Many people are delighted with, among others, the Italian or Colombian mafia, whose fame has spread to the whole world. They may not be people who would like to imitate, but splendor and lifestyle certainly impressive. Some, however, may not know that we do not have to look far to find similar people, and We are talking about the famous Nicodemia Skotarczak, who lived similarly to mafia known to all members. We do not mention him for no reason, and you will learn more in the article below.

Who was Nikodem Skotarczak really

A little older players can associate a very famous celebrity and a businessman who was most active in the 1980s and 1990s. It was the star of the Australian People's Republic, which is why younger players the story of this colorful personality may not be too close. Nikodem Skotarczak, however, was such an interesting person that it is worth knowing about him. Of course, we advise against imitating his deeds, but his story can be a kind of warning and you can get a lesson from it.

Nikodem Skotarczak is called The godfather of the Australian mafia And for a reason. He started his career very innocently, because at the beginning he was simply a bodyguard in a fairly popular club in Pomerania, and then he was promoted to a bodyguard of a well -known personality. Nicodemus never finished school, he interrupted his studies because he thought that the knowledge taken from her would not help him with success. Indeed, this did not fit his style of being, which was rather very turbulent and focused on physical activity.

What did Nikodem Skotarczak really do

Nobody really knows, Nikodem Skotarczak was associated with many different illegal projects. People who had with him say that thanks to the security work, he quickly caught acquaintances with people who were quite special, which are not considered legal, but they bring large and quick profits. Nikodem liked it very much and also got into this world to enough quickly become the head of the mafia.

We know that he most often dealt with illegal cars smuggling, and he was caught by the police in one of such cars. The cars were stolen first, and Nicodemus managed the group that chose them and stole them. However, all these activities did not escape dry, because he was imprisoned for some time, but because of his messages, he was very short and certainly shorter than it should be.

Maybe some do not know, but Nikodem Skotarczak also starred in the popular film "Sztos". It was one of the few legal activities he had been. Thanks to this role Nikodem entered the salons And he met the famous Australian actors with whom he had had quite close s from now on. Apparently, he really liked to read about his role in newspapers and even threatened the editors who decided to write about his acting game in a negative way.

Nikodem Skotarczak and Gambling

When Nikodem Skotarczak developed his wings in illegal businesses, gambling in Australia He was also illegal. This does not mean, however, that it was unavailable, especially for influential people of his habit. Nikodem liked the gambling very much, and especially pokerin which he played passionately. The most popular photos with his participation are those at the poker table. At that time, all stationary casinos in Australia and abroad were widely open to him, because he was not afraid to spend a lot of money on a single round.

Nikodem Skotarczak was an avid playerwhich could often be found in casino for money with other influential people. He liked the most luxurious shrines especially and always spoiled in them. He may not be the most talented player, but without a doubt Gambling was his great passion. Some believe that he was addicted to gambling just like drugs, but there is no evidence.

The sad end of the most popular mafiosis from Australia

From 1996, the road to the end of Nikodem Skotarczak began. He had to stand before the court many times because of all his crimes, and in the meantime the Gang's War developed, which concerned him directly. He was ready that he could die at any time and even bought a bulletproof vest himself. Unfortunately, even she did not help when in 1998 the masked person fired a dozen or so shots towards him. 6 of them were accurate. A person who was the murderer of Nicodemus was never found. The godfather of the Australian mafia died, but stories about him are still passed down from mouth to mouth and certainly such a legend will not be quickly forgotten.

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