The first online games and websites have paved the trail of the current gambling industry. We know perfectly well how quickly the market is developing and what websites can attract players. However, everything is supervised by committees that issue licenses to both online casinos and thunders present on their online pages. The world of online gambling is very lively and attracts crowds of new players. The development of technology since 1994 has allowed the adaptation of games to mobile devices. He built the first non -commercial game machine in 1887. Car mechanic Charles Fey. He designed the device because his clients, waiting for the car repair, were very bored. It had 3 rotating drums containing 5 symbols: peaks, hearts, horseshoe, diamonds and a bell of freedom - from which the name of the machine came. He took the idea from the game in poker. The first machine called Liberty Bell was based on the Charles Fey device and was a machine with 3 drums and 6 symbols: Podkowa, Star, PiK, heart, diamond and cracked bell. For hitting the 3rd bells in a row, the player received the greatest payment. At the beginning of the 20th century, fruit symbols appeared in the machines, which attracted more players.

Interesting historical facts

Everything has its beginning and it is never easy. This also concerned online gambling. The first pages with them appeared in the mid -90s, but were far from currently operating websites. The world of online games first appeared in 1994. The father of the software was Microgaming, founded on the island of MAN, which practically revolutionized online gambling. She secured the software using the online game team developed by another - Cryptologic Join the Race to enable online transactions. Thanks to this technology, the Microgaming studio launched in 1995 - The Gaming Club, the first online casino. The next website was launched in 1996 by Cryptologic - Intercasino. Thanks to the good beginnings of these two companies, many other online gambling software providers began to join the industry. The number of offering websites also began to grow gambling for free And for money.

Industry pioneers

It was thanks to the first software developers that the online gambling market has opened, with a limited choice of games at that time, which were based on the most recognized in stationary casinos. The offer was quite modest, because it included classic vending machines, several video poker, Keno and Blackjack. Over time, the creation of new gambling was focused, funds were invested, and new titles were developed at a crazy pace. This brought an amazing result. It is worth mentioning that at the end of 1996 there were already 15 internet casinos, and a year later over 200 poker pages and bookmakers, and their annual revenues reached a billion dollars. In 1996, Intertops were the first website with the possibility of betting on your favorite sports teams.

Initially, sites wanting to encourage players to gambling online, they offered huge bonuses and cash return offers. The first platform offering poker was Planet Poker, founded in 1998. It was quickly arriving. Even then, the site had a lot of technical problems and faults. It can be said that thanks to the failure of the site, new poker platforms, such as Paradise Poker, PartyPoker and PokerStars, began to appear.

Interesting facts about online casino games

There are plenty of various interesting combinations on the Internet that collect the most interesting facts related to casino games. Below were a few, which you probably had no idea about. Know The most popular free online gambling games!

We get the biggest winnings on machines

Online vending machines are popular because of their simplicity, diverse story, graphics, animations and music music that attract players. Slot games have clearly marked controls and show various payments for landing on winning combinations. Returns (RTP) often exceed 97%. This high percentage of payments results from the competitiveness of producers.

Side plants are not good

Players buy additional plants as a way to earn a larger amount of money, which is very risky. It is not possible to predict the result of the game because it is random. Casinos offer side plants with the hope that players will be tempted, but you have to understand that this increases the advantage of the website. Money is most often lost in side plants, so it's worth avoiding it.

Microgaming Mega Moolah automatic allows you to win the most

Mega Molah, was created by microgaming in 2006. Since then, the company has paid tens of thousands to the winners. The anonymous man who played on the microgaming website won over $ 21.7 million, using the progressive Jackpot function. Another won 13.2 million pounds. These are just examples, but it is worth knowing that the lowest plant, e.g. 25 pence, and unnoticed, allows you to win this row.

You can win without investing even a zloty

You can win in gambling without paying money. This is possible thanks to special bonus programs in online casinos, after creating an account. You get funds for the game, which, when you meet the terms of the bonus regulations, you can change into real cash! Witry with a bonus to start without a deposit is worth visiting to earn money without your own contribution.

Gambling systems on the Internet are worthless

Do not buy systems, who promise to win in gambling. Sellers earn on them, but you will not gain anything. They use people's naivety. Most of the strategies and tips contained in the products are based on the player's error. These are varieties of betting systems that do not work. This is an ordinary myth. The chances of games are regulated by a random number generator (RNG). Games are developed by a programmers' staff who make sure that the game is honest.

Some online vending machines have different surprises

Not everyone is fans of vending machines, but the vast majority of players love them. It is worth checking what manufacturers offer, because you can win special surprises. The most popular options are Jackpot, Minigra, special bonuses and bonuses. It is worth knowing that in free revolutions you can win more than in the basic game. The titles offering multipliers that multiply the pool are profitable.

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