Beginner players usually have many doubts. Gambling is like a completely different world that you need to get used to, get to know all the rules. In addition, it should be remembered that in this case we are dealing not only with online gambling, but also its standard version. There is quite a lot to comprehend, which, however, does not mean that it will be hard work for the player. To dispel all doubts, especially for new players, we prepare articles with tips on various topics. Below you will find a few words about one of the most frequently asked questions by players, and this is: How to dress in a casino. We are happy to answer this question and we invite you to read.

Dress to a stationary casino

If you start your adventure with a stationary casino, you must know that your duty will try to get a rather neat look. It all depends on what exactly the casino you are going to, whether it is a rather smaller and less known place, or rather a casino prepared for the best guests. If this is the first version, Just look neat. In some cases, you can even enter the casino in jeans, but it is worth looking well so as not to pay attention to yourself unnecessarily.

Very often larger and better casinos for money They are divided into two sections: one is intended for all players and the other only for VIP players. In this first section, you should not make too much effort, although of course you should look neat. In turn, we will mention the second section below.

You may wonder why casinos attach so much importance to clothing. First of all, it is usually an elegant place, so aesthetic clothing applies to employees, owners and players themselves. Another reason is also to save players awkward situations with people who may not be interested in the game itself, but in the winning of other users. Already at the beginning a selection is carried out and if someone really cares about the game, he must make a little effort. Below you will find some clothes suggestions to the casino and to the VIP section.

Proposals for a man

Hawaiian shirts and shorts are intended only for people who know the owner, come to a given casino very often and are known in it or are simply very rich. If none of these options refers to you, it is better to stay with a fairly classic style. It is best to bet on a well -cut jacket and a white shirt with fitted shoes. We advise against visiting the casino after the beach round, where you were in flip -flops or sandals.

Rather, subdued colors are proposed, we advise against choosing too colorful clothes, they can be picked up differently. You also can't appear in a drunk casino, it is forbidden and you can simply stay on the threshold of the casino. You can drink alcohol in the shrine itself, but we don't advise you to drink too much. In turn, in the VIP sphere, it is best if you dressed really elegant, the rules are more restrictive there.

Proposals for a woman

Women in casinos have a slightly easier task, all they have to do is put on one of their evening dresses. It doesn't matter if you decide to play in the zone for everyone or VIP, the dress in subdued colors will fit everywhere, especially if it is long. We do not recommend appearing in flip -flops or other "too loose" shoes. This does not mean that you immediately have to put on high heels (unless they match the dress), elegant shoes without heels will also work.

Clothing for a poker tournament

Otherwise players think about tournaments poker. It may seem that poker is part of the casino, so you should also dress very elegantly for poker tournaments. However, if clothing for a casino should be official, in in the case of a poker tournament not necessarily. Tournaments of this type often last a few or even several hours, so staying in official jacket clothes and rigid shirts could be quite uncomfortable at that time.

That is why players usually focus on quite free clothing, which, however, looks neat. Some players focus on really crazy connections and for a reason, it is also part of the tactics.

What to wear to the online casino

The online casino has the advantage over the stationary version that they do not require leaving home. This means that you do not have to prepare and think about your decor, you have everything at home. None of the games even requires turning on the camera or using your voice, you can play while eating or watching TV, you choose the right moment, no one will judge you after clothes and appearance, Because you can't see him.

You can use the online casino even in public transport or in a queue to the doctor, this is a very free option, so if you do not want to worry about clothing and other aspects that are not really related to the game, put on an online casino.

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