One of the casino myths that still arouse huge emotions is the myth about counting cards while playing blackjack. blackjack This is basically the only gambling game in which watching the game attentively can bring the player an advantage over the casino. It will not be a huge advantage, but high enough that with a long enough game we should get out of the casino.

If you are looking for a quick answer to the question whether counting cards is prohibited in casinos, it sounds: no. There are no regulations prohibiting the counting of cards, but there are situations in which we can be washed from the casino. Read on and you will learn more!

What is counting cards in blackjack

Let's start with the fact that card games in the casino are governed primarily by mathematics and probability account. This applies to both video table games and live playing with a real casino. In particular, playing money in a stationary game home helps to better estimate the chances of winning.

☝ If we participate in the Blackjack video game in Internet casino, counting cards will not be useful to us too much, because for each hand we use a new set of several decks of cards. Only in a game at a stationary casino, Krupier downloads vouchers, whose size decreases with each hand.

Roughly counting is the assumption that the more high -point cards are still in the deck to give away, the greater the chances we have to win. Since the collection of casino cards is finished, the appearance of subsequent new cards on the table allows us to collect more information about cards remaining to be given.

The originator of counting cards in Blackjack is an American mathematician Edward O. Thorp. His concept can be summarized in several points. It is quite bright and does not require knowledge of higher mathematics, although you need to be able to quickly add, multiply and divide.

Each card has the appropriate value:

  • -1 (10, Wałet, Lady, King and AS)
  • 0 (from 7 to 9)
  • +1 (from 2 to 6)

During the game, the new deck must add the value of all discovered cards to himself, and then divide it by the number of waist, which the dealer has accumulated at home in the bank. The more value we get as a result of multiplication, the more our chances of defeating the casino in the next plant grow.

This is not the only card counting system developed by mathematicians. However, Thorp's idea can be used in practice, in principle, any player. All issues related to the probability account in the casino require effort from us, and specifically the time spent on each game. As we guess, you have to devote quite a lot of this time. In addition, the player must cram down a very detailed table of playing: keep playing if give up, shake the card Do you still other movement Depending on what hand the crunch has.

The above strategy applies only if the barrier is exceeded 70% of the cards distributed from all waistat the disposal of the roar. In most casinos, Krupier starts the game not with one, not two, but with five or even eight waxes in the voucher.

Okay, if there is no time to master rules of playing blackjack, but also all the rules listed above, we cling to extensive tables and master counting cards to perfection, can we armed with such knowledge go to a stationary casino and start playing in blackjack?

The issue of the legality of counting cards in stationary casinos

Those interested in gambling know that in Europe and the United States There are no top -down regulationswhich would limit the use of this technique or penalize it in any way. However, we must remember that casinos have private owners and the management board can introduce any rules at the facility. Ultimately, entering the casino, we are obliged to comply with the regulations.

Practice shows, however, that attempts to discredit and even throwing out of casino cards often ended in court. Lawyers representing players counting cards put arguments that sound more or less like this: As long as a person uses only his brain and does not use any other tools to assess the best way to play Blackjack's hand, he does not break any right and should be able to continue playing in the way he wants.

For example, in the state of Nevada, casinos have the right to throw away people counting the card due to the existing legal precedent. They refer to the old precedent: the owner of the property has the right to ask everyone who wants. The casinos also cite the American constitution. The Supreme Court found that only discrimination against people due to the race, confession, gender, origin, age or disability is inconsistent with the constitution. In view of the above, exclusion from the game of smart gamblers is considered lawful, because such discrimination is not prohibited. In Las Vegas, players who count cards have no grounds to sue casinos for discrimination.

The situation in Atlantic City is similar. A well -known activist and propagator blackjacka, and Uston, for years he fought there for the right to legal use of cards in New Jersey. His case reached the Supreme Court of New Jersey, who left the final decision of the local Casino Control Commission. Unfortunately, for lovers of Blackjack counting cards, NJCC refused to issue such a provision. What's more, she also modified the rules of playing Blackjack in Atlantic City to increase the casino's advantage.

Well, what do you do?

The general rule at the entrance to any stationary casino is this: we must assume that counting cards in the game home we visit is prohibited. The same applies to the use of all electronic devices that help in this practice. So if we sit at the table with an open laptop and prepare diligent notes while playing with a crumb, we can expect the appropriate reaction of casino service.

As a curiosity, we will say that among the countries that When playing blackjack, they don't shuffle the cards without interruption and allow them to count, there are:
  • Australia - most casinos shuffle the cards quite late and the level of playing all decks reaches up to 80%.
  • The Czech Republic - although in many casinos there are shuffling machines after each hand, you can still find game houses, where the Deck is replaced by hand after reaching over 70% of playing.
  • Italy and France - in these countries many stationary casinos do not have shuffling machines and counting cards is possible.

In other countries, it was introduced almost all casinos And unfortunately we will not be able to tilt the scales of victory in our favor.

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