Although registration in online casino It takes no more than a minute, he still remains a topic around which discussions are taking place on the forums. Especially novice players have doubts: give a real name? Address? Phone number? Scan of evidence? What is all this for? We will try to answer the question why casinos require detailed data from us.

First, security

It would seem that sharing your personal data from a foreign or Australian company has little to do with security. And yet none of us would like his victory, for example, of 5,000. she suddenly evaporated from a casino account. Acquiring detailed personal personal details and limitation on transfers to a bank account signed with the same name as the name given during registration is to limit such situations. Even if someone steals our login and password, and then breaks into our casino account, he will not be able to withdraw money from it on their private bank account or credit card. The exception are cryptocurrencies here, for which no personal data is needed, but only the virtual portfolio address, which is a random string of characters.

The player can minimize this risk by regularly changing the login password at the online casino. It is best if it is A minimum of 10 characters and contains small and big letters, special characters and numbers. According to experts, players should change the password at least once a month!

Secondly, legal requirements

Player registration is also the procedure required by law. Those who once visited stationary casinos had to come across a "notebook" at the reception, in which they entered their personal details. Today this role is played by a computer. Companies providing gambling are required to register players for a simple reason: this is to limit money laundering. Online casinos regulations are identical and have been in force for many years around the world. The left "income" from the casino for decades was salt in the eye of tax services around the world and was the main form of "legalizing" cash obtained from an illegal source.

Today, the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy requires the operator to store the customer data register with their place of residence, a scan of identity card or other document with a photo, as well as more and more often certificates of the source from which the money used in the game comes. From the player's point of view, two of the three pillars of KYC policy are particularly important: Customer Identification Program and continuous monitoring. Their implementation means that we must provide our personal details in registration, and the casino itself reserves the right to verify the sent data during the game or before paying the funds. So you can expect a phone call from a casino employee after submitting an application for the implementation of funds from winning.

Casinos without registration

So are there a mythical casinos without registration in which we can bet real money without providing any data? This is one of the many myths that still circulate on the web today. The legal situation forces the operators to obtain the data of all players, and therefore there is nothing to waste time looking for the Holy Grail. It is better to do something useful, for example reading a bone or blackjack system that will pay off in the future.

So can you play for free? Of course! We have not yet met a casino for Australian players that would not allow you to test games from their library completely free. In this way, for example, you can check any slot before joining slot machines for real money. From the games without registration, only baccarat, poker and roulette in live mode with a real bumper are excluded. Of course, this type of game, unfortunately, has a minus - if we are favored by happiness and we break the bank, the casino will not pay us a zloty, because the game in demo mode without registration takes place on virtual, worthless loans.

Registration is not so bad

So, as we can see, although the user verification procedure is multi -stage and may seem burdensome, in fact we gain twice on it. So there is nothing to complain about and it is worth going through this process as soon as possible to have it in the world from the head.

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