Poker is a very nice gambling card game that requires logical thinking, strategy and control over your own emotions. Most importantly, it is a game that does not require knowledge of complex mathematical principles or a large game budget. There are also fans of joint meetings with friends at a poker table, but can you play with friends in a distance poker? Well, you can!

Poker is a game of skills - which means that it depends on the player's skills whether he will be a winning player in the long run or not. To start the game, it is only necessary to learn the basic systems and a set of cards. Due to its simplicity, poker is an excellent social game ideal for playing with friends. In this post we will try to present how to start the game if you want to play with friends and where you can do it on the internet.

Differences when playing poker for real and virtual money

The vast majority of players expect that playing poker using real money will be similar to virtual money games they played before. In fact, they quickly find out that between the poker for real money and this for fun there is a huge difference, which in practice makes them two completely different games. Poker for real money has several significant differences compared to virtual money games, and knowledge of these differences is crucial to succeed in the game using real cash.

At the beginning it should be noted that the game even at the lowest rates will be much, much more difficult than any game for playing for virtual money where players don't really risk anything. While playing for virtual tokens in players, there is no key factor that people risking their own capital come into , this factor is emotions. Lack of emotions makes our decisions ill -considered and made for fun. Before making subsequent decisions, players do not make a complicated analysis of the situation, and do not use any strategy. Their movements are chaotic and from a professional player's point of view meaningless.

When money enters the game and emotions, the way the game changes radically. Even the worst players at the tables will try to win, not throw money without any reason. This means that it is much more difficult to win. The basic principle of poker is that long -term profits come from the mistakes of our opponents. This makes a better player always win in the long run. When players for virtual money make huge mistakes, it means huge profits for those few players who try to play their best. Players for real money eliminate the worst of these mistakes, reducing the margin of error for better players who can use them. Of course, players for real money also make a lot of mistakes, but they are smaller than in games for virtual money. The game for virtual money also has a number of other differences, such as a commission, which is also of great importance in the final settlement.

To sum up, the real difference between a poker for real money and a poker for virtual tokens without value is that players for real money care more about the game, make logical decisions, use a strategy and simply focus all their attention on winning. This can be seen in everything, from the style of playing players.

Where to play poker with friends on the internet?

The first thing you need to do to start the game Poker online, there is a choice of the right platform. It is also important to decide on the version of the poker game, it should be remembered that there are many different types and variations, such as: the standard most famous version of the poker game, i.e. Texas Holdem And less popular Omaha or Seven Card Stud and many others.

The next stage is the selection of the target platform, in which we can start the online game with friends.

The first choice of most players are, of course, internet casinos, which give the opportunity not only to play money with friends, but also allow any changes to the table, if, for example, we have "no" crunch ". If you are wondering where you could to find such a casino, we recommend your attention houses from the list below, because we tested them ourselves.

One of the most popular applications that allows this form of fun is Party Poker. The platform allows the game for both real money and for fun using virtual tokens. Party Poker has been on the market for many years, so it is hardly surprising that the software and configuration are very versatile and provide a lot of possibilities and comfort.

Party Poker is a professional platform that allows you to play poker online, as well as invite friends to private rooms or tournaments. There are also other solutions on the market such as Easy Poker or Poker Now. These are ordinary poker applications enabling free game using virtual currency. They provide the possibility of playing only for fun and do not have the option of payment of cash or playing for real cash.


As you can see, poker with friends is a great form of entertainment and fun, on the Internet there are many different applications or platforms that allow you to play online with friends that we can invite to one table. Before starting the game, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules and choose a version of the poker in which we intend to play. Poker is the only gambling game in which skills decide about winning, not a random factor. It is worth considering this and properly prepared for the first hand.

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