Until recently, we talked about Jackpots and the great wins that they can offer to their players. He smiles for many happiness in this matter, but sometimes you have to wait a bit for your happiness. There are quite a lot of casino games on the market Jackpot function. Some are set manually, i.e. they do not change their amount, while others have a progressive jackpot function, so its sum depends mainly on how many players spend on it during the game. Today, the subject of the jackpots returns, thanks enough nice event, about which we would like to say a few words and praise, because this time is what we wish you to read.

High Jackpot won in Australia

On April 8, 2020, a very large jackpot was won, and the whole sum was won by a Australian player who comes from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. This is not a jackpot we talked about in earlier entries. It does not apply to Mega Molah, but it is so high that he would certainly satisfy every player.

A player from Mazovia he only set up AUD 4. Not always putting larger amounts means you will win more. As you can see, sometimes not much is enough to get to something really amazing. Jackpot had up to AUD 900,000, so you can say that the player from Australia became almost a millionaire. The sum is really huge, and looking at how high the bet was, the player was really lucky.

Jackpot fell in a fairly popular game called Age of the Gods. This is a completely known slot, which has several versions, and one is more interesting than the other. They stand out from other gambling machines, a very interesting motif, in which the Greek gods play the main role. Ancient culture, and especially mythology, is usually very interestingSo we are not surprised that players often reach for slots of this type.

To this you have to add the fact that Age of the Gods is full various types of bonuses and additional rounds, thanks to which you can count on additional cash. The win fell in the first series of the slot, but in our opinion all these machines are worth attention, one does not capture anything on the other. If Age of the Gods interested you because of the progressive jackpot, do not limit yourself to the first part. Check out other variants, and you will quickly notice that you will play not only for money, but also for entertainment itself.

Jackpot won at the Australian casino

The player from Mazovia won his jackpot using the services Australian casino, or Total Casino. At the moment, the casino is still quite poor in various types of games, but we see that in terms of winnings it does not stand out too much from its foreign colleagues. Fortunately, it is equipped with a few good jackpots, and as the last case of winning showed us, you can even win a jackpot. So if you set up your account at Total Casino, do not write them off, use it, or maybe you will also smile happiness and you will be able to boast a great win.

The case of April 8, 2020 is not even alone. About a year earlier, another player from Australia won another jackpot, he was a little smaller, but it's hard to say that AUD 750,000 was a small amount. This is another proof that you can get real money in Total Casino. The owners of the casino themselves admit that since the creation of the site they have already paid players about AUD 2.5 million in general. Of course, there are also less winnings, not only jackpots. However, looking at the fact that the casino exists recently, the sum issued is quite significant.

Everyone has a chance to win

As we have already mentioned, In Total Casino and in other casinos available to Australian players, you can find many slots with jackpotswhich have already paid out fat millions its users. Everyone has a chance to win a greater win, just a little luck. Remember that you can be the next winner.

However, we recommend playing carefully, so don't give yourself to emotions and Control your game, especially if you notice that you lose too much money on it. It is true that it is the inspected game that can bring the best results, because you will never lose more than you would like, and at the same time you always have an open door to win a really large sum, like a player from Mazovia, who a week ago won nearly a million AUD .

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