If you want to become a poker master, you need a lot of knowledge. Some believe that poker depends only on happiness, but you may start to be considered differently when you see that Poker tournaments They are often won by the same people. There is a chance that these people really have a lot of luck or winning them is a pure coincidence, but it is more likely that they are very skilful players. Winning in poker largely depends on skills, and knowledge is the first degree to win.

This time we would like to bring you a few the most famous varieties of poker. You will find out what varieties players play now, what of them are really popular and which it is worth playing. Do not miss our poker messages, and soon you will be able to boast of the knowledge worthy of the master. Here are the most popular poker varieties:

Poker Straight

Poker Straight is the variety that you could often see in movies and in other places that wanted to present a substitute for poker. It is also one of the simplest versions of this game, which does not really require any skills. If you are a beginner, then you should be interested in playing poker straight. It is thanks to him that you can get to know all the combinations that function in the game, but you do not have to decide on yourself what to do to win.

Each player gets in the game right away 5 cards each. Everyone stares at their cards, and after a while all players put their hand with cards on the table and announce what they managed to draw. Before, of course, they set up factories. Krupier and the rest of the Society are looking at the cards and decides who becomes the winner in a given round.

5-Card Draw

5-Card Draw is a game that is very similar to Poker Straight, but already requires its own effort and reason. We recommend that you reach for it, when you master all the combinations, you will learn the rules thoroughly and want to go higher in the game. All rules are very similar, but after handing out the cards, the player has the right to think about and replace the cards that seem unnecessary to him. You can even replace all 5 cards, you can only choose one or you do not need to replace any if they already create the right combination. Then all participants show their cards and the winner is selected.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em is now The most popular version of the poker. It differs significantly from the other two versions and from the variety that he knows widely. It is very interesting and common, so it's worth knowing its rules. A characteristic feature of this variety is Ante plantwhich takes place before players see any cards. The gameplay starts quite interesting because players get 2 cards each And actually all this.

2 cards are certainly not something you would expect in poker. However, this is not the end of the attractions. Krupier shows all players 3 cards that he drew and it turns out that these three cards are common to all players. This means that the combination must be arranged from own cards and from the hands of a dealer. Players bring factories again, and 4 card appears in the hands of the dealer. After subsequent plants, the dealer extracts the last, fifth card. You need to stick to your two cards, but you can successfully reject two cards from the hands of a dealer if they interfere with the creation of a combination.

Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is very similar to Texas Hold'em, but there is one important difference that can at the beginning confuse people who know Texas Hold'em. The player does not get two, but 4 cards, in turn, the dealer shows 3 cards that are common to everyone. In total, there are 7 cards, which gives too much for a combination of poker. That is why the player must reject two cards, this time not from the hand of a dealer, but from his. In this way, he can manage to create a very interesting combination, thanks to which he will win.

7-Card Stud

This is another variety of poker in which there are more cards than you normally need. As the name says, There are as many as 7. However, this time there are no cards that belong to all players, the rules are a little different. Each player gets 5 discovered cards and 2 covered cards. The cards are distributed individually, and after each of them you can change your stake or just fold.

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