If you failed to catch the promotions we described earlier, don't worry, We have even more suggestions for you. You can use all the items described because they are organized by independent casinos. So if you are a user of one of the parties, do not hesitate once. However, if you have not yet registered, then the article will encourage you to use the offer of a given casino.

Already in an earlier post we mentioned the amazing competition in Online casino Boaboa, which will it be lasted for half a yearand the winners will be selected every day. If you want to join him, you don't have to be a player in Boaboa. Exactly the same competition is organized in other popular casinos, including Euro casinoSo you don't have to specially create a new account at the selected casino. All you have to do is sign up for a tournament in one of the casinos covered with promotion and you will already be a full participant. Below we have prepared you more interesting offers, do not miss them!

Another part of the great tournament in Unibet

Red Hot January It's a tournament Live, which we have already mentioned. In the meantime, the first week of the tournament has passed, and before us another two weeks. If you did not manage to take part in the first part, do not worry, you still have the chance to win up to AUD 50,000! At the beginning you have to sign up for the tournament, and then play at least one game live. There are a lot of them in the casino, and among them Monopoly, Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’Em, Blackjack and a lot more.

Place at least AUD 0.5 and you are already on the winners list. So that you can win a larger sum, you need to try more. If you play live games every day, it will not be anything new for you Play, win and use the prize pool of up to AUD 250,000! There are as many as 50 places to win, so your nickname may appear on the winners list. Even if you appear in the last place, you'll still get a reward in the form of AUD 250, so it's worth the risk.

Do not turn off the unibet page yet

If you still have enough Unibet, you can take advantage of the next tournament that the casino offers, and which only started on January 21, so it's very fresh! Red Hot January It was created especially for live games, in turn January tournament Slots have been designed specifically for fans of vending machines. The rules of this tournament are simple, and just sign up and play five designated games. These are: Rainbow Riches Megaways, Pillars of Asgard, Raging Rhino Megaways, 88 Fortunes Megaways and a completely new slot on the subject of ancient Aztecs called Montezuma Megaways. In addition to winning, you can get to know completely New vending machinesthat may prove to be your favorite!

Choose at least one of the above games, create a plant worth at least AUD 1 and play for at least one round. Unibet has up to AUD 100,000 to give away, so try and win as much as possible. The first person on the list will win no less than AUD 15,000. Another win will get a gift in the form of AUD 10,000. People in further places can count on AUD 5,000. There are as many as 250 places, and the amounts of prizes with each place are reduced. The last people on the list will receive 50 AUD prizes. The tournament ends with January 29, if you want to take part in it, sign up now!

Finally, tomorrow Friday, you can breathe a moment from work and relax. One of the ways of relaxing may be visiting the online casino. Free spins are another attraction from Unibet. They apply only on Friday from 18.00 to 21.00 for Jumanji. What do you have to do to be rewarded? Just start the slot Jumanji, and a circle will appear on your screen. Corry with it, you can win from 3 to even 20 free spins!

Lucrative promotion in Betamo!

Happy spin This is another tournament from Real, which is undoubtedly worth the attention of every player. It has quite unusual rules. The competition renews every two daysSo all results reset with the 48 hours passing, and then the game begins again. We have to admit that this type of competition is very interesting and beneficial for people who do not always have time to approach the tournament on a given date. So if you don't have time for the upcoming two days of the tournament, you don't hurt anything, you can try your hand at a more favorable time.

Another advantage of a happy spin is the fact that Betamo does not impose any restrictions on the slots you play in. You can choose your favorite vending machines, they are all included in the tournament! Ries, however, do not accelerate, no table games or live games are included in the competition, so play only in machines. · There are so many of them on the site that you will certainly be able to choose something interesting. Place at least 0.1 euros and go at least one round, you are already participating in the tournament. The prize pool in the competition is up to AUD 6,000 and 1,500 spins. All this will be people who manage to catch 75 places. The overall pool in the whole competition is 22,500 and 90,000 AUD, there is a good chance that you will win at least one part of the tournament, good luck!

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