How many times during visits in legal online casino We came across a page with information that it is not available to visitors from our country? This happens often, and the reason for this situation is legal restrictions resulting from the anti -Hazard regulations in force in Australia.

The Australian Gambling Act is one of the most severe in the entire Union. The amendment to the regulations in 2017 limited access to casinos registered outside the territory of the Republic of Australia and de facto made Australian players and lovers of betting criminals. The constantly updated registry of forbidden domains, which goes to the domains of casino operators from around the world, reminds us of the medieval Index Expurgatorius, to which prohibited reading was entered. Their owners finished at the stake.

Fortunately, online playing lovers are not limited to the only "legal" casino for Australian players, established by the Ministry of Finance and Totalizator Sportowy. Just a few simple treatments to be able to enjoy a safe game in any online game online without fear that the Australian services will invade us to the house at dawn and will accuse us of. These tools are free and every Internet user can use them to be able to bet where and how much he wants, instead of writing in the forums "casinoeuro does not work", "bet at home works" or "gametwist does not work". Let's get to the specifics.

Australian Antihazard Act

The gambling act imposes an obligation on internet suppliers blocking specific domains Casino operators who offer their services for Australian citizens. The casinos themselves celebrate it in a very simple way, simply adding another digit to their domain, for example Casino Euro recorded over 40 consecutive domains differing in only another digit at the end - when the next one with number 39 finally went to the register, the operator moved The whole service to the address with number 40. And so the fun in the kitty and the mouse.

Other casinos simply block all queries that hit the server from Australian IP addresses. How it's possible? Adres IP It is our individual hallmark on the Internet. It has a location assigned, resulting from the infrastructure provided by the Internet provider. Just a simple filter applied to the server to prevent Australian players from playing. In the same way, streaming companies block access to film libraries due to the licenses assigned to a specific country or region - a viewer from Great Britain sees a different offer at home than a viewer from Ukraine. So how do you get around?

Enough Program installation with VPN service. There are his free and paid versions, which we will talk about in a moment. Let's focus on how such a program celebrates the casino lock on the web and means that, for example, PokerStars casino does not work.

VPN in a nuts

Virtual private network This is a clever way to circumvent these locks. This service has replaced outdated and free proxy servers and is today a standard among people who value privacy and security.

In short, this works like this: the program installed on our device (computer, telephone, tablet) masks our private IP address and makes a connection with a given casino server via its own server located in another country. The connection takes place in a kind of tunnel and this movement is invisible to others. The downloaded data is sent to our computer. We can often even choose its strict location - for example in Brazil, Belgium or Japan. Therefore, the casino server does not see our private IP, only the Brazilian, Belgian or Japanese address, depending on what VPN server has been connected with our clever program. This combination is completely safe and in addition completely encrypted.

This has an additional benefit in the form of hiding both the address with which we want to connect (it can be a CDA, casino, page with torrents or Netflix) as well as the content of the data transmitted not only in front of the casino but also our Internet provider. In this way, even our Provider sees only a combination with Brazil, Belgium and Japan, and not with a casino located in Malta.

Let's summarize the advantages of using VPN:

How to use VPN?

The offer of programs offering VPN is constantly growing and today we can choose from hundreds of various programs. Some are cheaper, others are more expensive. There are also completely free VPN networks such as Free VPN for Chrome, Proton VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, Express VPN and many others. But why is it worth using a paid service?

There are many benefits:

After downloading the software, we install them like any other program. The configuration is super simple - as easy as entering "the casino does not work" in Googles. For ordinary applications, for example an occasional casino play, a basic configuration and a connection with any server available in a specific program. It is only worth knowing that the further the server is located, the greater the delays in data transmission can be, so if we have a choice, let's choose Belgium and not Brazil.

An additional option is to encrypt DNS addresses - let's choose it if only our program has such a possibility. This gives additional protection and strengthens our privacy on the web.

What else can you do when the casino page does not work?

Players who do not want to play in downloading additional software and who do not have access to casinos due to blocking their domains by a service provider can try another method of changing DNS numbers in a computer or cell phone.

It takes literally a moment:

now we use dns google servers, not our internet provider. pages that were blocked by an online service provider should now be visible. for certainty, you can carry out computer restart.

If the casino page is still not working, let's try clean the cache dns on our computer. This can be done through CMD console Available in Windows. Enter in the Start menu CMD, we open the program. We enter the following command: ipconfig /flushdns. After obtaining confirmation, we can close the CMD console and enjoy the game in any casino in the world.

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