Lotto is the most popular lottery in Australia. Every day, hundreds of Poles decide to fill the coupon, stationary or online. Some people think that you can't win in Lotto, the probability of winning is too low for someone to go. However, several large winnings confirm that this is possible.

For a few good weeks you could hear on the radio and see news about the great Lotto accumulation on the Internet and on television. Everyone was surprised by the message at the beginning of February, when it happened: There was a win exceeding 29 million. Lotto is not an easy game at all, selecting several numbers from a quite substantial number can make you dizzy. However, there are lucky people like a person from the beginning of February. A high prize has not been given a long time ago, and as a result many people became interested in the lottery again.

We cannot give the name of the person who happened to happiness, we cannot even reveal the city in which he won, because it is unlawful. It is possible that this person will soon be revealed, although this is unlikely. It is worth noting that the winnings were very lucky, because no one else hit the six that day, so he did not have to share with anyone.

What were the happy numbers?

Happy numbers turned out to be: 4, 14, 28, 40, 45, 48. This person hit 6 digits flawlessly, but it was not the only win that day. As many as 105 people struck 5 lucky numbers, each of them received almost AUD 6,000. It is worth recalling that the main win was exactly AUD 29 007 416. There were also hit four, which appeared as many as 4837. In turn, these people got about AUD 250. Three are usually the most popular, because it is easiest to hit 3 numbers out of 49, not 6. This time as many as 95353 people won, and each of them got about AUD 25. This is much more than the price of the coupon, so everyone was awarded in some way. Another accumulation will appear soon. Maybe you will be tempted to buy a coupon?

What is the condition of gambling in Australia after 2019? What can you expect after 2020?

Gambling is becoming more and more popular in Australia. Every months it grows in strength and has more and more supporters. You are certainly wondering why this is so. One of the reasons is that it is now very easy to play or put up, it is enough for the internet and willingness. Let's look at statistics.

We have already managed to collect all the information you need and we know that stationary and internet bookmakers reign in Australia. Some may be surprised, but it was calculated that in Last year, Australian bookmakers generally paid as much as AUD 800 million to the Treasury. Taxes are quite high, but the sum itself is dizzying. So it turns out that · Last year, Poles spent as much as AUD 6.7 billion on bookmakers ❗. It is worth noting, however, that this sum only determines about 30% of the entire gambling activity of Poles.

Some sources say that many Poles decide to use foreign sources of placing plants. Statistics say that it can be as much as 60% of people. Foreign parties often do not have a license purchased and do not pay taxes to the Treasury, which can be encouraging, but in the long run quite dangerous.

Who turned out to be the most popular bookmaker 2019? It was known to everyone without comparison STSwho switched off the competition from the podium. A little less known was behind him Fortuna. Other companies are minimal for Australian players. It is worth noting, however, that online casinos are becoming more and more popular. Total Casino, which takes quite large harvest, is famous, even though many people consider them quite defective. Poles willingly reach for the offer of other casinos that have purchased a license or simply legally offer Poles their services. Gambling is developing very quickly, we are very curious, which will bring 2020, and as we can see, a very large win in Lotto began, so we are of good cheer!

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