Many players like to learn about the biggest winnings of other gamblers, because it works on them in a motivational way. The game looks completely different when we know that we have the opportunity to win Even several million euros. However, not everyone remembers that such cases do not happen very often. To bring some to the ground in our article We also placed information about the biggest losersTo show players that such cases, unfortunately, also happen. Below you will learn the gambling stories of several people who were very lucky on a given day and those who unfortunately met bad luck on their way. We invite you to read.

The biggest won in casinos in history

We will start with the biggest winnings, because it is a much more positive story than losers. Large wins in casinos There were several, even today players draw their own jackpoty, which sometimes reach really high amounts. So meet a few people who smiled at happiness.

Anonymous 25-year-old

The highest win in the world belongs to an anonymous 25 -year -old who He won as much as $ 40 million in one of the los Angeles casinos. He managed to break up the jackpot and his win is considered the largest, one -time cash casino. This win was in 2003.

Archie Karas

Archie Karas is a very interesting person who also succeeded get $ 40 million. However, his success did not occur in one night. Archie worked for him for three years from 1992 to 1995. Unlike the person in the first place, Archie Karas is a tragic figure, because it was enough for a year for all the money from the casinos to be lost by him, and then he was thrown into prison for card fraud. We do not recommend taking an example from this player, because as you can see, he did not enjoy winning too long.

Cynthia Jay Brennan

In 2000, a waitress from Las Vegas, who also tried her hand at one of the casinos, experienced happiness. Jackpot hit, which turned out to be the reach of reaching $ 35 million. Unfortunately, Cynthia did not have much time to enjoy her win, because a few weeks after winning she was paralyzed in a car accident.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer Sherwin is one of the most interesting people in gambling, and his attitude confirms that it is worth waiting for your success and not to give up. Elmer started playing in casinos aged 17, But for many years he has not won any significant amounts. This changed when Elmer and his wife at the age of 76 appeared at the opening new casino. Elmer was sure it would be an ordinary day because he spent $ 100 and lost it all. However, something touched him and decided to borrow $ 20 from his wife.

This amount was launched by a jackpot worth over $ 4.5 million. The story could end here, were it not for the fact that Elmer did not stop playing and Jackpot hit the age of 92, this time worth $ 21 million. Most of this money was sent by him to help people affected by the effects of hurricane, and Elmer himself died a year later.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiar put his whole hopes in poker, which is his passion. He played for several years and finally took part in one of the most famous poker tournaments called World Series of Poker, which takes place in Las Vegas. Antonio surprised everyone and even himself because he took first place and thus He won over $ 17 million.

Winning at the online casino

In 2017, one of the Finns won over $ 17 million at the online casino, playing in casino for real money w MEGA FORTUNE. This is until now the highest online win, which has been saved in Book of Guinness Records.

Anonymous Australian winner

It is also worth mentioning our countryman, which, like Antonio, took part in a poker tournament. European Poker Tour However, it is a little less popular, which is why the Australian winner has won 2 million AUD, which is a very high amount anyway. It was scored at Casinos Australia at the Hyatt Hotel in 2009.

Dominik Pańka

It seems that Poles are doing quite well in poker, because another Pole, Dominik Pańka, managed to win AUD 1.5 million in the tournament PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. This win took place at the Marriott Hotel at the Casinos Australia casino.

The biggest losers in the history of the casino

It is hard to admit it, but losers in casinos are as high as winning. Fortunately, there are not many people who can tell about very large losers. To avoid such, it is best to erect factories that you can always cover. Below you will find a few people who, unfortunately, did not add happiness.

Terrence Watanabe

History Terrenca Watanabe He knows many people because because of his high lost he has gone down in history. He was a very talented businessman and a millionaire until he began to contribute to gambling. He began to set really high rates and because of little knowledge about gambling works first He lost $ 21 million and then $ 127 million. Such great amounts made Watanabe fall into quite serious debts. Fortunately, he managed to reach an agreement with the casinos. Some believe that the waiters specially added him to the drinks to spend more, but we can't find out how it really was.

Harry Kakwas

Harry Kakavas is a former millionaire from Australia. Unfortunately, Harry fell into a very serious addiction through which He lost at least $ 11 million. Some believe that real data confirms the loss of 1 billion, but we cannot be sure about it. After a break and paying off debts, unfortunately Harry returned to his addiction and lost even more. It turned out that the casino used the fact that Kakavas had a problem and instead of moving it away from the game, allowed him to lose a fortune.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a well -known basketball player who has a visible problem with addiction. He confessed to the fact that in casinos lost over $ 10 million, as well as 2.5 million in a single round blackjacka. However, as typical Addicted player, Charles sees no problem. It is possible that this is true, because his basketball payout is very high.

Anonymous loser from Australia

We also have an example from our yard. In 2013, one of the Poles lost about AUD 11,000. It may not be a very high amount, but what the player did after the loss is very interesting. He reported to the police to inform about the theft. Of course, the notification was not accepted, and the player himself was punished for giving false testimonies.

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