Bone poker, differently known as simply poker dice, is one of the varieties poker and boneswhich connects both games. This is an interesting combination that is worth trying if you are a admirer of one or the other game. It is possible that the bone poker will make the player also become a fan of the latter game, which is based on poker dice rules. Below we would like to explain all the principles of the bone poker, what this game is aboutwhich can be benefited from it and much more. So read our article and try to play this game to discover all its secrets. We invite you to read.

What is poker bone game

Dice Poker is a very exciting game that was created shortly after the classic version of this game appeared on the market. From this moment, you can find a lot of versions of poker and bones on the market. You can find out more about possible poker versions, for example, on a website: The principles of bone poker are not complicated. Players only need bones, sometimes tokens, it depends on how the people want to play. There are no cards in the game at all, their role is played by bones. It is from them that all poker combinations are created, and how, we will explain it.

Dice Poker is one of the less popular versions of this game, but it can be found at online casinos and even in stationary casinos. It's best to look for her in well -equipped pages, because smaller sites rather decide on more popular versions. However, it cannot be hidden that the bone poker also has its fans, and good online casinos They know this and try to please such players.

Detailed rules of Dice Poker

Dice Poker rules are simply a combination of poker and bone rules, and some of them overlap. Players sit down at a number of 2 to a maximum of 6. Of course, there may be more participants, but you have to be aware that the more participants, the longer and the more complicated gameplay become. At first, players put their bet, which must be the same in each case, and it is dictated by the first player. Then each player throws bones. Each of them has 3 throws. During each throw, you can skip those cubes that do not match the combination and this is what they are thrown.

One should not forget about what combinations can be drawn during the game. They were taken from the poker, but it is known that you had to skip all those related to the colors. If you want to learn more about clusters in a classic poker, you can read about them here: In addition, each combination has its own score, and each of them can be really different depending on what the player draws. Below you will find all information about the combination in DICE Poker:

After counting all points, the winner emerges. A person with the largest number of points takes all factories on the table, in the form of money or tokens. Then the next round of the bone poker is set up, players can decide whether they want to participate in it. Due to the fact that Dice Poker has no cards, and everyone has the same bones, it is difficult to determine the game system. Most of the actions depend mainly on happiness. However, you can try playing in a bone poker, it is possible that you will like this game technique.

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