When you are a beginner player of poker, and even a little more experienced, you know that it is useful to have some style in the game. It is thanks to him that you can quickly decide what to do in a not very favorable situation, you do not have to waste too much time to think. Making your own style may not be so easy. You may not know all the rules yet, it is also difficult to determine whether a given move will be beneficial for a given player or not. In this article, we will try to bring some of the most popular moves in poker so that you know what you can get your inspiration from.

Card variability

Card variability is a style that serves many people and is praised in the poker players. The rules of this strategy are very simple and certainly many beginners will agree with them. In the variability of cards, the most important goal is to do not stick to one hand too long. Do not try to win too much with cards that are doomed to failure. If you see from the very beginning that you don't make anything with them, it is better to save your energy and give up this game. At best, you can become a second or third best hand, and this means that the win will slide around your nose. So do not get used to the cards and wait for a better hand in which you can get much better cards and direct your energy to them.

Aggressive game

Another technique that is very praised among players is an aggressive game. It consists in the fact that you continue the game only with the hand you are really sure, and which can bring you many profits. If you see that from the beginning your cards are not good, you interrupt the game. You can even do it in the middle of the game when you notice that there is a chance to lose. This strategy works well in the case of beginners, because they may still be unmoved to the rules and whether it pays to continue playing. In this case, even if they see the smallest risk, they stop playing when they continue the game, they always have very strong cards in their hands. As a result, you can avoid your first very painful losers.


The aggressive game is combined with tactics, which is called bluffing. At the very beginning we must announce that bluffing is not a very good technique for beginnerswho may not fully understand how it can be done exactly. Blefing is that the opponent believes that our cards are weak when they are really strong. Rather, it does not fade the other way, although there are such cases. So if the player notices that you play aggressively and you hold only strong cards in your hands, he will still think that they are strong.

You have an advantage at this point and you can make an exception: stop weak cards. In this way, even a player with a stronger hand than yours can give up the game, as the result of which you will win the whole pot with weaker cards. Remember, however, that bluffing is not so easy. You can't practice it too often because other players get to know it quite quickly. Blefing requires a lot of practice, a stone face, sometimes acting skills and tricks, thanks to which you can get to winning.

Loose game

A loose game is actually a negation of an aggressive game, but thanks to it you can also easily go to bluff. This tactic is that no matter what hand you have, you always bring it to the end of the game. So you may not even have one pair, but you will always continue the game, you will never finish it ahead of time. It is quite dangerous for opponents, because they can never be 100% sure if your hand is strong or weak. If you add a stone face to it, they are not able to determine what you are holding in your hands. However, you must remember that bringing each game to the end can also bring many losses, because there is a chance that you will lose.

Mathematical poker

You may not know it yet, but poker is largely based on mathematics. It is with its help that you can determine whether it is worth continuing to play. For this you have to be very much A good observer and have some idea about mathematics and about poker. During the game, you must quickly determine the likelihood of a given card in the remaining waist or hands of your opponent. You rely on your cards and those visible to you. We always advise you to familiarize yourself with some mathematical concepts, before taking up the game, they can really help in the game and even win.

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