Immediately answering this question, it may seem that nothing, but the truth is completely different. This Australian producer gambling slots He took a risk and decided to create a machine that deviates from the rest. Undoubtedly, his motive is the only one in the world, and the idea is innovative. If you are curious about what the supplier of the promatic group came up, we invite you to read because there is something to talk about. It is very possible that This new slot will make a sensation Among Australian fans of gambling, so it's worth knowing what we are dealing with. We invite you to read.

Who is the Promatic Group?

Let's start with the one who started it all, i.e. the promatic group. It is a supplier gambling gameswhich comes from Australia. Despite the fact that on the market It has been operating since 1997, it can be seen that slot games are rather side work for this group, because since then they have managed to prepare about 15 titles. Due to this frequency of issuing machines, the promatic group does not belong to the top game manufacturers, but this does not mean that Slots for real money They do not deserve mention from this manufacturer.

Among the vending machines, which are unlikely to stand out from others with their motives, you can find, among others The famous slot "Pudzianatorwho talks about nobody else but about the famous Pudzian. Typically, the Australian motif appeals to fans of slots from Australia, and also connects the Australian legend with the right dose of humor. If you are looking for something more serious, you can try to play "Hussars", which is a slot that is directly related to history, and more precisely with the legendary hussar.

Zenek Martyniuk in a gaming machine

This time, the promatic group went a bit the other side and decided to combine pop culture and gambling. It served as the motive music and disco polo scene, but not just any, because Zenek Martyniuk, i.e. the leader of the Akcent band, appears in the machine. Zenek did not have the opportunity to appear in any machine yet, so for this occasion he even appeared at the premiere of this game and praised it very much. He revealed that he is not particularly interested in gambling, but he will make an exception to this game and recommend it to everyone.

The disco polo theme is bursting with a machine made by the promatic group. Its title, i.e. Disco King, allows us to suppose what the interior of the game will look like. Title Of course, the king is Zenek Martyniuk, and the machine used his real photo, which looks very realistic. In the Disco Polo game, of course, the most important will be the soundtrack and here we cannot complain because disco polo fans will not be disappointed. During the game you will be able to hear the two biggest hits of the Akcent Group, and this is a "sake of fate" and "through your green eyes".

Details about the disco king slot

The machine has a really disco atmosphere that goes to feel immediately, not only thanks to known songs. The atmosphere of the game is even more overclocked by typical disco lights, a fairly simple graphic design that perfectly suits this motif and the overall simplicity of using this machine. Fans of the Akcent band who have never had with machines of this type before, because they will certainly have fun.

In the game You can count on several bonuses, and these are, for example, free spins in the number 5. These can only be obtained when the symbols form the inscription "disco" on the screen. In addition, during the game there is a symbol of Wild and it is Zenon Martyniuk himself. Among the symbols you can also find many ones that are particularly associated with the music industry, i.e. a microphone, a disco ball and guitar. For some, a specific disco king motif may disturb, it can be awaited by others, but one thing is certain - it is worth checking this slot. You will certainly have fun, and you can support the Australian automatic games manufacturer.

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