The bakarat is a game a little less popular than other type table games poker i blackjackAs for today, it is quite a big mystery. He has very similar rules for blackjack With a few changes, but Blackjack definitely stood in front of the bakarat. However, we know that this table game has many admirers who are very eager to reach for cards to play a bakarata. If you feel that this is a game for you, but you don't know much about it yet, we can train you in this topic. This time we will tell you about the most popular Types of baconic, and you decide in which you will feel the best. Currently, there are also demo games that allow you to play for free, so you can try them all.

Overall about the bacard

Bakarat has been on the tables for several hundred years. He is a valued game, although sometimes pushed aside by more popular games. As the bakarat has a fairly long tradition, it reached different parts of the world, and time and different location have affected this game stimulating in the aspect of changes, which is very normal and can also be seen in relation to other table games. Several varieties of bakarat have developed in this process, which at first glance look quite similar, but they still differ in quite important issues. Below are the 3 most popular varieties of this game.

Bakarat Banquet

This is a version of the game in which 3 game decks are used. If it happens that all the cards from these decks are used, then at this point another player becomes a banker, and more precisely the one who recently brought the highest bet. It is he who now is to give the cards to the player on his right, then on the left, and finally. It is interesting that It is important to arrange players. If you are on the right, you will be putting yourself in relation to the player's cards on the right and the banker, if you are on the left, the situation will reverse. It also turns out that the banker must play with two players at the same time. You go through 3 queues, and if one of the players can win at least once, he has the right to withdraw from the game and take what he deserves.


After the name of this variety, one can come to the fact that the game comes from France and indeed, when the bakarat came to France, they decided to bend some principles for their preferences. The first change in relation to banquet is that playing as many as 6 decks. It is also important that every player at some point will become a banker, and this role is transmitted according to the clock's instructions. If you have become a banker, you are the first to choose a convenient bet for you. Other players can choose their own or exactly like a banker (not higher), and this situation is called "going to the bank". In fact, at least one person must choose the same bet, otherwise the other players are asked to enter the game because it must be covered. A person from this type of plant becomes a representative of all other players.

When he agrees who the main player, the banker and the player are two cards. Very often you can get 8 or 9 points in these cards, and if so, you must inform the others and show the cards. If so many points did not score in the first hand, the banker is giving away the third card. In the situation of winning the banker, he gets all the players and still performs this function, but if he loses, he covers all players in the game.

Bank point

The Punto Banco variety is a little different from the previous two. The biggest difference is that There is no more banker in the game. It is a casino, so you don't have to determine against whom you have to play, because everyone plays the role of a player. The waist, as in the previous version, is also 6. The bet is to decide who will win this time, whether it will be a player, banker (in this case casino), whether it will be a draw. The game ends when one of them reaches the number of points of 8 or 9, if not, the cards are selected further. Punto Banco is the most popular baccarat variety, maybe also because it is strategically one of the easiest. It can be found in almost all stationary casinos, you will less often see the other two versions. However, you can find each of them at online casinos.

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