposal other types of payments, so in the letter below we only chose casinos that offer Qiwi just for Poles.

Current list of 2023 Qiwi Casino for Poles

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What is Qiwi

How does QIWI payment work from registration to the account of the account? To create your e-portfel We start with a simple account registration . Of course, you need to visit the website www.qiwi.ru, where in the upper right corner there is a button "Create your wallet"Thanks to which you will register. Enter your mobile phone number in international format. There are 22 countries available from which you can register, unfortunately Australia is not yet there. Interestingly, you can register electronic payments using a Facebook or Googlu account.

Below will appear the Recaptch symbol, which we must rewrite thoroughly to confirm that we are not an internet bot. It remains for us to confirm the terms of the Website Regulations. From this moment we can make internet transactions, and after their implementation we will receive an e-mail confirming the details of the transaction.

Payments and payments on the Internet require top -up of the QIWI payment account . How to fund the Qiwi Casino Wallet account? At the online casino Qiwi Wallet you will do it in many ways. You will do it without a commission using a credit / debit card and bank transfer. You also have a telephone top -up with a 7.5 to 12%commission. If someone really needs virtual cash, you can apply for an online loan, but you have to remember that it is really real money that you really need to pay back.

Why should you choose Qiwi in gambling?

The QiWi website is supported by most of the available web browsers, for example by Internet Explorer, Chrome i Firefox. Additionally App Store the Google Play You can download the application to your phone. For gambling players mobility It is an important condition for a convenient service, you can use QIWI payments anywhere and time. Payments and payments via the online casino Qiwi takes place immediately. Thanks to this, there will never be a lot of funds for the next spins in anticipation of free turnover, and the payment of the expected win will take place without any problems.

Casino Payment Qiwi works in online games of various types. This is the best electronic portfolio for internet game lovers. Steam, 4Game, World of Tanks, Warld of Dragons, League of Legends - dozens of games that you can directly fund from the Qiwi account. And you can spend great winnings for shopping at Aliexpress with Cashback 8% or on ASOS with Cashback 6.4%. By browsing the offer well, you can find online stores with cashback up to 25%.

Best online casinos qiwi

The best online casinos They try to offer their players a variety of forms of making secure payments and payments. One of them is the QIWI Casino. Thanks to transaction monitoring and SMS verification service Qiwi is a completely secure method of making online payments .

Qiwi is not such a popular method for making deposits in online casinos like Skrill if Neteller. But almost all casinos accept cards VISASo nothing prevents you from using the Visa Qiwi preparing card.

The three best online casinos that clearly accept Qiwi as a payment method : Bwin, Redping.win and Energycasino.

Advantages and disadvantages of using QIWI

The Qiwi casino as a payment method has a very significant disadvantage. Although the number of countries from which you can create an account is large, there is no Australia there yet. However, if we manage to set up an account, we will get the option of making online transactions at many internet casinos. In addition, we will make online shopping on various popular websites and in online stores with a very attractive cashback, i.e. a refund of cash for several percent.

It looks very interesting combination of QIWI payments with VISA . Qiwi, with the support of Visa, has become a payment service for issuing virtual cards that allow you to make online purchases. In addition, Qiwi offers users the ability to apply for the Qiwi Visa Plastic card, which has a common account with the Visa Qiwi portfolio and enables shopping both online and offline. The Visa Qiwi wallet offers consumers access to Visa products with universal acceptance, safety and reliability. The account can be automatically connected to the Visa virtual or physical preparing card, which can be used to make purchases from sellers accepting VISA around the world. Consumers can load their prepayed Visa Qiwi Wallet account from various sources and methods.

Summary about QiWi

Qiwi Wallet payments are a PayPal service that allows players to pay funds to pay funds to their account. On the Russian market it is a very popular electronic portfolio. It gives many possibilities, as evidenced by its popularity and over 11 million accounts. The connection of Qiwi from Visa has led to the creation of preposed cards, which can be bought in over 100,000 places in Russia. As it is a VISA card, you can use them virtually anywhere in the world.


Are Qiwi Casino payments secure?

The Qiwi online payment method is completely safe. This is evidenced by cooperation with the Visa organization.

Where can I use Qiwi e-Wallet?

Qiwi payments are mainly used in Russia. However, pre -paid cards should be accepted wherever you can use VISA cards. When it comes to online casinos, there are many sites that accept this payment option.

How to top up the Qiwi Casino wallet?

Qiwi Wallet offers many portfolio top -up methods. Credit/debit cards and bank transfers are free. There are over 100,000 points in Russia where you can buy a Qiwi Visa card.

If I pay to the casino for money through Qiwi e-portfel, can I pay the same method?

Pay and payment methods depend on the casino. It is best to read the conditions of payment before making the deposit.
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