The development of technology and the possibilities at the disposal of online casinos meant that we can use live games with a crumb for some time. Thanks to such solutions, we get a chance to experience emotions similar to those that we could only receive in stationary casinos. What makes him Live casinos They generate such popularity and are adored by players is the fact that on the other side of the screen stands a real dealer, which manages real -time gameplay.

In this post we will try to check what it looks like from the other side. Do the live casinos in which we play really exist? Are people on the other side really real blocks? What tools do online casinos use to run a live game? Stay with us to get to know the world of online gambling more accurately.

Key elements of each live casino

An investment in the possibility of live playing is a considerable expense for every casino. Usually, each casino studio must be served by a number of specialists working 24 hours a day. To launch such a studio, you need camera operators, publisher, crucifiers or directors managing the entire undertaking. This is mainly due to the large costs of organizing such games, there are much fewer titles on the market that we can use in live gameplay. Below we will try to briefly present the most important elements, which consists of virtually every live casino.

High -quality cameras

Cameras are the most important aspect of each live casino. It is thanks to them that we can carefully observe what is happening on the table at which we are sitting. To ensure the highest quality, casinos are used by small HD or 4K cameras that monitor everything that happens on the table. In the vast majority of cases, casinos use a minimum of several cameras, thanks to which players can observe the game from different corners of the table, which gives even a better impression. Due to the high dynamics that appears in table games, the "Optical Camera Recognition" technology, which uses fluorescent light, plays a key role here to save all events that happens on the table, which then in the form of alphanumeric data is sent to the management software , i.e. the game engine called GCU.

Game control software (GCU)

GCU, or Game Control Unit, is a software that is necessary for the proper functioning of the casino live. It allows you to convert the data received from the OCR system and present it additionally on the player's screen, which in this way receives an additional text or graphic preview.

Krupiers in online casinos

and here we go to the question, are it real crucifiers working in online casinos? well, yes! we see a real man on the other side of the camera.

Although a man without technology in the case of live games would not be able to do anything, it is the blocks that make the live casino so unique. They make the game very realistic and add a climate that we know from stationary casinos. Live casinos are trainers trained and certified people who manage all tasks on the table. They decide on subsequent movements and settlements of the plants. Thanks to advanced technologies, players can observe any dealer's movement, so they can be sure that the game takes place in an honest way.

Tables and roller skates

It's no secret that the biggest percentage of games you can play live are classic table games such as Blackjack, Rletka or Baccarat. It is natural, therefore, that casinos must invest in the basic attributes of these games such as tables or a roulette wheel, without which the start of the game would not be possible. Few people are aware of the fact that both the table and the wheel used to play live are equipped with additional sensors that help to read and quickly present them in a visual form on the screen. Thanks to which the game is liquid and pleasant.

Screens and displays

The screens are an indispensable element in every live casino, they are used both by crunchies, helping them check how many players have joined the game and be up to date with the amounts that they invest in every hand. They also enable the player's with the crucifier via chat, the dealer can read the messages that players direct to him.

Tasks for which the crunch in the live casino is responsible

Cruggles working in online casinos are not left alone, their work is always supervised by an additional controller or director who in crisis situations can enter the action and solve the problem. The basic task of the dealer is to present the rules of the game to all players participating in the game and control the events happening on the table. Crups are obliged to check whether all plants have been concluded before the cards, and then clearly communicate everything that is happening on the table. They can inform players about winning numbers or cards that have proved to be stronger. Their work looks exactly like in every stationary casino, so they observe and enforce the rules of the game they supervise. They can communicate verbally and answer players' questions if they appear. If you want to learn more details about this profession, then look at our blog entry the work of a dealer from the inside out.


Live casinos with crunchies are a great form of entertainment, which in a very accurate way imitates events that can happen to us at stationary casinos. However, you need to know that the circlers working in online casinos do a piece of hard work. We can also dispel any doubts about the truthfulness of the roar and questions that question their existence. Currently, many casinos, as well as developers of game software have their own recording studios that imitate real stationary casinos, and the profession of an online crunch is increasingly besieged. Due to the fact that online gambling is becoming more and more popular, both casinos and developers need more and more licensed experts practicing a dealer.

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