The subject of facts, myths and conspiracy theories about online casinos appears among players around the world. Is it easier to win in a casino full of players? Do casinos on the web manipulate in games to the detriment of naive players? Are there systems that allow you to increase the chances of winning on machines?

These and other questions return like a long and wide world and ignite the imagination of players. Time to deal with the most common myths about gambling.

Theory 1: Winning is only a matter of happiness. True or false?

Even if it is nice to believe in a bore of happiness, destiny, or in the fact that our fate is written in the stars, winning and losing are only to mathematics. This applies primarily to online slots, bones and card games. With the exception of a sports poker in which we play against other players.

This theory comes from the fact that not all players realize that every casino game gives the operator a statistically slight advantage. This advantage guarantees that with a sufficiently large number of factories, the casino will have more money than he pays to players and this is how the owner earns money.

How can a player increase his chance? It is worth choosing games in which the advantage of the casino is as low as possible, or those in which skills or psychology play a big role. The skills and knowledge of the rules of a given game are also important, so it's worth getting acquainted with game guides and trained on the available versions of the demo.

VerdictOf course, it will be useful, but the skills and knowledge of the rules of the game ✔️ are also important

Theory 2: Games are darkened in online casinos. True or false?

Well, such arguments are most often falling from the mouth of those who were not favorable for happiness. Of course, it may happen that some casino "picked" at the software to increase its advantage, but this usually applies to casinos that do not have a license.

Every now and then the media circulates information about scandals involving such operators. Most often they immediately go to the black list and players should avoid their wide arc. However, the vast majority of casinos do not want to risk their reputation for such unclean practices. Therefore, let's choose games of the game with a lot of experience and those over which specialized audit organizations such as honesty ecograpp. They deal with testing software in casinos in terms of the operation of random numbers generators. In this way, we are sure that the games are checked and work randomly.

VerdictPlaying in licensed casinos we are sure that the games work properly and the results are not set! ✔️

Theory 3: Knowing the results of previous draws, I can create a system that will make it easier for me to win. True or false?

Ah these systems! Players in Totka can say something about it. Unfortunately, the probability account is inexorable. The fact that in the past the machine has more often drawn the number of 8, 19 or 24 does not mean that in the future it will still be so. There are some regularities in random numbers - this is due to the laws that rule large numbers. However, it's time to break with the conviction that the draws from the past in roulette have an impact on future results. Unfortunately, this is not true.

VerdictMyth ❌ Gambling games like slots or roulette They are characterized by randomness of the results

Theory 4: The casino sometimes gives me to win so that I do not get discouraged quickly and continue to bet. True or false?

This is another conspiracy theory that is worth dealing with. The truth is unfortunately more prosaic. There are won at the casino. This is due to how random number generators work. Nobody programms machines or video games so that they tempt us from time to time with a smaller win. Players win from time to time and lose from time to time. Of course, there will still be those who will question this. After all, gambling is a huge business and there is a lot of money behind it.

VerdictMyth ❌ Such actions could mean a loss of license

Theory 5: The rate height affects the results of the game. True or false?

It sounds too beautiful, unfortunately to be true. This is another myth that results from ignorance of mathematics. In fact, playing for higher rates, we can win more. But it is worth remembering that we will also lose more when we are not favorable for happiness.

VerdictMyth ❌ The higher rate will not provide a smaller or more chance to win, but certainly a higher rate can bring more win in the event of a positive draw result.

Theory 6: Online gambling is illegal. True or false?

Here the issue is a bit more complicated. Gambling in every country is always subject to local jurisdiction of the state from which we decide to play online. Some countries have more liberal legislation (e.g. Great Britain) and are not interested in whether players use casinos with a British license or foreign. In turn, in Belgium or in Australia, using casinos without a Belgian or Australian license may expose players to unpleasantness.

There are countries where all forms of gambling are penalized - even most of the Arab countries. However, if Online casino It has a license and offers its services by a decision of some gambling, it works legally.

VerdictDepends on local legal regulations ☝

Theory 7: When I start winning too much, the game will hang. True or false?

Contemporary gambling usually has an electronic form. The code lines have it that sometimes they hang - everyone who uses a phone or desktop computer probably experiences it from time to time. We also have failures of virtual slots during the game. However, software suppliers do not introduce instructions to the code that deliberately block us access to the game and hang it to break our good run. The casino earns its own, because, as we wrote above, has a small statistical advantage over players.

VerdictThe myth ❌ The online game is primarily dependent on your internet connection.

Theory 8: The casino will not pay me money in case of winning. True or false?

Let's start with the fact that there are actually casinos that deliberately block players from paying honestly won money. They are dignified and unfortunately their practices are illegal. However, they are rare. Large, renowned network houses risk too much, preventing players from paying funds. It is worth avoiding a wide casino arch without a license or with a bad opinion.

In our reviews, we carefully view online casinos regulations and analyze opinions about them on various portals dealing with gambling on the web - use them during your gambling adventure on the Internet.

VerdictLicensed casino pays winnings! ✔️

Theory 9: Promoted games are less fair than uncomfortable. True or false?

The promotion of a given casino game has little to do with its RTP coefficient. Most often, the casino signs a contract with a given supplier and exhibits specific slots in a visible place in the lobby. The more people use promoted slots, the more commission the casino gets for their promotion. Specific titles in some casinos are promoted, while in others they are at the gray end of the queue.

In this respect, the casino does not differ much from the supermarket, where the manufacturer pays for a better exposure of his goods on the shelf. In the case of casinos that offer many thousands of slots, only the largest suppliers can afford to promote their products.

VerdictThe myth of software suppliers sometimes pay extra for promoting their title to gain popularity among players.

Theory 10: The results of competitions in casinos are fake. True or false?

Well, here we have a small loan and it is difficult for us to say 100% certainty that all casinos do with players honestly. While in real life the organizer of a random game, in which you can win something, must proceed according to a specific regulations, the virtual space favors abuse.

We will not guarantee that there are real players behind all the initials that you see in the results of the competition or tournament in the online casino. It is worth using proven game houses to actually increase your chance to win in the tournament - large companies have too much to lose and take care of their reputation.

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