The presence of this pink logo among payment methods at the online casino means quick payments and payments, zero commissions from the casino operator and favorable limits. Today, Neosurf is one of the most popular methods through which players feed their accounts at online casinos. The reason is simple: high anonymity, zero additional costs and full mobility.

We can easily make deposits at local and international casinos, but unfortunately We will not be able to make this payment method with the help of. Neosurf is a completely anonymous payment system because it does not require sensitive personal data and therefore players in Australia willingly use it. We encourage you to read our guide, from which you can learn everything about this popular payment method in online casinos. We also encourage you to visit in one of the recommended neosurf casinos listed below.

Current Leaf Neosorf Tsasino on 2023 Rock

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What is neosurf?

Neosurf is a simple and intuitive payment system, which is very popular in Australia and in the world. Although it is still not as widespread as payments by credit card, we can easily find many Neosurf casinos for Australian players.

The Neosurf card can be bought at retail points, traffic kiosks, at gas stations and on the Internet.

We like when the money transferred to the game immediately appears on our casino account and are available immediately. We do not want to wait to be able to bet on plants or use an attractive one casino bonus. The more that sometimes we do not plan to play a casino, and we act under the influence of impulse: we spontaneously enter the casino with money live and play roulette or blackjack. This is why prepaid cards were invented: you can buy them at any time and top up our deposit in the casino or make a purchase on the seller's website. After all, nobody asks us anything! We have a card also accepted by Australian online casinos, which we can fund the casino account and bet on the plant after a minute. Neosurf is this type of pre -paid card.

This solution is used today by thousands of players around the world, and the company itself has branches in 82 countries. The brand itself is registered in France, is subject to the regulations of the European Economic Area and uses the Verified Payments UAB platform with a guarantee of the Lithuanian Bank. So it is reliable operator, whose services can be used without fear at the casino.

Neosurf in a nutshell

♠ ️ Date of foundation2004
♣ ️ seatParis France
♥ ️ Contact with serviceOnline form
♦ ️

Neosurf in Australia and Europe

Neosurf operates primarily in Europe, although it is also present in Africa or Asia. The site is available in Australian ⚪🔴, but we can also use her English, Portuguese, Italian or Dutch version. The voucher can be purchased online in the form of code as well as for cash in one of the hundreds of stores in our country. The top -up is therefore simple and, most importantly, safe.

How to create an account and how to use Neosurf?

Pre -paid card Neosurf does not require an account opening. There are, however, the following types of preposed neosurf cards:

Neosurf in Australian online casinos

Neosurf cards enjoy the recognition of Australian players for many reasons.

☝ For this reason, about 30% of all casinos for Australian players have this type of payment in their offer. In a moment we will go to specific game houses, for now let's focus on how to submit a deposit in this way.

How to submit a deposit to the casino with Neosurf?

To deposit money at an online casino, we choose Neosurf as a payment method, and after the form appears, we fill it out by entering a safety code consisting of 10 characters and the amount. The payment will be made quickly. If we use the Neocash MasterCard card, choose the MasterCard card as a payment method and enter the card details.

How to pay a win with a casino neosurf?

And here we come to the disadvantages of this payment system. Well, the funds accumulated in the casino will not be transferred to the Neosurf card in any way. Why? Neosurf does not provide banking services and is only an intermediary that allows you to shop online. What does this mean for players? Unfortunately, we must use another method proposed by the online casino.

Fees related to the use of neosurf at the online casino

Fees? What fees! Casino Deposit Neosurf is one of the methods that do not require additional expenses when submitting a deposit. The payment will be released from the commission at the casino, regardless of the deposited amount.

The most common problems when using neosurf in the casino

What could go wrong? Most often, players commit a typo while entering the voucher code. When the transaction is refused, we recommend re -attempt.

If we are not sure, whether there are still funds on our voucher, just visit the website and choose the option "Check your account status". After entering the 10-digit code, we will get information about the funds accumulated on the voucher.

