Browsing online casinos offers, you have certainly met with the game many times craps, that is, bones. Most people, however, decide to skip this game because they think that just throwing bones, especially Online bones It can't be exciting. However, this is a common mistake. If we can understand that not everyone can like this game, it Assessing her as boring without first checking is quite unfair. So give bones this time, and there is a chance that you will become another admirer of this game. Below we have prepared a few rules and curiosities about it so that you have an easier start.

Bone history

Bones are considered one of the oldest games in the world. It is difficult to determine exactly the rules of the game using the bone over 2000 years ago, but we know that these small cubes were widely used for a long time ago, and their popularity remained at the same level, despite the fact that Many new gambling games It began to appear on the market, especially later. Currently, players have the opportunity to play bones with the help of a computer, which is very convenient. For this reason, we would like to recall the basic rules of this game. You need to know that bones are used in many different games, but we will raise the issue of this classic, which has been known to players for many years.

Basic bone rules

At the beginning let's focus on what you need exactly to play the bone. If you play an online version, you only need internet access and good side with gambling. If you want to play realistically at the moment, you need to get 5 bones and a table. You may be surprised when you hear the word table and yet it functions in the game. The table saves all your results, but it is more complicated than we now describe. It is the table that makes the bones not just a mindless game in which it only throws bones, but also a logical game, in which allocating the result to the right place is very important. During the game you do not rely only on happiness, but mostly on your own logic.

How to throw?

Five bones participate in the game. Each player has 13 queues in the game. In turn, each queue allows for a maximum of 3 throws. In fact, every player should take 1 throw, but 2 additional ones are allowed. However, additional throws work on such a principle that part of the bone must be stopped and some can be thrown again and again. Players throw one after the other, and after each queue the player chooses his place in the table.


The table is already prepared in online games. If you play realistically, then you have to draw or print it yourself. What should be in the table? It has 3 parts. In the first of them you enter ones, two, three, four, five and six and make 4 places for them. It works so that if a given player drew 3 fives and two 3, he decides whether to enter his result on Fridays or in three. He gets points on its basis. Add the eyes that fit into the result. If you chose the Trójka table, you have 6 points. And so on. Remember, however, that you can only choose a given place in the table once. If you have filled this part and scored at least 63 points, it gets a bonus in the form of 35 points.

The next part of the table are more complex combinations. One of them is "3 equal", i.e. 3 identical results must appear on the cubes. However, points are counted from all cubes, not only from these three. "4 equal" works identically. In turn, Ful is recognized if you draw 3 identical stitches and 2 subsequent identical. You will get 25 points for him. A small Strit is 4 next numbers of stitches on the ankles. 30 points are due for this arrangement. A large string, in turn, consumes all cubes, i.e. all must have another number of points, and you score 40 points for them. The general is, in turn, a system in which all cubes draw the same stitches. It is worth 50 points.

These rules certainly remind you of something, especially if you know the rules of poker. Exactly, some combinations, as well as the possibility of re -throwing bones, is very similar to the rules of poker, which were based on this game. Discover this game, it is possible that it will become your favorite casino game, we wish you the highest number of points in the table!

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