In this article you will learn what solvent slots are, how you can recognize them, where to look for them, and we will give them 8 examples of vending machines, from which you can start your online casino. At the beginning, people are focused on immediate results. There is a belief that the winnings appear in the first or maximum few spins, regardless of that in what slot online We'll start playing. The truth, however, looks completely different, and good, solvent online games must have several aspects. Our tips will help particularly inexperienced players who cannot afford to lose all the money put into one slot. We invite you to read.

What is the RTP of a specific slot?

RTP, i.e. a rate of return for a player, can tell you a lot about him. RTP - is a factor that determines what part of the money paid to Masha games for money He will return to them by players. This foot is easy to calculate, because manufacturers often define it themselves. It is difficult to do it for new vending machines because RTP is determined on the basis of hundreds and even thousands of spin. Based on them and the winnings, you can see what return the player may be entitled to.

It is believed that a well -payable slot starts from about 95% of the player's return. However, it should be remembered that this foot may not refer to the player himself at all. It is hard to compare hundreds of spins with several or several dozen spins that a given player will choose. After all, it is recommended to choose machines with high RTP, because it is they who guarantee the biggest refund and they often win in them.

Rather, it is not recommended, especially to new players, playing machines that have a smaller RTP coefficient. In this case, the exceptions are Jackpots, which specially underestimate RTP so that more money is in the jackpot pool.

4 online machines with high RTP

Below we would like to present a few games whose player's return rate is very high. It is these games that should be checked first by beginners.

As we have already mentioned, it is good to start with them, because in them there is the best chance to win any win, which is very motivating. It is worth knowing, however, that not only RTP makes the slot a well -solvent. It is also a potentially offered prize we will talk about.

What is the potential win determined by the game manufacturer?

The rate of return for the player is one thing, but the overall win that is offered by the manufacturer. Each symbol in a given game is determined how much it will pay to the player. For example, if you manage to get a 3 symbol cluster with a Trefl sign, then the machine will automatically pay you 3 x your rate.

All possibilities are described in the gambling machine, so check these details before you start playing. So you see that a lot depends on your rate, as well as how much the slot can offer for clusters. The machine can be considered solvent when it guarantees large payments.

The principle recognized by experienced players is that It is worth choosing machines, the maximum win of which is about 10,000 x player rate. Imagine that you will put 10 AUD and in one spin you can get this maximum win. Then up to AUD 100,000 will appear on your account. Even if you only put a zloty, the win will be significant and will certainly be higher than what you spent on the game. That is why it is worth choosing solvent slots.

Remember, however, that playing this type of slot machines does not necessarily mean that you will get the maximum win.

4 online slots with the highest payout

Below you will find some games that are highly paid. Take a look at them and try at least one:

*If you are looking for a machine that has a high RTP and a large maximum win, then Bloodsckers can be a good proposition. We mentioned this game a little higher. It is worth knowing that this slot offers a maximum level of winning 7 500 x rate, which is also not the worst result. Many games guarantee their players maximum wins at the level of about 1,000 x rate, so you can see the difference.

What is variability in online slots?

Variability also has some impact on how solvent the slot will be. It all depends on what player you are:

  1. If you do not like to play too long and you are not likely to win you, be sure to choose machines with short variability.
  2. Slots with tall Variations are more recommended for people who are patient and rather wait for a greater win.

It is also possible to choose a machine with average variability, which will give you average results in both cases. Remember that the slot can also have a very high variability or simply high, it is a definite difference. Try machines of different categories yourself to compare them.

What else to look for?

You found a slot with a high maximum win and RTP and you think it is an ideal machine. In many cases you may be right, but not always. To make sure, check exactly what factories you can erect. If they are very low and, for example, a player can set a maximum of 0.50 GR on a spin, then a high win does not work too much.

We would also like to remind you that it is worth checking free versions of the game to make sure that the given slot corresponds to all the player's requirements, not only in terms of solvency, but also in terms of mechanics, graphics and other aspects.

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