Neosurf at online casino and security

Pre-paid cards are an extremely safe payment method at the online casino. Why? In the case of the Neosurf voucher, we only risk as much as we have invested in a deposit and not all savings accumulated on a bank account. No one from the outside has access to our money and even if the hacker managed to break our code to the voucher, we will not lose a zloty more than the funds accumulated on it.

Neosurf casino bonus

Due to the great popularity of Neosurf in casinos, we are unlikely to meet with the prize for choosing this payment method. Casinos, however, regularly update their promotions and it may happen that sooner or later we will be able to find a game house, which will offer players for some time a bonus without a deposit or a dozen free turns for using Neosurf.

Mobile Casino Neosurf

Playing on the phone and tablet is standard today. Thanks to Neosurf, we can easily top up your casino account using a phone. Casino pages thanks to HTML5 technology are today fully optimized for cells and other mobile devices, this also applies to budget and withdrawal management. If the casino has a special app, we can use it, although its installation is not a necessity.

Why choose a neosurf during a casino visit?

At Casino Online Neosurf making payments using a card Neosurf is reliable and immediate. In this respect, this method matches PayPalowi or cards Paysafecard. Is it worth using it? Of course! Neosurf enjoys the unflagging trust of players. Using this method is very easy. Having a card purchased and choosing Neosurf as a form of payment in the casino, we will be redirected to the Neosurf service, in which we provide the number placed on the card. We can only use some of the cards, which is unheard of in most of this type of products. On the website, we will check how much money we have to use. Casino Neosurf does not charge any fees for payment by neosurf. The only minus is that with the help of Neosurf we can only make deposit payments, because No casino will transfer our won money to the pre -paid card. We need to choose a different payment system for payment.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Neosurf in online casinos

Before choosing payments, we should carefully analyze all pros and cons. When we take a look at the balance below, it turns out that the advantages of Neosurf rather dominate the defects. The advantage of benefits is determined and our only accusation is, as we wrote many times, that Neosurf works only "one way", i.e. it will serve us to make payments.

So let's take a look at all the pros and cons of casinos from Neosurf:

Advantages of Neosurf
not required registration on the website,
We do not disclose our personal data,
payments are secure because all neosurf transactions encrypted with a 128-bit key,
We can only use some of the money from the card,
deposits appear immediately on the casino account,
POSSIBILITY OF PAYMENTS in cash for electronic payments,
the possibility of using many Neosurf system options,
The possibility of controlling expenses in online casinos, we will not chase the household budget,
The possibility of receiving the Neocash Mastercard card, which gives you more opportunities to use Neosurf.
Wady Neosurf
We will not pay the winnings,
We need to buy the Neosurf card at the point of sale,
charged fees for some services in the system,
limiting the use of Neosurf in many countries,
Too few casinos accept the card.

How to find casinos accepting Neosurf?

online casinos for real money value the neosurf card due to anonymity and a convenient method of making a deposit. in the table below you will find more neosurf casinos!

Online casinoRatingminimum depositMinimum paymentPut onAustralian side
Playamo Casino★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2016
Malina Casino★★★★45 AUD50 AUD2016
Energy Casino★★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2013
Bob Casino★★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2017
Lemon Casino★★★★★20 AUD20 AUD2021
PlaYouWin★★★★★50 AUD100 AUD2021
Light Casino★★★★★40 AUD60 AUD2019
LOKI Casino★★★★★80 AUD80 EUR2016
Betamo Casino★★★★★50 AUD50 AUD2019

we will buy the neosurf card at retail points, traffic kiosks, at gas stations and on the internet. we don't have to register it anywhere and provide our personal data. immediately after purchasing a card containing a 10-digit code, we will use it when making online deposits. we will not incur any additional fees for most of the functions offered by neosurf. in some cases, a commission is charged. the cards are sold in the currency of a given country, and if we make payments in a different currency, it is converted in accordance with the current exchange rate and a 2% fee is charged.

Alternative payment methods

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