Unibet is one of the The most recognizable online casinos on the market. Users can use it for several good years, and each year has expanded their activities and added new functions to make their players happy. Currently Unibet is the most recommended gambling siteon which the plants can be set up, play gambling and use many bonuses. Recently, Unibet decided to creation of a great casino, which we want to talk about in this article. This is a complete novelty in the world of gambling, so focus well. The Super Casino mechanism can surprise you, we hope it is positive.

What is a great casino in Unibet?

To explain what a great casino is, we must go back to it, What is RTP, i.e. the player's return rate. This is one of the most important concepts in relation to casino games, so it's worth knowing what it is about. RTP is shown as a percentage and these percentages give information about how much money is paid to a given machine, and what part is re -returned (usually not the same player, but counting in general).

The first machines usually had very low RTP, only when producers and players became aware of this function, it was stabilized. It is now recognized that A good machine gives players at least 95% of what has been made of it. It means that only 5% of all money stays in the machine as standard. However, this is not included in the slots with jackpots, which often have to collect a little more money from playersto later pay a single sum. Some jackpots may have RTPs of up to about 93%, which in a normal slot would be considered extremely low.

After thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the RTP definition, we can explain what a great casino in Unibet is.Generally speaking, The greater the rate of return, the more popular among players, which is understandable, because each player has a better chance of returning his money, often with more than. A great casino selects 5 games and increases their RTP to 98%. This result is very high, because only 2%remain in the machine, so it is a very good situation for players that is worth using.

In practice, this can be explained so that if you spend AUD 100 in a given machine and your plant is AUD 1, then AUD 98 will be returned to you or other players. It is more likely that you will not recover your money, you can rather count on cash previously spent by another player. Remember, however, that despite the high RTP slot machines, there is still randomness, so there is a chance that you will not be able to win more money. However, this is proven that you have a much better chance of winning with a high rate of return, so why not use it.

What games currently have increased RTP?

Unibet decided to choose the most popular slots for this action. You will certainly find slots among them you have already checked, maybe you also liked. This time machines with a larger RTP to Reel Rush, Guns’n Roses, Fruit Shop, Twin Spin i Butterfly Staxx. As you can see, most of them are Sclassic flights or fruitHowever, these are not the only games, there will be many more. If you are not a fan of any of the slots and you do not want to try them, then you can wait, we are sure that other gambling machines will appear on the list.

Additional promotion related to a super casino in Unibet

The games we mentioned earlier are joining the new promotion in Unibet. It consists in winning as much cash as possible in a single spin. You have to sign up for this tournament, so if you want to take part in the promotion, do not open the games right away, because these spins will not be saved. Players will have to dividing as much as AUD 50,000 among themselves. This is a large amount, but we are not really surprised, because Unibet has never spared money in such events.

There are as many as 250 places for the winners, due to such a large number, it is very likely that you can find on the list of leaders. We hope that as high as possible, because the first person on the leaves will win the main prize, which is AUD 12,500. Next, the prizes are not that big, but it is still 6 250 and 3,500 AUD. From a hundredth place you can rather count on a consolation prize in the form of AUD 100, but it is possible that you will not even have to spend so much to be on the list. Good luck.

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