Some believe that gambling, especially this online, is not very popular in Australia. However, statistics say differently and show that gambling is chosen by many Poles as their main hobby. One of the reasons for such growth is that gambling is now very easily accessible, especially the one online. Below you will find out exactly what has changed in the gambling world in Australia, how games have become more popular, and everything will be divided into individual sections. So we wish you a pleasant reading and the opportunity to expand your knowledge about gambling in Australia.

Great success of gaming showrooms

The topic of game salons in Australia is very complicated. In fact, they have appeared in Australia for several years, but unfortunately a large part of them were illegal. It was obvious that the demand was very high. Some people do not like a typical climate in casinos, which can sometimes be stiff. Game salons are usually much smaller, they are also characterized by a more free climate than a stationary casinos. Usually you can only play them in machines.

Although the government has come very restrictively to remove illegal game salons, new ones are still appearing on the market. The situation is currently under control, most points of this type are completely legal, And out of 20 gaming salons in 2018, as many as over 200 and today you can use them all freely.

Stationary casinos to play

In this article, we can only mention stationary casinos, because, as you know, the online section is reserved by Totalizator Sportowy and its only online casino, i.e. Totalcasino. However, we hope that over time Total Casino will expand its offer or Totalizator will offer Australian players something new. Some Australian players turn to online casinos onlinewhich are made every year. However, in the case of stationary casinos, you can easily set up a new casinos. Last year, as many as 6 licenses for new stationary casinos were purchasedSo you can expect them quite soon on the Australian market.

Bookmakers operating in Australia

The previous year, as the present one, was very good for all bookmakers. Many new proposals have appeared on the market, which pleases all lovers of this type of entertainment. As many as 12 applications for the possibility of opening the bookmaking point were considered positively. It's from stationary points. As for online websites with bookmakers, as many as 4 new sites providing bookmakers have been approved.

At the moment, as many as 2530 bookmaking points are completely active, one of which is undoubtedly the STS. They would not last if players did not use them, and it so happens that they are really popular among players. This can be seen especially on statistics, for example on an increase in revenues, and last year it was greater than the previous one by as much as 31.7%. Bookmakers and their offers do not lose their popularity.


All information in this article comes from the latest report of the Ministry of Finance, so you can trust this data as much as possible. They show that gambling is undoubtedly one of the sections of the economy that develops very quickly. Currently, it is worth AUD 22 billionwhen two years ago its value was only AUD 14 billion. We expect the results of this year to be even more impressive. There will certainly be more and more bookmakers, stationary casinos and other forms of gambling. While this is very good news, because players have the ability to choose a variety of options, you also need to remember to keep safety, and this especially applies to beginner players, whose emotions can take some time at the beginning. Remember about getting acquainted with the regulations of online casinosif you decide to play.

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